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British Airways cancelled all its flights out of major London airports Heathrow and Gatwick on Saturday after a computer systems failure, causing chaos for thousands of passengers on a busy holiday weekend.

Gibraltar bets on holding online gambling top spot

Gibraltar Friday vowed to do whatever it takes to keep its position as a leading online gambling jurisdiction despite Britain's looming exit from the European Union.

Badged and searched: Sicily G7 fortress town irks locals

On camera, it's picture-perfect. A G7 summit taking place under gentle sunshine in a Sicilian town perched on a hill overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean, Mount Etna billowing a plume of smoke in the background.

Warsaw museum spotlights remains of destroyed city

Curator Jaroslaw Trybus points to a glass display case with an ornate brass door handle inside.

Lagos turns 50: half-a-century of urban chaos

It's only when the thick smog of humidity and pollution lifts that the size of Lagos becomes clear: from above, the megacity of some 20 million people seems to stretch out to infinity.

Bordeaux pins hopes for ravaged vineyards on June bloom

When a severe, unseasonal cold snap gripped Bordeaux vineyards in late April, winegrowers sprang into action. They set fires in thousands of oil drums, positioning them carefully between the rows of budding grapevines in southwest France.

Two big augmented reality projects are coming to air travel

Augmented reality is already impacting the way information shapes our world. Weary travelers will be glad to hear that they could soon benefit from the transformational powers of AR.

Sicilian tourist town in lockdown for G7

A Sicilian town beloved by the rich and famous is swapping sun-worshippersfor snipers as the leaders of the G7 descend for a high-security meeting in the hill-top holiday destination.

Gambia tackles sleazy image to diversify tourism

For decades, The Gambia has built a reputation as a haven for tourists willing to pay for sun, sand, sea... and sex.

From rubber ducks to sausages, Luther mania sweeps German town

Carrying an armful of "Luther Brodt" gingerbread to the cashier, Mikael Byrial Jensen admits sheepishly that Martin Luther would probably not have been impressed by the flood of souvenirs bearing his name.

China scrambles to tame bike chaos

A booming rental bike business has flooded China's streets with packs of cyclists, but their habit of going the wrong way and abandoning their rides anywhere is causing havoc.

Cuba's first luxury hotel opens in Havana

Cuba's first ultra luxury hotel opened its doors Monday in Havana, with guests paying up to $2,500 a night to stay in five-star comfort on the Communist island.

Jerusalem: city of prayer and conflict

Donald Trump was on Monday to become the first serving US president to visit the Western Wall, the holiest site where Jews can pray, located in Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem.

Three climbers die on Everest, one missing

Three climbers died on Everest over the weekend and another is missing, officials confirmed Monday, in one of the deadliest episodes on the peak since an avalanche swept through base camp killing 18 two years ago.

American climber dies on Everest, Indian missing

An American climber died Sunday on his way to the summit of Mount Everest, expedition organisers said, the latest death to mar the ongoing climbing season.

No money to gamble at Zimbabwe's fading racecourse

Once the preserve of the ruling white minority, horse racing in Zimbabwe adapted to survive independence in 1980 by attracting a loyal following of local fans who enjoyed a bet.

Museum exhibit explores heyday of Atlantic Ocean luxury liners

The Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts is partnering with London’s Victoria and Albert Museum to bring back the golden era of ocean travel with an exhibit that opens on Saturday, May 20. Visitors will be able to relive a time that is now gone

Op-Ed: North Korea and Russia start ferry service between countries

Just as the United States is trying to isolate North Korea and imposes more sanctions, Russia and North Korea have initiated ferry services between Rajin on the east coast of North Korea and Vladivostok on Russia's east coast.

Everest permit dodger says he was ready to face jail

A South African caught attempting to climb Mount Everest without an $11,000 permit said Thursday that he couldn't afford the hefty fee but had always planned to turn himself in and serve jail time as punishment.

Last horsemen of Hunza: Pakistan Buzkashi game faces final whistle

In a remote northern Pakistani valley surrounded by giant ice-capped peaks, villagers gather to watch a game of Buzkashi, an ancient equestrian sport once seen as a key test of virility that is now struggling for survival.

EU, US hold 'robust' talks on possible airline laptop ban

Top US and EU officials traded intelligence Wednesday on what they called "serious evolving threats" to airline security as Washington mulls banning carry-on computers on flights from Europe.

