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United Airlines found itself at the center of a social media storm after it barred two girls from boarding a flight in Denver because they were wearing leggings.

Laptop ban hits Dubai for 1.1m weekend travellers

Dubai International Airport and its flag carrier Emirates began implementing a ban on laptops and tablets on direct flights to the US Saturday, on one of the busiest travel weekends of the year.Around 1.

Teens barred from flight for wearing leggings

Two teenage girls tried to board a United Airlines flight from Denver to Minneapolis. However, a gate agent denied them boarding because they were wearing leggings.

Weary flyers shrug as Middle East laptop ban takes off

A controversial ban on carry-on laptops and tablets on flights from the Middle East to the United States and Britain went into effect Saturday -- with less fanfare and frustration than expected.

Three dismembered bodies found in Mexico resort town

Three dismembered bodies were found in a Mexican resort town as local and national officials held a meeting there on public security, authorities said Friday.

Italy capital in security lockdown for EU celebrations

The Italian capital was preparing Friday for a high-security lockdown as 27 heads of state or government head to Rome for the European Union's 60th anniversary celebrations.

Laptop ban creates turbulence for airline profits

A carry-on ban by Washington and London for laptops on flights from some airports will hit the profits of affected airlines, especially the lucrative business class segments of Gulf carriers, analysts said Thursday.

Pilot passed out drunk before takeoff faces jail

A former Sunwing pilot pleaded guilty in a Calgary courtroom to having care and control of an aircraft while impaired. Unlike other pilots who have been discovered a little tipsy, Miroslav Gronych had passed out in the pilot’s seat prior to takeoff.

Philippines complains drug war reports hurting tourism

The Philippines's tourism secretary urged the media Wednesday to "tone down" coverage of President Rodrigo Duterte's deadly drug war, complaining that reports on extrajudicial killings were scaring away foreigners.

Laptops, tablets on airplanes: what's the threat?

The United States and Britain have banned laptops and tablet computers from passenger cabins on certain airlines' flights from some airports in Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa, citing terror threats. Why this measure now?

New platform offers improved in-flight WiFi

WiFi services on aircraft are notoriously inefficient: often slow and prone to cutting out. Too overcome this, technologists have developed an extension called ScaleUp that significantly improves web browsing speeds at 30,000 feet.

Op-Ed: Electronic device ban on flights may not relate to security

The United States is barring passengers on direct flights from eight Muslim-majority countries from carrying any electronic devices larger than a mobile phone according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Laptop and tablet bans on flights: What we know

Britain and the United States have announced bans on laptops and tablet computers from the cabin of flights from several Middle East and North African nations.

UK issues laptop, tablet flight ban after US warning

Britain tightened airline security on flights from Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa on Tuesday, banning laptops and tablet computers from the plane cabin following a US security warning.

US bans laptops, tablets on flights from Turkey and Arab world

The United States warned Tuesday that extremists plan to target planes with bombs in electronic devices and banned such equipment from passenger cabins on flights from 10 airports in Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa.

Jerusalem's Holy Sepulchre shrine renovation completed

A major restoration project at the shrine inside the Jerusalem church where Jesus is said to have been buried was completed Monday ahead of its inauguration, an AFP reporter said.

Banksy West Bank hotel to receive first guests

Secretive British street artist Banksy's hotel next to Israel's controversial separation wall was due to welcome its first customers Monday, two weeks after its surprise launch.

And the world's happiest country is... Norway

A chilly climate isn't keeping Norway from basking in the glow of being named the world's happiest country on Monday.

Poland clears airport plan for takeoff

Poland's government approved Wednesday plans to build a large new airport outside the capital Warsaw that it hopes could become a passenger and cargo hub for central and eastern Europe.

South Africa's 'chicken feather' painter brushes off fame

Esther Mahlangu's colourful geometric artwork is exhibited in galleries around the world, but she remains in her South African village unfazed by fame and determined to preserve her ethnic Ndebele culture.

Up on the roof, revamping Istanbul's Grand Bazaar

Atop Istanbul's iconic Grand Bazaar -- the scene of a high-speed motorbike chase in the 2012 James Bond film "Skyfall" -- a full force drive to revamp it has begun.

