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Representatives of around 40 countries are expected to approve on Saturday establishing a fund to protect heritage sites in conflict-ravaged areas and a network of safe havens for endangered artworks.

New York's vibrant World Trade Center — A first class destination

The majestic destination that is the World Trade Center proudly demonstrates the scale of New York’s spirit and ingenuity.

Rebuilding history? Debate rages over lost Afghan Buddhas

For centuries they stood, two monumental ancient statues of Buddha carved into the cliffs of Bamiyan, loved and revered by generations of Afghans -- only to be pulverised by the Taliban in an act of cultural genocide.

100,000 passengers hit on third day of Lufthansa strike

Germany's flagship airline Lufthansa said 830 domestic and European flights were being scrapped on Friday, affecting more than 100,000 passengers, on the third day of a strike by pilots demanding higher pay.

Royal Seas Cruises offers top quality entertainment Commissioned

Royal Seas Cruises is known for their top quality cruises to some of the best destinations in the Caribbean. Royal Seas Cruises also has some of the very best live entertainment available today in the entire cruise industry.

Nepal's quake-damaged Boudhanath stupa reopens

Nepal's newly restored Boudhanath stupa reopened to the public Tuesday after it was damaged in the deadly 2015 earthquake that left much of the country's cultural heritage in ruins.

Craneway Crafts Fair is now namesake of KPFA holiday fundraiser Special

Salvaging hardy materials from the discarded or overlooked is not new. Yet recreating and re-imagining a building to house a new purpose is a trend these days.

Mexican pyramid built like a 'Russian nesting doll'

Experts have discovered a third structure within the Kukulkan pyramid in eastern Mexico, revealing that it was built like a "Russian nesting doll," experts said Wednesday.

Plane avoids a mystery object as it descended to land in Toronto

A Porter Airlines Dash 8 with 54 on board encountered a UFO at a height of about 9,000 feet as it was making its descent into the Billy Bishop Airport on Toronto Islands.

Venetians rally to fight city exodus

Several hundred citizens of Venice rallied on Saturday to draw attention to an exodus of residents that they fear is sucking the life out of the fabled Italian city.

Review: A nice little 'get-a-way' spot is San Anselmo Inn in Marin County Special

It is always a nice surprise to discover a little treasure of a place in an often overlooked area. One that this reporter recently stumbled upon unexpectedly is the town of San Anselmo.

Autumn in New York — on the verge of change

The Big Apple always buzzes with quiet tension in autumn. While the leaves fall and the threat of winter creeps into the days, New York embraces the change.

Italy quake zones fear tourism collapse as displaced total rises

The number of people living in temporary shelters due to a series of earthquakes in Italy has risen to 28,000, officials said Thursday as fears mounted for the economic future of the worst-hit areas.

50 years on, Florence recalls its 'Angels of the Mud'

Fifty years after the river Arno burst its banks with devastating consequences, Florence will this week remember the Angels of the Mud who came to save the Italian city's artistic treasures.

World’s shortest flight celebrates millionth passenger

Many flights take hours to complete. There are not many that take less than an hour. How about two minutes for the world’s shortest flight? This over-in-an-instance trip has celebrated its one millionth passenger.

Goan, Goan, gone? Indian state losing laid back image

Goa has long attracted Western holidaymakers for its relaxed vibe, but rapid construction, swelling crowds and fears over safety are threatening the Indian state's global reputation as a tranquil haven.

Canada named Lonely Planet's top travel destination for 2017

Canada, our neighbor to the north has been given the great honor of being named the Number 1 country to visit in 2017 by the world's top-rated travel magazine, Lonely Planet.

US warns citizens of 'attack, kidnapping risk' in Istanbul

The United States has warned its citizens of the potential risk of terror attack or attempted kidnapping of foreigners in Istanbul, which has been rocked by several bombings this year.

Armchair Traveler — Let's take a fall foliage tour of the U.S.

Autumn is a mixture of gladness at the bounty of the seasonal harvest just past, and a time of nostalgia mixed with a certain amount of melancholy as we look toward the imminent arrival of harsh weather.

Op-Ed: Dissension among militias and more support for coup in Libya

It is now a week since members of the General National Congress (GNC) Salvation government seized the headquarters of the High State Council of the Government of National Accord (GNA)

San Francisco proposes 60 day cap on all Airbnb rentals

San Francisco is proposing a legislation that would cap out the total number of days a housing unit can be rented out as a short term rental. The number of days would be capped at 60 per year.

U.S., Canada ban Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from aircraft

Both the U.S. and Canada have banned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from all flights effective today. The ban comes in the wake of several reported incidents of the phones exploding or catching on fire.

Beaches, skiing and tai chi: Club Med, Chinese style

Tai chi, mahjong and karaoke are on the menu alongside more traditional offerings such as sailing at Club Med's new resort on the Chinese island of Hainan, as the French holiday group -- now Chinese-owned -- adapts its European formula for the market.

Greek air traffic controllers suspend strikes: union

Greek air traffic controllers announced on Saturday an eleventh hour suspension of a series of one-day strikes as hundreds of flights were cancelled and concerns raised to avert a tourism crisis.
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