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When Swiss engineer Carl Eduard Gruner came up with the idea to build the world's longest rail tunnel under the Alps in 1947, he predicted the visionary project could be finished by the start of the 21st century.He would turn out to be off by 16 years....

Ivory Coast arrests driver over beach resort attack

Ivory Coast police arrested a driver who allegedly transported weapons used in a jihadist attack on the Grand-Bassam beach resort that killed 19 people in March, security sources said.

Hope and relief as Everest season draws to a close

Hundreds of mountaineers have reached the summit of Everest in recent weeks, drawing a line under two years of tragedy on the world's highest peak.

Enjoy a romantic getaway or action-packed family vacation with Royal Seas Cruises Commissioned

If you’re looking for the perfect family cruise holiday, look no further than Royal Seas Cruises, home of the best deals on premier cruises to Grand Bahama Island and fun-filled destinations throughout North America.

World's deepest, longest railway tunnel set to open June 1

On June 1, after 17 years of construction, Switzerland will begin testing trains in the world's longest railway tunnel, the Gotthard Base Tunnel that runs through the Swiss Alps.

All-night trains finally come to London's Underground

All-night services on London's Underground trains will be launched for the first time in August, the city's new mayor said Monday, despite union protests against the move.

France to test air passenger data sharing

France will test an EU-wide passenger data sharing system aimed at helping to detect jihadists at two of its busiest airports later this month, a senior interior ministry official said Saturday.

Australian and Dutch climbers die after Everest summit

An Australian and a Dutch mountaineer have died of altitude sickness after summitting Mount Everest, expedition organisers said, the latest deaths to hit the Himalayan climbing season.

Central Park re-opens secret sanctuary after 80 years

Eighty years after it was shut off to the world, New York has reopened a secret woodland sanctuary a stone's throw from Fifth Avenue, just in time for summer.The four-acre (1.

U.S. embassy in Venezuela stops visa work over staff shortage

The US embassy in Caracas said Wednesday it has suspended processing new applications for short-stay visas because the Venezuelan government was barring the entry of consular staff.

The 'science' of gin making examined Special

Gin is one of the more complex spirits, the taste being dependent upon the range of botanicals used. In London, a gin lab has been set up, allowing participants to experiment with flavors. Digital Journal donned on a lab coat and took a look.

U.S. warns Americans against travel to North Korea

The State Department has urged Americans to avoid all travel to North Korea, warning that US citizens making the trip risk long and "unduly harsh" imprisonment if they fall foul of laws in the hermit state.

Australia delays 'backpacker tax' after backlash

Working holidaymakers from overseas were given a reprieve Tuesday from being hit with a so-called "backpacker tax" in Australia after a campaign by farmers and the tourism industry.

Disaster tourism: bitter lifeline for mud volcano survivors

Harwati forces a smile as she guides visitors around a bubbling mud volcano in Indonesia, pausing as they snap selfies on the bleak wasteland she once called home.

Pimp my ride, Kenya-style

"Turn on the bass, yeah!" shouts Dennis, conductor and ticket tout onboard the Brain Freeze, an eardrum-bursting tricked-out Nairobi bus studded with blue neon lights.

Massive crowd sees off world's largest cruise ship in France

Tens of thousands of people turned out Sunday in France to see off the world's biggest-ever cruise ship, the 120,000-tonne Harmony of the Seas, as it set sail for the first time.

Armchair traveler visits a garden that is lovely but deadly

The UK is well-known for its beautiful botanical gardens, but one garden, located in Northumberland, is totally unique. The Alnwick Poison Garden is one place where you are strongly encouraged to not smell or touch the plants.

America's airports are revolting against the TSA

If you've been annoyed by long airport security lines, you aren't alone. Airports are apparently just as unhappy about it.

Erdogan wants visa-free travel for Turks to EU by October

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday said he wanted the European Union to grant Turks visa-free travel to the passport-free Schengen area by October at the latest.

Japan plans easing visa requirement for foreign ski instructors

Amid the declining popularity of skiing, the Japanese government plans to ease the visa requirement for overseas ski instructors wanting to work in Japan.

Strolling and selfies as Paris's Champs-Elysees goes car-free

The sight of cars thundering down Paris's most famous boulevard was replaced Sunday by people strolling, cycling and taking selfies in the sun as the Champs-Elysees went traffic-free.

