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In a tradition that dates back to 1646, an annual tax tribute is paid to the governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia the day before Thanksgiving, when leaders of the Pamunkey and Mattaponi Indian tribes bring gifts in lieu of taxes.

Airport passenger profiling key to thwarting attacks: Analysts

Contested in some quarters, air passenger profiling is gaining ground among watchdogs as a defence against terror attacks following two bloody assaults in less than a month.

Fear and beauty at foot of Ecuador's Cotopaxi volcano

Since it awoke in August from a 138-year slumber, Ecuador's Cotopaxi volcano has become one of the most-watched in the world, holding wary locals and fascinated scientists in thrall.

GoPro: Man films entire vacation in Las Vegas in selfie mode

Joseph Griffin was so excited about his trip to Las Vegas, he borrowed his son's GoPro to document the experience. Only problem was he had it in selfie mode the whole time.

Belgium urges citizens to avoid Paris

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel on Saturday urged his fellow citizens to avoid travel to Paris following the attacks that left at least 128 people dead.

Treasure hunter seeks gold in sunken British ship off Uruguay

More than 250 years after Spanish forces sank the British warship Lord Clive off the coast of Uruguay, treasure hunter Ruben Collado is working to raise it from its watery grave.

Sharm nightspots deserted as tourists vanish from Egyptian resort

Usually buzzing with foreigners on holiday, Sharm el-Sheikh's tourist nightspots have been deserted after thousands left the Egyptian resort following the crash of a Russian airliner.

Lufthansa strike grounds another 100,000 passengers

Lufthansa scrapped 930 more flights on Wednesday, grounding 100,000 passengers after a court allowed cabin staff to press on with a strike that is shaping up to be the worst in the German airline's history.

Nigeria rejects 'world's worst airport' tag

Unhelpful staff, demands for bribes, lack of seating, broken air-conditioning and a tent for an arrivals hall. Nigeria's Port Harcourt International Airport was recently voted the worst in the world.

Experience Honolulu through Flighthub Commissioned

Honolulu is situated inside the island of Oahu which is famous for its majestic beaches. Flighthub is one of the leading online travel sites in Canada.

Discovering Spanish-American religious culture in Colombia Special

Monserrate Mountain is part of the Oriental Hills, which is the natural eastern boundary of the city of Bogotá, Colombia. The Sanctuary of the Fallen Christ atop the 3.152-meter-high mountain is visited by thousands of religious pilgrims.

Thousands more foreign tourists fly home after Egypt crash

Thousands more foreign tourists flew home from Egypt's Sharm el-Sheikh Monday after the downing of a Russian airliner claimed by jihadists, as police killed a top militant in the capital.

11,000 Russian travellers fly home from Egypt: Deputy PM

Some 11,000 Russian tourists have returned home from Egypt in the past 24 hours after Moscow suspended flights to the country over the Sinai plane crash, an official said Sunday.

Op-Ed: Travel writer finds a story of food, family and survival in WWII Special

The BBC series "Home Fires" now airing on PBS tells about the role of women, food and family during war time. Set in an English village just at the beginning of WWII, the captivating period-piece drama can pull an audience right to it.

Russia, Britain ramp up efforts to return stuck Egypt tourists

Moscow and London ramped up efforts Sunday to bring home thousands of tourists stranded in Egypt's Sharm el-Sheikh resort following the crash of a Russian airliner in the Sinai Peninsula.

Sharm el-Sheikh: Jewel of Egypt's tourism industry

The Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, where British tourists were stranded Thursday after flight cancellations over fears a bomb downed a Russian plane, is the jewel of Egypt's tourism industry.

Rome's Trevi Fountain reopens after makeover

Its elaborate Baroque facade now sparkles in the sun, scaffold-free: Rome's Trevi Fountain will gush its emerald waters once again Tuesday after a 16-month clean-up.

All Blacks win sees Qantas crew wear Kiwi jerseys

Australian airline Qantas escaped having to paint a plane black, but the crew on a trans-Tasman flight donned New Zealand jerseys Monday after losing a bet on the outcome of the rugby World Cup.

Russia stops airline from using type of jet that crashed at Sinai

Russia ordered Kogalymavia airline to stop flying Airbus 321 jetliners like the type that crashed Sunday over Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, killing all 224 aboard, the semi-official Interfax news agency is reporting.

Op-Ed: Slow news day? Press goes bonkers over Christie cell phone use

Slow news day? That would seem to be the most-charitable explanation for yesterday's media obsession with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie being asked to leave a "quiet car" on an Amtrak train for speaking loudly on his cell phone.

As waters in Malpaso dam drop, a church comes back to life

A persistent drought in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas has caused the waters of the Grijalva river dam, the second largest in Mexico, to drop over 82 feet this year, revealing a beautiful 450-year-old church, the Temple of Santiago.

Mendenhall Glacier, one of Alaska's main sites, vanishing Special

Located a short drive from downtown Juneau in the Tongass National Forest, Alaska, the Mendenhall Glacier is one of 38 glaciers flowing from the almost 4,000 square kilometers Juneau Icefield.

Review: Secret aspects of Manchester University revealed Special

The University of Manchester is one of the leading universities in the U.K., part of the prestigious Russell Group. Behind its modern image the university contains a number of historic buildings and features of interest.

Violence killing tourism in Acapulco

American college students used to visit Acapulco during their holidays by the thousands, but they are now shunning the beach resort as it has become Mexico's murder capital.

A chance to sleep in the eerie Paris Catacombs on Halloween

Tired of the same old, same old each year? Airbnb is offering the chance to sleep in the Paris Catacombs on Halloween night as the ultimate scary experience.

Tourists 'freak out' when glass walkway shatters in China

A section of the recently opened glass walkway at Yuntai Mountain Geological Park in Henan Province, China, cracked about 5 p.m. Monday, sending screaming tourists fleeing for their lives.

$69 flights from US to EU coming soon, says CEO of Norwegian Air

The CEO of Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA is hoping to sell one-way tickets to Europe for as low as $69, beginning as early as 2017.

B.C. Ferries forces Bowen passengers to wait as ship sat idle Special

An incident at Snug Cove on Bowen Island that saw dozens of foot passengers and vehicles left waiting two or more hours for a ferry has led to an apology. The delay resulted in a quarrel at the terminal between ferry workers and foot passengers.

The Great Serengeti Migration to be broadcast live for first time

The world's Great Migration begins in the southern Serengeti, and in a clockwise, circular path that has gone on for thousands of years, wildebeest, gazelles and zebras go in search of greener pastures. We can now watch from the comfort of our armchair.

Tarantula causes Delta flight to be delayed for three hours

Recently, a handler's tarantula escaped from its carrier, and this resulted in a Delta Air Lines flight delayed for three hours.

If you're scared of heights, China's glass-bottomed bridge is out

A 600-feet-high glass-bottomed bridge opened in China on Thursday, and it is not for anyone afraid of heights, especially when you get the feeling you are walking on an invisible path. The bridge spans two cliffs and is 1,410 feet long, and 20-feet wide.

Russian 'visitors' receive warm welcome in coastal Syria

In a hotel lobby in the Syrian coastal city of Latakia, five muscular Russian men sit around two small tables, scowling and fiddling with their mobile phones.

Tourists held overnight by indigenous group in Peru highway protest

Some forty people, mostly foreign tourists, were held overnight Wednesday by indigenous Peruvians protesting the halt in construction of a highway through an area known for its protected natural areas and gold mining.
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