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The father of an 18-year-old Belgian backpacker made a heart-rending appeal for help finding his son Monday, as Australian police admitted they were "baffled" by his disappearance from a picturesque surf town.

Seeking the ultimate wellbeing? You need two hours of nature

Stressed? Finding modern life too much? The solution, according to new research, is two hours a week spent outdoors close to nature, as the key dose of for good mental health.

Cubans feeling the pinch as Trump cruise ban bites

The waxy sheen on his splendid 1934 Ford glimmers in the Caribbean sun, but nobody is hiring Estaban Estrada's red and white convertible these days -- the dollars have dried up now that US cruise liners are no longer calling at Havana.

Tourist drowns in Lake Geneva during storm: police

A woman has drowned in Lake Geneva when her sightseeing boat sank as a violent storm battered parts of Switzerland on Saturday, police said.

Seven die cleaning Indian hotel septic tank: police

Seven people have suffocated to death while cleaning a hotel septic tank in western India without safety gear, police said Saturday.

China's largest ever Picasso exhibition opens

The largest Picasso exhibition ever held in China opens on Saturday, featuring more than 100 works -- many of them from the artist's early years.

Antigua takes control of troubled Caribbean airline LIAT

A Caribbean airline that helps bind together the region's many island nations has been saved from going under -- at least for now -- by a rescue plan led by the government of Antigua and Barbuda.

Hungary boat tragedy toll climbs to 25

The death toll from a Budapest tourist boat sinking rose to 25 with a man's body found about 100 kilometres from the accident site, police said Thursday.

Hungary police lift capsized tourist boat from river

Hungarian police Tuesday began lifting a sightseeing vessel that sank in the river Danube in Budapest last month in an accident that has claimed at least 20 lives with eight people still missing.

'In a zoo': Pakistan's Kalash battle tourism deluge

In a remote valley in Pakistan dozens of Kalash minority women dance to celebrate spring's arrival -- but as a gaggle of men scramble to catch them on camera, the community warns an influx of domestic tourists is threatening their unique traditions.

Another victim found from Hungary tourist boat disaster

Another victim of the sinking of a sightseeing boat in Budapest has been found, Hungarian police said Sunday, bringing the death toll to 20 with eight people still missing.

Gondoleering goddesses teach ancient art to the masses

"Big wave incoming, use your legs!" shouts Gabriella Lazzari, as her laughing students try out their new gondoleering skills in the sunshine of Venice's lagoon.

Thousands demonstrate against cruise ships in Venice

Thousands of people took to the streets in Venice on Saturday calling for a ban on large cruise ships in the city following last week's collision between a massive vessel and a tourist boat.

Last cruise ship leaves Cuba as fresh US sanctions bite

The last US cruise liner to stop over in Cuba sailed out again Wednesday as stepped-up US sanctions against the Communist-run island came into force.

Last cruise ship leaves Cuba as fresh US sanctions bite

The last US cruise liner to stop over in Cuba was expected to sail out again Wednesday as stepped-up US sanctions against the Communist-run island came into force.

Russia opens first Arctic train service

The first tourist train travelling through Russia's Arctic region and on to Norway set off from Saint Petersburg station on Wednesday with 91 passengers aboard for the inaugural trial journey.

Hungary tourist boat disaster death toll climbs to 13

Hungarian police said Wednesday the bodies of two more South Korean tourists had been found after the sinking of a sightseeing vessel in Budapest last week, raising the toll to 13 killed with 15 people still missing.

Nepal looks to limit Everest access after deaths, but doubts linger

Under pressure after a deadly season on traffic-clogged Mount Everest, Nepal is considering tightening access to the world's highest peak, but mountaineering experts fear the proposed changes could amount to little more than lip service.

US moves to bar American tourists from visiting Cuba

The Trump administration clamped down on US tourist visits to Cuba Tuesday, aiming to cut the flow of dollars to a country that Washington accuses of helping prop up Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Hungary tourist boat disaster death toll reaches 11

Hungarian police confirmed Tuesday the discovery of two more South Korean victims of a sightseeing vessel which sank in Budapest last week, raising the toll to eleven tourists killed with 17 still missing.

US tightens Cuba sanctions, ends group travel

The Trump administration banned group educational travel to Cuba on Tuesday, cutting off one of the main avenues for Americans to visit the Caribbean island.

