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One of the biggest relics left behind by the Nazis is undergoing a radical transformation on a German island, harnessing a property boom to become a luxury tourist destination.

Inside Nepal's forgotten medieval kingdom

In Nepal's isolated, high-altitude desert of Upper Mustang, a new road to China is bringing economic transformation to the former Buddhist kingdom, once a centre for trans-Himalayan commerce.

Authorities try to sort out what prompted panic, stampede at LAX

Investigators worked overtime Monday to figure out what started a Sunday night's social media-influenced panic at Los Angeles International Airport that had hundreds of airline passengers fleeing terminals and stampeding onto the airport tarmac.

Erdogan opens third bridge over Istanbul's Bosphorus

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday inaugurated the third bridge over the Bosphorus Strait between Europe and Asia in Istanbul, a spectacular project at the heart of his drive to create a lasting historical legacy.

JetBlue to launch first US commercial flights to Cuba next week

The US airline JetBlue will make the first regular commercial flight between the United States and Cuba in more than half a century next Wednesday, the Cuban authorities said.

Cruise ship with 1,070 on board attempts Northwest Passage route

The once pristine Arctic will soon be a thing of the past, now that climate change and melting ice is the new norm. Last week, the Crystal Serenity, a luxury cruise ship, began a month-long trip through the once-impassable Northwest Passage.

Moon is key to when jellyfish hit beach, study finds

Swimmers wanting to avoid being stung by jellyfish may want to watch the sky as much as the sea after Israeli researchers found a link between their arrival and the phase of the moon.

Stepping back in time — London's Churchill War Rooms Special

During World War II Winston Churchill and his government operated, at times, underground, especially during the bombing raids over London. The 'war rooms' are open to the public as an exhibition.

Czech woman found a month after partner died on remote NZ track

A Czech tourist has been found in a remote high-country hut in New Zealand where she waited a month to be rescued after her hiking partner fell and died, police said Thursday.

Spain balcony-jumping craze: most are drunk Brits, study finds

They're young, on holiday, drunk and sometimes high, and they decide to jump from their hotel or apartment balcony into the pool. But some miss and end up in hospital... or worse, dead.

Shiny new buses challenge chaotic old ways in Tanzania

Sweaty passengers crammed into battered buses and stuck in traffic jams look on enviously as Tanzania's shiny new commuter buses fly by on the pristine asphalt of dedicated highway lanes.

Canada to US tourists: Please leave your guns at home

A rash of gun-toting Americans visiting Canada prompted its border agency to launch a public awareness campaign reminding tourists about their northern neighbors' relatively strict firearms laws.

China opens world's longest glass-bottomed bridge

The world's highest and longest glass-bottomed bridge opened in China's spectacular Zhangjiajie mountains -- the inspiration for American blockbuster Avatar.

Streets with no names: Navigating the maze of African cities

Maps, road signs, sat navs, Google maps -- it all makes travelling so easy. But how do you get around in a city with few street names, where buildings have no numbers?

Irishman shot dead on Majorca holiday island

An Irishman was shot dead on the holiday island of Majorca, police said Thursday, in what local media reported may have been a settling of scores that went badly wrong."Yesterday at 9pm (1900 GMT), a person was...

Italy's tourist jewel feels strain of fame

Hiking the coastal path that links the medieval fishing villages of Italy's Cinque Terre on its northwest coast is a stop-start affair these days.

Attacks, coup bring change to Istanbul's Istiklal Avenue

For centuries, it has been the main commercial artery running through the heart of Istanbul, attracting thousands of people every day for shopping, entertainment or historic sightseeing.

Op-Ed: London Underground's dirtiest tube line revealed

London's network of underground trains is one of the most well-known and efficient in the world, with each line network identified by a name and color. It seems that some lines are cleaner than others, with the dirtiest of all revealed this week.

Not all is green in Mexico City's Aztec garden district

Colorful gondolas lazily ferry tourists around the floating gardens of Mexico City's Xochimilco district, but not all is green in this idyllic vestige of the Aztec empire increasingly choked by urbanization.

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan detained at US airport

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan took to Twitter Friday to express his annoyance at being detained by US airport immigration authorities for the third time, saying the experience "really, really sucks".

Armchair Traveler — A visit to 'Panjin Red Beach' in the fall

In just a few weeks, an extraordinary event will occur in the world's largest wetland and reed marsh. The landscape will turn a brilliant crimson red, as far as the eye can see.