Air Canada flight diverted after man tries to open cabin door

An Air Canada flight had to make an emergency landing in Orlando after a passenger yelled at other passengers, waived coffee pots at crew members and tried to open a cabin door while the plane was in the air.

High crime rate a shadow over Caribbean tourism: study

The Caribbean and its pristine beaches may be a tourist magnet, but life in paradise comes at a price: the soaring violent crime rate is higher than in Latin America or Africa.

American Airlines accused of racism in woman's seat downgrade

A black woman, who was travelling with her white friend, is accusing American Airlines of racial discrimination after she was bumped from first-class. The airline has apologized but said the decision to downgrade her seat was not based on her race.

Saving Pakistan's lost city of Mohenjo Daro

The centre of a powerful ancient civilisation, Mohenjo Daro was one of the world's earliest cities -- a Bronze Age metropolis boasting flush toilets and a water and waste system to rival many in modern Pakistan.

EU, US to discuss possible airline laptop ban Wednesday

The European Union will hold high-level talks with the United States in Brussels on Wednesday to discuss a possible US airline ban on carry-on computers.

Family kicked off JetBlue plane over birthday cake

A New Jersey family of four was removed from a plane after JetBlue claimed they would not follow instructions, became agitated, cursed and made false accusations against a crew member. Video of the event seems to tell a different story.

Berlin backpackers in a bind: To fund Pyongyang or not?

It's an unusual dilemma that tourists in Berlin have to grapple with -- will getting into a hostel bunk bed help finance North Korea's nuclear ambitions?

At the end of the world in Chile, a culture on the brink

Just outside the southernmost settlement in the world, an 89-year-old woman is the last native speaker of her people's ancient language and struggling to ensure she does not take it to her grave.

Turkey moves famed mediaeval tomb to avoid flooding risk

Turkish authorities on Friday conducted a hugely ambitious and controversial operation to move a centuries-old tomb to new location to stave off the risk of flooding from a dam project.

Air Canada leaves 15-year-old boy stranded at airport overnight

After a connecting flight was missed due to an earlier delay, Air Canada left a 15-year-old boy travelling alone stranded at the airport in Toronto for what could have been 48 hours. Air Canada offered no food or accommodation to the teen.

'Rent-a-pilgrim' to walk to Fatima for $2,700

Carlos Gil is a "payer-off of promises," at least that is the way the Roman Catholic refers to himself, but he is more commonly known as a "rent-a-pilgrim".

Man who filmed dispute with United Airlines agent denied flight

A traveller who got into a dispute with a United Airlines gate agent over the cost of his overweight bag began filming the argument. The agent said he did not have her permission to film her and when he refused to stop, his reservation was cancelled.

Devotees mark Buddha's birthday in Malaysia

Thousands of devotees gathered in Malaysian temples Wednesday to celebrate Buddha's birth, death and enlightenment -- a festival marked on different days across the region, which is also known as Wesak day.

Sydney Opera House to get largest-ever upgrade

Australia's world-renowed Opera House is to undergo its first major renovation since being opened in 1973 to help tackle sound problems that have haunted the building for years.

Kidnap threat at Philippine tourist hotspots

Terrorists are planning to kidnap foreigners in tourist hotspots across the central and western Philippines, Western governments said Wednesday following a foiled abduction attempt by Islamic militants a month ago.

Out with the old: 'Saigon's' disappearing colonial architecture

They formed the charming backdrop to Graham Greene's sin-filled Saigon in "The Quiet American", but the colonial-era buildings of Vietnam's biggest city are fast disappearing -- sparking fears it is losing its unique charm.

Trump administration insists travel ban not anti-Muslim

Did Donald Trump's contested travel ban deliberately single out Muslims? The US administration fiercely denied it during an appeals court hearing Monday -- despite the president's campaign call for a blanket Muslim ban.

Woman takes United flight, flies 3,000 miles in wrong direction

At least Lucie Bahetoukilae wasn’t forcibly removed from a plane. But if she had been, she would not have ended up in San Francisco instead of Paris, her intended destination. United Airlines then did what they do best—they apologized.

Vintage cycling toasted in Italian wine country

The worlds of vintage wine and vintage cycling gently collided on Sunday as thousands of amateur enthusiasts took to the country lanes of southern Tuscany for the Eroica Montalcino cycling festival.

After ban, Turkish Airlines to offer laptops to VIP travellers

Turkish Airlines on Saturday said it would offer laptops to business-class travellers after Britain and the United States banned large electronic devices from the cabin of flights from certain countries.