Hotel gives advice on what to do if their guests are kidnapped

A Manchester United fan was surprised when he found paperwork in his hotel room. The paperwork included advice on what to do if you are kidnapped.

Armchair Traveler — The stone kingdom of the Great Zimbabwe

In the southeastern hills of Zimbabwe, not too far from Lake Mutirikwe, visitors will find one of the most stunning historical monuments in Africa - The UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Great Zimbabwe.

More than 650 flights grounded as Berlin ground crew strike

More than 650 flights at the German capital Berlin's airports were cancelled Friday as ground crews launched a fresh round of strikes, airport operator FBB said.

Storm destroys Malta's famous rock window

Gale force winds and huge waves on Wednesday destroyed the iconic Azure Window, a coastal rock formation on the Maltese island of Gozo.

Rio renames airport after women's rights activist

Rio de Janeiro's main airport said Tuesday it will mark International Women's Day by temporarily changing its name in honor of a prominent activist against domestic violence, Maria da Penha.

Cyclone Enawo batters Madagascar, threatens capital

Tropical cyclone Enawo struck Madagascar on Tuesday, buffeting the island with powerful winds, heavy rain and high seas and threatening to cause chaos in the capital, the country's weather agency said."Enawo made landfall and struck...

Avalanche rattles skiers in French Alps, none hurt

An avalanche forced skiers to jump out of their skis Tuesday at the popular French Alps resort of Tignes but no one was seriously injured, a local official said.

Nigerians told to avoid non-essential travel to US

Nigeria is advising its citizens against all but essential travel to the United States because of the lack of clarity on new immigration rules, the government said on Monday.

Passengers at U.S. airports face more rigorous 'pat-downs'

A 2015 audit found that screenings at airports showed some safety vulnerability. As a result, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has decided to use a more rigorous and through screening during "pat-downs"

Street artist Banksy opens Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem

Secretive British street artist Banksy opened a hotel next to Israel's controversial separation wall in Bethlehem on Friday, his latest artwork in the Palestinian territories.

Georgia wins visa-free EU travel for citizens

European Union member states on Monday approved visa-free travel for Georgia, after agreeing safeguards to prevent any upsurge in arrivals from the former Soviet satellite.

U.S. agents demand IDs from all passengers on domestic flight

In a highly unusual move, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents in New York ordered passengers disembarking from a domestic flight on Wednesday to show their identification.

Italy goes bananas over tropical trees next to Milan Duomo

The sudden appearance of a cluster of palm trees next to Milan's famous cathedral has sparked a row over the use of non-native plants beside an iconic Italian landmark.

NASA scientist born in US has to turn over phone at US border

Sidd Bikkannavar a natural-born American citizen claims he was detained on January 30 at Houston International Airport. This was just days after new president Donald Trump signed an executive order banning citizens from seven countries.

Pepper spray 'prankster' may have sparked Germany airport alarm

German emergency services temporarily evacuated Hamburg airport Sunday and treated almost 70 people after an irritant gas was released in the building -- probably by a "prankster" using pepper spray, firefighters said.

School Board in Windsor cancels field trips to the United States

The Greater Essex County District School Board in Windsor, Ontario, Canada has decided to cancel all student trips to the United States for the rest of February.

Pompeii unveils Roman kiss for Valentine's day

The lava may have cooled 2,000 years ago but Pompeii is a hot destination this Valentine's day with a special opening of the exceptionally preserved House of the Chaste Lovers.

Mexico's 'Corruptour' visits nation's dark underbelly

Packed with sightseers eagerly snapping pictures on their cameras and cell phones, this looks like any other tour bus in the world -- or almost.

Paris tourism hit again by Louvre attack

The thwarted attack near the Louvre museum on Friday will likely further tarnish the reputation of Paris, still reeling from a series of terror attacks, as a tourist destination.

Iranian couple cleared for US as 'exception' after transit ordeal

An elderly Iranian couple stranded at Amsterdam's airport for five days have been cleared to continue their journey to the US as an "exception", Dutch national carrier KLM said Thursday.