Delta Air Lines digging out of delays from massive computer crash

Delta Air Lines continued to recover Tuesday from a massive computer outage that grounded flights and stranded passengers at the San Francisco Bay Area's three major airports.

War tourism in Afghanistan: Adventure or reckless hedonism?

Thousands of people are fleeing the conflict roiling Afghanistan, but American backpacker John Milton recently made the reverse journey to the war-ravaged country -- for a holiday.

Moscow's $2 billion makeover leaves some residents cold

An ambitious project to make central Moscow more pedestrian friendly has drawn mixed reactions from the city's residents: some love the upgrade, others worry the soul is being ripped out of historic neighbourhoods.

Miami hopes Zika will not spook tourists

The official line from ground zero in America's first homegrown Zika outbreak is this: relax, everything is under control.But it's hard not to be jittery when some restaurants put cans of bug repellent on the tables.

Greek Acropolis restorers to bolster west side of Parthenon

Restoration work on Athens' Acropolis is set to shift to the west side of the Parthenon under a 40-year-long effort to restore the ancient archaeological monument, officials said Thursday.

Benin's Afro-Brazilian heritage risks crumbling away

With a fine ceramic minaret, multicoloured walls and a great, carved wooden door, the Grand Mosque in Benin's capital is a marvel of Afro-Brazilian architecture, yet like much in Porto-Novo it faces collapse.

'It's a go' — Virgin Galactic to restart testing of SpaceShip Two

Space tourism got a boost this week when the FAA granted Virgin Galactic an operating license for the SpaceShip Two craft, paving the way for commercial flights that will bring tourists to the edge of space.

Restoring medieval Tibetan shrines in Nepal's Himalayas

Deep in the heart of a medieval monastery in Nepal's remote Upper Mustang region, the battle to restore sacred murals and preserve traditional Tibetan Buddhist culture is in full swing.

Five visitors killed at Bolivia's top tourist draw

Five tourists from Belgium, Italy and Peru were killed in a car crash at Bolivia's famous salt flats, the Salar de Uyuni, authorities said Sunday.

Australian man wins Pacific island resort in raffle

A lucky Australian man has won his own remote Pacific island resort in a raffle, after shelling out just US$49 for the winning ticket to claim the paradise property.

Darwin's house reveals the history of science Special

Charles Darwin was one of the founding fathers of modern science. He undertook many of his studies into natural selection at his home in Kent ("the garden of England".) Not only of scientific interest, Down House is set among some beautiful gardens.

Surveillance video shows man bypassing security, getting on plane

A Texas man had just found out his girlfriend was leaving him and flying to Guatemala. So he drove to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to talk her out of it. He managed to get on the plane without a ticket and without going through security.

A tour of England's most picturesque castle Special

Leeds Castle is located in the county of Kent, in the oft called "garden of England." As well as being an impressive slice of history the castle is not shy in using digital technology to help to enhance the visitor experience.

Cyprus sets another tourism record

Bailed-out Cyprus, seen as a safe destination in a region dogged by terror attacks, set a record for the number of tourist arrivals during the month of June, officials said Monday.

Road brings jeans, satellite TV to Himalayan Shangri-La

A Himalayan Shangri-La that was closed to visitors until 1992, the former Buddhist kingdom of Upper Mustang in Nepal is facing unprecedented change as a new highway brings modernity to the roof of the world.

International flights to Turkey suspended after coup attempt

Many international flights to Turkey were cancelled Saturday despite efforts by the Ankara authorities to get life back to normal following an abortive coup attempt.

Britain warns against travel to South Sudan

Britain's Foreign Office warned against all travel to South Sudan Saturday after two days of fighting between government and former rebels.

First Russian tourist flight since crisis lands in Turkish resort

The first Russian flight carrying package tourists to Turkey since a diplomatic crisis erupted eight months ago landed on Saturday in the Turkish Mediterranean resort of Antalya.

Russian couple murdered, dismembered in Fiji

A Russian couple from Fiji are thought to have been murdered and dismembered after human body parts washed up on a beach in the Pacific island nation.

Napoleon's last horse to strut his stuff after makeover

Visitors to the Army Museum in Paris are being treated to the rare sight of two taxidermists at work restoring a stuffed horse -- the last one ridden by Napoleon Bonaparte.
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