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Taiwan on Tuesday reported its first confirmed case of the new SARS-like coronavirus as the government warned the public against travelling to Chinese city where it emerged.

Hong Kong airline made woman take pregnancy test

A Hong Kong airline forced a Japanese woman to take a pregnancy test before allowing her on a flight to a Pacific island popular with mothers seeking US citizenship for their babies.

Chinese travellers unfazed as SARS-like virus spreads

An outbreak of a mysterious virus has not deterred millions of people in China from packing into crowded trains as they head home for the Lunar New Year -- but some are donning masks as a precaution.

Heavy snow hampers search for missing S. Korean, Nepal trekkers

Avalanches, heavy snow and poor visibility hampered the search Sunday for four South Koreans and three Nepalis caught in an avalanche in the popular Annapurna region of the Himalayas, officials saidRelatives of the missing Koreans have arrived in Kathm...

Spain's Balearic Islands crack down on alcohol-fuelled holidays

Spain's Balearic Islands passed a bill Friday aimed at clamping down on alcohol-fuelled holidays in the Mediterranean archipelago which bans happy hours when drinks are offered a discount and open bars.

No business in snow business! Warm weather shutters Japan ski resorts

Record low snowfall in Japan has forced many ski resorts to shut their doors and is threatening a World Cup ski jumping competition, with organisers forced to truck in extra powder.

In Seychelles, nature is prized above mass tourism

In a shady patch along a pristine white beach on Mahe Island, a radio spits out reggae and snapper sizzles on the barbecue, as Seychelloise Nareen tops up her rum and coke on time off from her job aboard a luxury yacht.

Peru to deport tourists over Machu Picchu damage

Five tourists arrested for damaging Peru's iconic Machu Picchu site will be deported to Bolivia later on Wednesday, police said.A sixth was released from custody and ordered to remain in Machu Picchu pending trial after paying bail of $910.

Fed up Venezuelans find solace on the beach

When Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido called for street protests at the weekend in a bid to rekindle popular outrage against President Nicolas Maduro, only a few hundred people turned up.

Six tourists arrested after feces found in sacred Machu Picchu area

Six tourists, including a French woman, have been arrested over accusations that they damaged Peru's cultural heritage by defecating in a sacred temple at the iconic Machu Picchu sanctuary.

Ash pours from Philippine volcano, halting flights

The Philippines was on alert Monday for the "explosive eruption" of a volcano south of Manila, which officials said could be imminent after a massive column of ash forced a halt to flights at the capital's main airport.

'We want this': Hong Kong election tourists join Taiwan rallies

At a raucous election rally for Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen, Hong Konger Karen Leung surveyed the huge crowd of excited flag-waving voters as a rap song blasted over the loudspeakers and sighed: "We want to have elections like this.

US sharply reduces flights to Cuba

The United States on Friday sharply reduced flights allowed to go to Cuba in a bid to reduce revenue to the communist island.

Peru to plant one million trees around Machu Picchu

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra launched a campaign on Thursday to reforest the Machu Picchu archeological site in order to protect it from mud slides and forest fires.

Mass snow wedding and crystal towers at China's ice fest

China's annual ice festival in Harbin has kicked off with couples lining up for a snow-themed mass wedding, swimmers braving frigid waters and frozen palaces rising from the ground.

Diver killed in Australia shark attack

A man has been mauled to death by a suspected great white shark at a popular diving spot off Australia's southwestern coast, officials said Sunday.

Palau bans 'reef-toxic' sunscreen

Palau's pioneering ban on "reef-toxic" sunscreens took effect Wednesday as the tiny Pacific island nation introduced strict environmental measures that also include one of the world's largest marine sanctuaries.

Australia scrambles to reach thousands stranded by bushfires

A major operation to reach thousands of people stranded in fire-ravaged seaside towns was under way in Australia on Wednesday after deadly bushfires ripped through popular tourist spots and rural areas leaving at least eight people dead.

Panama marks 20 years in charge of canal, faces climate threat

Panama on Tuesday marks two decades of control over the vital interoceanic Canal following its return by the United States, but worries over weak traffic and climate change loom.

Tourists at risk as heatwave fuels Australia bushfires

Thousands of tourists risked being stranded in Australia's south east Monday, as a new heatwave left firefighters across the country bracing for another round of potentially catastrophic bushfire.

Eight months later, Notre-Dame cathedral still broken

Eight months after a devastating fire ravaged the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, engineers are preparing for a crucial but complicated step in the herculean restoration effort: removing a mound of scaffolding mangled in the blaze.

