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Sopwell House is an historic Georgian country house, now a luxurious 128 bedroom hotel, country club & spa. Digital Journal paid a visit.

Plane debris could be from missing Malaysia Airlines flight

Plane debris found in the western Indian Ocean appears to be from a Malaysia Airlines airliner that disappeared with 239 passengers and crew last year.

Fast-burning fake palm trees fueled blaze at The Cosmopolitan

Fake palm trees and high winds fueled a poolside fire on a rooftop at The Cosmopolitan hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip over the weekend, fire officials said Monday.

U.S. Senate committee votes to ease Cuba travel restrictions

The US Senate Appropriations Committee approved a slate of amendments that open to the door to restoring open travel to Cuba, as well shipping and agricultural financing.

United flight makes emergency landing after passengers become ill

A flight from Denver to Los Angeles was diverted to Grand Junction, Colorado, on Wednesday after a number of passengers reported feeling ill. Some on board took pictures of themselves using oxygen masks.

Op-Ed: Bay Area transit agency needs a timeout or something

Call us old-fashioned. Go ahead, we can take it. If you're still dishing by the time we're done telling you what we think, we might even listen.

Asian, Saudi owners polish Madrid Ritz's faded glory

From a cocktail inspired by Salvador Dali to a piano Frank Sinatra once played for Ava Gardner, Madrid's Ritz hotel has a century's worth of classy artefacts and anecdotes. But its gilded taps and Baroque facade are showing their age.

'Paradise Lost?' One island you should not visit

It's nice to know that in our modern world today, there are a few isolated spots left that could be called paradise. Lost to modern civilization, these few remaining places have managed to remain untouched. One such place is North Sentinel Island.

Photo essay: Geneva is more than just Red Cross and heavy heat Special

If you thought Geneva was only expensive watches and the Alps and Red Cross headquarters, think again. I visited this Swiss gem to get a glimpse into what makes this city so attractive.

EU lawmakers agree air passenger data collection

European lawmakers approved Wednesday plans to collect EU passenger data, a measure sought by the United States after years of controversy over how to protect personal information while fighting terrorism and serious crime.

Photo essay: Berlin is made for art lovers Special

Berlin is an artistic paradise. From the unique architecture of Daniel Libeskind's Jewish Museum to the outdoor East Side Gallery, Berlin showcases memorable art you won't see anywhere else.

Review: Exploring the gardens of Woburn Abbey Special

Woburn Abbey is a country house located in Bedfordshire, England. The house is impressive, replete with period furniture. Equally impressive are the gardens, especially in the summer.

This airport allows marijuana on in-state flights

Those who are flying within the state of Oregon can bring their marijuana with them on in-state flights, as the Portland airport now allows it.

Bali airport reopens after new volcano ash shutdown

The airport on the Indonesian resort island of Bali reopened Sunday after an erupting volcano forced its closure for the second time in just a few days and caused fresh travel misery for stranded holidaymakers.

The chilling secret of one of the Himalaya's glacial lakes

High up in the Himalayan mountains of the Uttarakhand state of India, lies a small glacial lake called Roopkund. At an altitude of 16,499 feet, it is frozen over most of the year. But when the ice melts occasionally, Roopkund gives up its grisly secret.

Photographing London: A journey from 675 AD to 2015 Special

Anyone interested in European history and medieval culture would be wise to visit London. Check out what I enjoyed during my London travels this summer.

Britons, Danes urged to leave Tunisia over attack fears

Denmark followed Britain's example on Friday in urging its nationals to cut short their holidays in Tunisia after London warned the country was still unsafe after last month's beach massacre.

Sisters who went missing in Wyoming wilderness found

Three sisters who went on a camping trip outside of Jackson, Wyoming, ended up going missing for days, but they were safely found.

Photo essay: There's nothing like summer in Paris Special

On a brief visit to Paris this summer, I was enamoured with the city's gorgeous architecture, rich history and delicious food.

