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While hundreds of millions of his Chinese compatriots pack into planes, trains, and automobiles to return to their ancestral homes for the Lunar New Year celebration, Zhang Hao, 30, is getting as far away as he can.

Mexico flights offered to U.S.-bound Cubans in C.America

Thousands of US-bound Cubans stranded in Costa Rica and Panama will be able to take direct flights to Mexico, if they can afford the cost, the governments of the Central American countries said Friday.

No mountains? Unique French ski resort runs on old slag heap

France's busy little ski resort of Noeux-les-Mines is also its most unusual. It has no mountains, no snow, runs all year round and is built on a decades-old slag heap.

Review: Trotting around Oaklands Riding School Special

If you've ever wanted to learn to ride a horse, then Oaklands Riding School is a good place to try. The school is located in Hertfordshire, U.K., and Digital Journal recently paid a visit.

Wojtek — The bear who joined the Polish Army Special

He was in the army, he liked to smoke and drink and a fair bit of wrestling. He stood at over six feet tall in his bare feet and proudly gave the salute. Meet Wojtek the Soldier Bear.

Flying solo: Chinese woman only passenger on New Year flight

A Chinese woman heading home for the holidays had a commercial airline flight all to herself after gruelling delays winnowed down other passengers.

Free upgrades for stranded Chinese travellers

Chinese rail authorities offered 10,000 stranded Lunar New Year travellers free upgrades to high-speed trains Wednesday as they tackled a huge backlog of passengers stuck in Guangzhou by snow and ice.

Two female flight attendants get into fight, plane diverts

Incidents of planes having to divert because of unruly passengers seems to be increasing. But one Delta flight made an unscheduled landing after two flight attendants engaged in a mid-flight fist fight. The airlines has apologized.

Op-Ed: The future of flying — Delta’s dog passenger goes viral

He’s better behaved than most airline passengers. He’s well groomed, sanitary, sits up in his seat, and just happens to be a dog. Forget cattle class; the new step up is canine class.

Michelin crowns Paris hotels under cloud of top chef's suicide

France's Michelin guide gave the country's most famous chef a much-prized third star and stripped him of another Monday as the restaurant world reeled after the apparent suicide of the "world's best chef" Benoit Violier.

Review: Dining out at Browns Court House, London Special

Browns restaurant is located in Covent Garden in London. The food is good and the building is interesting — the former Westminster County Court.

Paris's famed Ritz hotel to reopen in June after fire

The landmark Paris Ritz hotel will reopen in June after major renovations, three months behind schedule because of a fire on its top floor earlier this month, a spokesman said Friday.

Op-Ed: Road-tripping Italians make their journey about sharing dreams Special

I caught up with the Italian duo in Kolkata as they continued their epic road trip from Italy to Japan in a vintage 1965 Fiat 500, sharing the dreams of children they meet along the way remains the driving force behind their 6,000 plus mile journey.

New York to London in 11 minutes? Yes, it's possible

Imagine getting seated comfortably in an airliner seat in New York, and a mere 11 minutes after reaching altitude, you're coming in for a landing in London. Yes, it sounds like science-fiction, but it may soon be possible.

7 passengers injured, plane makes emergency landing in St. John's

An American Airlines flight from Miami to Milan was forced to make an emergency landing in St. John's, N.L. after encountering severe turbulence. Seven people, passengers and members of the flight crew, sustained injuries.

Airport reopens after snow strands 86,000 on S. Korea island

The first flight in three days took off from the South Korean resort island of Jeju on Monday after the biggest snowfall in three decades shut the airport and stranded nearly 90,000 people.

Göbekli Tepe — The world's oldest known monument is a treasure

Located in the southeastern region of Anatolia in Turkey is an archaeological site known as Göbekli Tepe. Deemed "unremarkable" when the site was first discovered in the early 1960s, Klaus Schmidt thought otherwise, and we should be glad he did.

Review: Enjoying rustic pizza in Hertfordshire Special

The Old Guinea is a pub location in the village of Ridge in rural Hertfordshire. Unusually for a pub it doubles as a pizza restaurant; and the quality of the meals is first class.

Culture capital San Sebastian pushes peace to heal ETA wounds

Few cities have savoured peace in recent times as much as Spain's San Sebastian, which becomes European culture capital just a few years after Basque separatist group ETA ended decades of killings and kidnappings.

Yosemite National Park, copyright issue has two sides Special

Yosemite National Park copyrights — to who do they belong, and why do they belong to them? The answer may not be as simple as it seems at first glance,

BBC Iranian-British reporter unable to board flight to U.S.