War-torn Philippine city's rebuild 'painfully slow': Red Cross chief

The "painfully slow" reconstruction of a Philippine city flattened in a war with Islamic militants is causing discontent, the head of the International Committee of the Red Cross said Tuesday.

China warns its citizens of police harassment, crime in US

China on Tuesday issued a pair of travel alerts to its citizens going to the United States, warning them of police harassment and crime as tensions soar between the global powers.

Climbers 'knowingly risked' lives on Indian peak

Eight climbers believed to be dead on a treacherous Himalayan mountain "knowingly risked" their lives by changing their plans without permission, an Indian official said Tuesday.

Ethiopian churches oppose gay travel company's tour plans

Ethiopia's religious leaders on Monday urged the government to block a US gay travel company from touring the country's ancient sites, and one group warned visiting homosexuals could face violence.

British Airways resumes Pakistan flights after a 10-year absence

British Airways landed back in Pakistan Monday, in a major vote of confidence from a Western airline after suspending operations due to security fears over a decade ago.

Indian rescuers narrow search for missing climbers

Indian authorities Monday narrowed down the search for eight climbers missing on India's second-highest mountain for several days after an avalanche, saying they have a "rough idea" of their location thanks to information from another rescued group.

Four rescued, eight still missing on avalanche-hit Indian peak

Four British climbers have been rescued from an avalanche-hit Himalayan mountain range, Indian authorities said Sunday, as a frantic search continued for eight other mountaineers still missing on its treacherous heights.

Collision sparks fresh debate over cruise ships in Venice

A massive cruise ship lost control in Venice Sunday, crashing into a wharf and sparking a fresh controversy over the damage the mammoth vessels cause to one of the world's most famous cities.

Global airline body warns of US-China trade war spillover

The intensifying US-China trade war and rising fuel prices will continue to bog down airline profits this year, the International Air Transport Association said Sunday.

Facelift helps Morocco's Old City of Fez lure tourists

In recent times the imperial city of Fez has been overlooked by tourists in favour of Marrakesh, but now Morocco's "spiritual" capital is bustling with visitors due to major renovations and low-cost flights.

Bolivia restores myth-generating funerary towers

Unique quadrangular pre-Inca towers made of earth and straw, standing up to eight meters tall, dot the landscape at Condor Amaya on the Bolivian altiplano -- giving rise to myths and legends.

Rescuers search for eight climbers on Indian peak

Scores of emergency workers were battling bad weather Saturday to locate eight climbers missing on India's second highest mountain, an official said.

Battered Athens turnaround a tall order for new mayor

Battered by the crisis that ravaged the rest of Greece, Athens will have a new mayor on Sunday and a challenge to reverse the fallout from the country's long recession.

France tightens rules on Mont Blanc access to combat overcrowding

French authorities have moved to ban climbers from scaling Mont Blanc unless they have booked a room in one of the shelters on the flanks of Europe's highest peak, in a bid to tackle safety risks linked to overcrowding.

Stinky seaweed threatens Mexico's pristine beaches

Tulum is the kind of beach that vacation dreams are made of: turquoise water, white sand and an ancient Mayan pyramid overlooking it all.

Bali volcano spews ash in new eruption

A volcano on the Indonesian island of Bali erupted Friday, spewing a plume of ash and smoke more than 2,000 metres (6,500 feet) into the sky.

Desperate search after Budapest boat tragedy enters third day

Hopes were fading Friday of finding more survivors from a boat accident on the Danube river in Budapest, with 21 people still missing, mainly South Korean tourists.

Tourists describe 'people screaming in the water' in Hungary boat disaster

Distraught river cruise holidaymakers described watching in horror as tourists from a sightseeing boat were swept into the cold, churning waters of the Danube after a collision that caused the small vessel to sink in a matter of seconds.

Three dead, 16 missing in Danube river cruise sinking: Hungarian media

Three people died and 16 were missing Wednesday after a river cruise boat capsized in Budapest and sank in the Danube, Hungarian public television said, quoting the interior ministry.

737 MAX jet grounded for at least 10-12 more weeks: IATA

The global aviation association IATA expects Boeing's troubled 737 MAX 8 plane to remain grounded for at least 10 to 12 more weeks, director general Alexandre de Juniac said Wednesday.
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