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Tesla executives jumping ship more often than at other companies

Tesla executives and other top leaders are leaving in droves amid a tumultuous year at Elon Musk's electric-car company. New research from Bernstein analysts quantified the exits, and found that they're higher than at any other comparable company.

People are roasting WeWork for its cultish IPO filing

WeWork filed to go public on Wednesday. The opening to its paperwork featured a distinctly cultish dedication to the "energy of we."

Here's why the internet is obsessed with 'number neighbors'

The viral trend has users texting phone numbers that are one digit away from theirs and seeing what kinds of responses they get and what hilarity ensues.

Airbnb host offers $4,600 'experience' of mock Amazon interview

A former Amazon executive turned Airbnb host in Seattle is offering people the chance to attend a mock interview for a job at Amazon.

Apple slips to 4th in list of world's top smartphone makers

Apple slipped to fourth place in IHS Markit's list of the world's top smartphone makers for the second quarter of 2019. It now sits behind Samsung, Huawei, and Oppo, a Chinese smartphone brand that's lesser-known in the West.

Domino's is stockpiling tomato sauce and toppings before Brexit

Domino's Pizza has spent £7 million stockpiling toppings and tomato sauce to prepare for a no-deal Brexit. The company is preparing for possible disruption food supplies or food prices rising sharply.

Google confirmed two new features in its upcoming Pixel 4 phone

Google teased some new features coming to the upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone that's expected to be announced in October. In a blog post, the company said the phone will use the Soli radar technology that Google has been working on for the last five years.

Bombshell antitrust investigation to focus on core of Facebook

Facebook announced Wednesday that it's the subject of a Federal Trade Commission antitrust investigation. An anonymous source told Bloomberg the probe will center on Facebook's core business — social media.

Gatwick Airport suffers complete failure of air traffic control

London's Gatwick Airport was forced to suspend all flights after its air traffic control system failed at around 5 p.m. London time. Inbound flights that were already airborne were forced to divert to other airports, while other flights were delayed.

Facebook launches new team to build apps, expects 'many failures'

Facebook has created a new internal group, called NPE Team, designed to launch new consumer-facing apps. It comes as Facebook tries to diversify its products and reduce its reliance on its scandal-ridden core Facebook app.

Steve Wozniak: 'Figure out a way to get off Facebook'

Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak advised that most people "find a way to get off Facebook" when speaking with TMZ. He said he quit the site last year.

Sunken Soviet nuclear sub appears to be leaking radiation

Norwegian researchers have detected a possible radiation leak at the site where the Soviet nuclear-powered attack submarine Komsomolets sank 30 years ago.

Amazon's investment into Deliveroo hits antitrust snag

Amazon's investment in British food delivery unicorn Deliveroo has been put on hold by Britain's competition regulator, the Competition and Markets Authority.

Disney heiress says income inequality has created a 'superclass'

Disney heiress and film director Abigail Disney said wealth inequality has made it impossible to achieve the American dream, like her great uncle Walt Disney did,in a June 24 interview on "CNN Tonight."

Facebook shareholder revolt gets bloody

Independent Facebook investors voted overwhelmingly in support of proposals to fire Mark Zuckerberg as chairman and scrap the firm's share structure.

Salesforce stops customers using software to sell semi-automatics

Salesforce, a leading developer of business software, is barring customers from using its system to sell semi-automatic guns and other firearms.

Millennials are 'dramatically financially worse off': report

Millennials' spending is the same as their parents when it comes to the proportion of their income going to things such as food, restaurants, and alcohol — they just have less money to spend.

Amazon is selling a $7,250 tiny home kit

Amazon is selling a tiny home kit that can be assembled in just 8 hours. The vendor, Allwood, said the structure isn't supposed to serve as a permanent residence, since there's no bathroom or kitchen.

60,000 people signed up for an international scavenger hunt

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors have launched a global scavenger hunt called Satoshi's Treasure with a prize of $1 million worth of bitcoin.

Amazon hints that it may return to the smartphone market

Amazon may yet return to the smartphone market, despite the high-profile flop that was the Fire phone. An Amazon executive told The Telegraph that it needs to create a "differentiated idea" to be able to return to the market.
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