Rana Rahimpour, a dual Iranian-British citizen was stopped from boarding a plane at Heathrow airport about to fly to New Jersey. She was told she needed a visa and was not eligible to fly under the visa waiver program since she was an Iranian citizen.

Demonstrators block westbound Bay Bridge in MLK Day protest

Protesters blocked all five westbound lanes of the Bay Bridge for more than an hour Monday in an extended version of anti-racism demonstrations that started early in the day in Oakland.

World tourism numbers hit new record in 2015 despite attack fears

The number of international tourists rose by 4.4 percent worldwide in 2015 to hit a record 1.18 billion despite concerns over extremist attacks, the United Nations World Tourism Organization said Monday.

Op-Ed: What you need to know about the fight over Yosemite National Park Special

Yosemite National Park is poised to be eliminated. Several properties within Yosemite National Park are also poised to be eliminated. Not their actual existence, just the names by which they've been known for decades.

New York deal to limit horse-drawn carriage rides

New York reached a deal that will almost halve the number of horses licensed to perform carriage rides in Central Park after the mayor called them inhumane to animals.

Most security cameras on BART trains are fake, agency admits

Most of the hundreds of security cameras on BART commuter trains around the Bay Area are not working, the agency admitted Wednesday as it began investigating the second onboard shooting in its 45-year history.

Tea and cakes at the Royal Horseguards Hotel Special

Royal Horseguards Hotel is a 5-star hotel located on London's Embankment, close to Whitehall and the corridors of politics. The hotel offers a relaxing afternoon tea.

Op-Ed: 6-year old Ontario boy on Canadian no-fly list

Syed Adam Ahmed is a six-year old boy from Markham near Toronto, Ontario. Since he was a toddler he has been flagged as a travel risk.

Review: A peek into the National Liberal Club Special

The clubs of London do not allow non-members access very often. Digital Journal took a peak into one of the oldest "gentleman's clubs" in London — the National Liberal Club.

Op-Ed: A crumbling Kolkata bridge gets painted instead of repaired Special

I'm discovering that I'm not really a true and objective photo essayist when it comes to refraining from putting in my own two cents about the images I've captured with my Canon camera recently. Purists be warned: I'm not about to reform anytime soon.

Carnival cruise ship death aftermath captured on video

Like a scene out of a Stephen King movie, a passenger on the Carnival cruise ship Ecstasy described a river of blood pouring down the front of an elevator door after a worker was apparently crushed to death.

Calgary-bound passengers furious over 8-hour wait on tarmac

Sunwing airline passengers trying to get home to Calgary are furious over the plane's stopover in Hamilton, Ontario where they were forced to endure an eight-hour wait on the tarmac.

Hundreds of flights grounded as snow blankets Istanbul

Hundreds of flights were cancelled on Thursday from Istanbul's two main airports after the city was hit by a picturesque but troublesome snowfall on the last day of the year.

Paris New Year hotel reservations slump

Paris hotels, usually crammed with New Year revellers, have seen New Year reservations plunge 30 percent in the wake of the November 13 attacks, the head of the regional hotel union said Thursday.

Uber is thinking of getting into the travel business

Uber isn't only about booking cars. It looks like it's thinking of becoming a travel agent. On December 24, Uber secured a new patent that could be used to plan trips.

Photo essay: Life at the Dhakuria Railway Colony of Kolkata Special

When I first started exploring South Kolkata on foot, I soon discovered the Dhakuria Bridge and the Railway Colony emerging from its shadows below. There's a great overhead view of this impoverished community from the east side of the pedestrian crossing.

Golden Gate Bridge declares itself a 'no-drone zone'

Just in case you were considering flying that new aerial drone you got for Christmas off the Golden Gate Bridge, there's a new rule you probably should know about.

Op-Ed: Another cruise ship hit by norovirus, blames passengers

P&O’s Pacific Eden has become a floating nightmare for passengers, with gastrointestinal diseases and a virtual catalog of service issues on a trip in Australian waters. Many cruise ships have had gastro in recent years, and it’s not being addressed.

Photo Essay: The magic of Christmas in Bogotá, Colombia Special

The city of Bogotá, Colombia, is having a wonderful Christmas this year. The program of Christmas-related activities in the city began in late November and will run throughout December, until January 4.

Last-minute wage deal averts crippling Israel strike

Israel's government and largest labour union reached an 11th-hour wage deal Wednesday to prevent a paralysing general strike that had threatened to disrupt travel for thousands of pilgrims at Christmas.

Photo essay: Christmas in London Special

Many cities look impressive this time of year, decorated with lights and trees in celebration of Christmas. London is particularly impressive, as this Digital Journal photo essay reveals.