Escape Brexit with Down Under holiday, Australia tells UK

Australia has launched a new tourism campaign starring singer Kylie Minogue aiming to attract British tourists fatigued by Brexit to escape on a laid-back Down Under holiday.

French transport strike drags into Day 19, casts pall on Christmas

French train and metro drivers took their crippling transport strike into its 19th straight day Monday in a standoff with the government over pension reform, casting a pall over Christmas plans with many unable to reach loved ones.

Elephants in Thailand 'broken' for lucrative animal tourism

Separated from their mothers, jabbed with metal hooks, and sometimes deprived of food -- many Thai elephants are tamed by force before being sold to lucrative tourism sites increasingly advertised as 'sanctuaries' to cruelty-conscious travellers.

Falls and fun at eco-friendly 'ice' rink in Mexico

Mexico is better known for cactus-dotted deserts and Caribbean beaches than winter sports, but the capital's central square is celebrating winter with an enormous, eco-friendly artificial ice rink.

Strike makes for not-so-merry Christmas travel in France

Holiday travellers across France scrambled for alternatives Sunday as an 18-day-old transport strike over pension reform saw train services slashed yet again.

Fed-up French travellers face traffic chaos over festive period

Travellers across France scrambled on Saturday to begin their Christmas getaways with trains cancelled, roads jam-packed and nerves tested as a strike over a pension overhaul shows no signs of letting up.

Egypt beach resorts fight global scourge of plastic trash

Combing the Red Sea beach at an Egyptian luxury resort, workers find bagfuls of plastic garbage -- but the news isn't all bad, thanks to a new environmental initiative.

France braces for holiday travel chaos amid pensions strike

Cancelled trains, packed roads, frazzled nerves: Travellers scrambled across France on Friday to begin Christmas vacations upended by a weeks-long transport strike over a pensions overhaul that unions have vowed to defeat.

Cuba to reform at its own pace despite US sanctions: minister

Cuba will continue to enact economic reforms at its own pace regardless of the pressure exerted by a US embargo, Economy Minister Alejandro Gil told AFP.

Homeward bound? Deadline looms for North Korea's overseas workers

The waitress at the North Korean restaurant in Beijing has no concerns about a deadline this weekend for Pyongyang's overseas workers to be returned. "I'll go home for the holidays," she says. "But I'll come back.

Jerusalem cable car controversy hangs over Old City

Ramparts of ochre stone stand out against the sky, framed by hilltop buildings and olive trees -- but the view of Jerusalem's Old City could soon include cable cars and pylons.

New Zealand police scale back volcano bodies search

New Zealand police said Wednesday that the search for two bodies still missing after the White Island volcanic eruption will be reduced in the coming days as the remains had likely been washed out to sea.

AMLO's 'Maya Train' wins in landslide in Mexico

Indigenous communities in southern Mexico voted overwhelmingly to approve President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's pet project to build a regional railroad aimed at boosting tourism and economic development, the government said Monday.The $6.

Cuba-US relations backslide five years after landmark thaw

Five years ago this week, Washington and Havana surprised the world when they agreed to reopen diplomatic ties severed in 1961, but relations have since slid downhill as if on a fresh layer of Cold War ice.

Protests rage as US, UK warn on travel to northeast India

Protests against a divisive new citizenship law raged Saturday as Washington and London issued travel warnings for northeast India following days of violent clashes that have killed two people so far.

Volcano disaster puts spotlight on NZ adventure tourism

Adventure tourism is a key part of New Zealand's international appeal but the White Island volcano eruption is a tragic reminder that such activities carry genuine risk that must be better explained to travellers, experts say.

War-scarred Libya airport reopens after three-month closure

Flights resumed on Thursday at the Libyan capital Tripoli's sole functioning airport, after a more than three-month suspension due to repeated rocket attacks, an official said.

Taiwan probes massive visa scams involving Chinese visitors

Taiwanese prosecutors have launched an investigation into travel agencies and civil groups that reportedly forged documents to help Chinese officials visit Taiwan, sparking concerns over potential national security breaches.

Eruption fears halt plans to get bodies off New Zealand volcano

Fears of another eruption at the New Zealand volcano believed to have killed 15 people made it too dangerous for emergency teams to recover bodies, police said Wednesday, as doctors fought to save survivors who suffered horrific burns.

Heroism, devastation after deadly N. Zealand volcano eruption

Tales of heroism, devastation and horrifying injuries emerged Tuesday after New Zealand's smouldering White Island volcano exploded, killing an estimated 14 people and turning what should have been an intrepid day trip into a nightmare.
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