Op-Ed: Why are some big towns growing into small cities?

Small cities are growing in numerous locations throughout the U.S. Some cities like Mankato, MN are leading the way, but what can urban planners learn?

Japan hails new UNESCO listing despite Korean qualms

Japan on Monday celebrated the inscription of Meiji-era industrial sites on UNESCO's World Heritage list, despite initial opposition from Seoul over the use of forced Korean labourers in the early 20th century.

Japan's Meiji industrial sites win UN world heritage status

The UN's cultural body on Sunday conferred world heritage status on a number of new sites including some seen as representative of Japan's industrial revolution, as South Korea lifted its opposition to the listing.

Review: Cats galore at Chesham's cat themed pub Special

The Black Cat is a small, homely pub located in the historic market town of Chesham. On a hot summer's afternoon, Digital Journal popped in to examine the varied features (and sample a pint of ale.)

Corks fly in France as Champagne, Burgundy win UNESCO status

France's wine-making region of Champagne and a part of Burgundy have been granted "World Heritage" status by UNESCO. This latest designation brings to 41 the number of French sites on the UN's world heritage list.

Hamburg's historic port warehouses win UN world heritage nod

The UN cultural agency Sunday designated Hamburg's historic maritime warehouse and business districts, boasting early 20th century German brick architecture, as World Heritage sites.

Jamaica's Blue and John Crow Mountains named World Heritage site

In a first for the Caribbean country, Jamaica's beautiful Blue and John Crow Mountains were designated a UNESCO World Heritage site on Saturday during the World Heritage committee's 39th annual meeting in Bonn, Germany.

China airstrip nears completion on disputed Spratly islands

A new 10,000-foot airstrip being built by China in the Spratly islands near The Philippines is nearly complete, suggesting the start of new aggressiveness in the region by the world's most populous country.

Canadian airline target of repeated threats, three diversions

A rash of bomb threats targeting Canadian airline WestJet happened in the past week. Three planes were diverted due to these threats. A fourth threat to Air Canada resulted in the temporary evacuation of a Canadian airport.

What mice tell us about the effects of jet lag Special

Practically every organism on Earth responds to time, a phenomenon called "circadian rhythms," which refers to the 24-hours regulated by our internal clocks.

Delaware is no longer accessible by commercial airlines

Anyone who wants to get to and from Delaware by airplane will no longer be able to count on a commercial airline to get there.

European tourists cancelling Tunisia vacations after massacre

Thousands of European tourists are cancelling planned vacations to Tunisia in the wake of last week's massacre at a beach resort by a gunman whose attack was claimed by the Islamic State group.

EU law bans certain travel selfies that could put you in jail

Tourists planning to take "selfies" in front of monuments this summer should careful because it could very well lead to them being arrested.

Russian consumer group under fire over 'occupied' Crimea travel advice

A Russian consumer rights group that advised caution to tourists visiting Crimea has provoked a major outcry, with Vladimir Putin accusing it of serving foreign interests and authorities blocking its website.

June is the time for Dragon Boat Festivals and sticky rice treats

Falling on Saturday, the fifth day of the fifth month (or June 20), according to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Dragon Boat Festival will begin. A festival of great significance, it has been held for 2,000 years.

Manuela's Madrid: A pretty, gritty city

Tourists love it, locals are proud of it, but beyond Madrid's tree-lined boulevards, pavement cafes and world-class museums lies a world of inequality that its new mayor vows to fight.

Freak storm suggested as cause of China ship sinking

Rescue personnel on the Yangtze River in China recovered the body of a three-year-old child on Saturday, bringing to 431 the number of bodies recovered from last week's cruise ship sinking.

The old and the new in Manchester Special

Manchester is England's third largest city, and it holds an important place in history, being the powerhouse of the industrial revolution. Today, the city provides a contrast of Victorian splendor and new developments.