London Transport's secret store of memorabilia Special

The London Transport Museum is a popular tourist destination. This isn't all there is to the museum, however. Some miles away there is a depot full of items from yesteryear. As part of a rare opening, Digital Journal was present.

Tripoli cafes offer Libyans taste of normality

Weaving between tables at a seaside restaurant in Libya's capital bearing freshly baked rosemary bread, Abdelmuttaleb Twigiri shuttles between the wood-fired oven and his customers in a blur of hospitality.

Europe gives conditional backing to visa-free travel for Turks

The European Commission, the executive arm of the 28-nation EU, on Wednesday gave conditional backing for Turks to get visa-free travel as part of a deal to solve the migrant crisis, a commissioner said."The European Commission is today proposing...

Happy tears as first US-Cuba cruise in decades docks

Cuban Americans wept with joy Monday as they stepped onto their parents' homeland off the first US cruise ship to sail to the island in half a century.

First U.S.-to-Cuba cruise ship in decades sets sail

The first US cruise ship bound for Cuba in half a century set sail from Florida on Sunday, marking a new milestone in the rapprochement between Washington and Havana.

Japan wants foreign tourists to avoid 'public flatulence'

A Japanese tourism board has called on foreign tourists to refrain from public "belching or flatulence" in an etiquette guide which was hastily rewritten, reportedly after complaints from a Chinese resident.

Tourist trinkets crafted by Haiti's child artisans

Seated on an earthen floor on the outskirts of Haiti's capital city, seven-year-old Samuel Jean fashions a little boat from a piece of wrought iron.

TSA confiscates 73 guns from carry-on bags in one week

It's a new record. In just one week the US Transportation Security Administration confiscated 73 guns passengers had in carry-on luggage. Of the 73, 68 were loaded and 27 had a round in the chamber.

Attack on police sows panic in Acapulco tourist hub

Gunmen launched two nearly simultaneous attacks against federal police installations in Acapulco's tourist district, sowing panic as people ducked inside restaurants and stores in Mexico's crime-plagued resort, authorities said Monday.

Fears mount in quake-hit Nepal as tourists stay away

Former guesthouse owner Tenzing Lama remembers when foreign tourists thronged Nepal's Langtang valley, trekking through the breathtaking Himalayan wilderness and soaking up the tranquility.

Cuba clears way for cruise ship resumption

Cuba cleared the way Friday for the resumption of cruise voyages to and from the United States, lifting a restriction that barred travelers born in Cuba from the trips.

Myanmar's 'long-necked' women hope to turn tourism into homecoming

Wearing a stack of bronze neck coils -- a sign of beauty for her Kayan tribe -- Mu Par dreams of a time when all "long-necked" women can return to Myanmar from Thailand where they are a tourist attraction.

Passengers profiled at Paris airport since Brussels attacks: Official

Profilers have been operating at Paris's Charles de Gaulle airport since the attacks on Brussels airport, its operators revealed on Thursday.They have been watching for "abnormal behaviour" at France's biggest airport, Aeroports de Paris (ADP) said.

EU approves sharing air passenger data to fight terror

The European Parliament voted Thursday to allow airlines to share passenger information with EU states in a bid to detect jihadists, the culmination of a five-year debate that intensified after the Paris and Brussels attacks.

EU lawmakers vote on sharing air passenger data to fight terror

The European Parliament votes Thursday on whether airlines can share names of passengers with EU states to help trace returning jihadists, culminating five years of debate that intensified after the Paris and Brussels attacks.

Cambodian passenger train rumbles back to life

Packed passenger trains are rolling out of Cambodia's capital for the first time in over a decade this week, as a railway service running down to the country's southern coast resumes after years of suspension.

Australian MP runs 4,400 km in 64 days for rural education

Pat Farmer, an Australian ultramarathon runner and former member of parliament, completed a 4,400-kilometer 64-day ultra run across India.

EU might require visas for U.S. and Canadian visitors

Get ready US and Canadian travelers planning a trip to Europe — soon, you may need to apply for a Schengen Visa to tour EU zone countries, even for short stays.

Japan's Seibu Railway to launch 'invisible train' by 2018

Seibu Railway wants to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2018 by launching a new line of speedy commuter trains that will "blend into the landscape."

U.S. warns of 'credible threats' to Turkish tourist spots

The US embassy in Turkey on Saturday warned of "credible threats" to tourist areas in Istanbul and the resort city of Antalya, intensifying fears in a country hit by four suicide bombings this year.
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