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Canada is teaming up with three different companies to install 34 EV fast-charging stations along the Trans Canada Highway in Manitoba and Ontario in an attempt to encourage more motorists to use EVs on longer trips.

Prince's vision spurs new Cornwall coastal village

In his long wait to become Britain's king, Prince Charles has pursued his passion for architecture. His latest brainchild is a new neighbourhood in a deprived area of Cornwall in England's southwestern corner.

Art project transforms historic Indian fishing dock

Indian fishermen unload their morning catch as sari-clad women carrying buckets on their heads walk past street art that has transformed one of Mumbai's oldest fishing docks into an exhibition space.

Ferry McFerryface chosen as name of new Sydney ferry

Sydney has christened a new boat "Ferry McFerryface" on Tuesday, following a public vote that took inspiration from the joke name "Boaty McBoatface" picked in Britain for a polar research ship last year.

First road to reach Canada's Arctic coast finally completed

Finally there is an all-weather gravel road from the hamlet or small town of Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic coast of the Canadian Northwest Territories to the town of Inuvik to the south.

Pollution so bad in New Delhi United Airlines halts flights

The air in New Deli has remained "hazardous" for days. Illegal crop burning, vehicle emissions, industrial pollution and dust from sprawling construction sites have contributed to the public health emergency and there is no end in sight.

Tourists taking pictures trampled by elephant in Zambia

A Dutch and a Belgian tourist were trampled to death by an elephant in Zambia as they got too close to the animal when trying to take pictures, police said on Sunday.

Russia's pre-Revolutionary estates crumble in neglect

Boris Netchaeff's family estate was once the image of aristocratic life in pre-Revolutionary Russia but is now a long-neglected site where teenagers hold what he calls "Satanist parties".

Politics killing the mood at Barcelona's storied sex club

The sequined curtains of Barcelona's Bagdad nightclub have seen a few sights in their 40 years -- from red-lit sex shows to burlesque troupers hauling gas canisters with their genitals.

Cash-strapped Rome eyes up Trevi Fountain coins

Sign of the times in Rome: the city's cash-strapped administration is eyeing up the coins tossed by tourists into the celebrated Trevi Fountain.

Gay Chinese tourists flock to Thailand for fun, acceptance

Bathed in a pink spotlight, the cabaret singer at Phuket's ZAG bar lip-syncs the top notes of a popular Mandarin love song, delighting the crowd of gay Chinese tourists who have escaped judgement at home for sexual freedom in Thailand.

Party time in the cemetery as Bolivians fete skulls

Some wear glasses. Others have sombreros and a cigar. These are Bolivia's "natitas" -- human skulls with miracle-working powers.On Wednesday thousands of people and their skulls converged on La Paz's oldest cemetery as part of a pre-Hispanic tradition....

French robbers target big-spending Chinese tourists

Leon Chen looks frazzled as he shepherds a group of Chinese tourists through the Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris, past stands stacked with luxury bags, perfume, jewellery and caviar.

Roman temple restored deep under City of London

A Roman temple has been restored to its original site seven metres below the City of London, using sound, lights and misty haze to bring the ruin back to life.

Travel chaos as Catalan strike demands leaders' release

Protesters blocked roads and train lines across Catalonia on Wednesday during a strike called by a pro-independence group after several separatist leaders were detained in Madrid over their divisive secession drive.

10 years in the making, the Louvre Abu Dhabi set to open

More than a decade in the making, the Louvre Abu Dhabi opens its doors on Wednesday, bringing the famed name to the Arab world for the first time.

Lifeline trails restored to Nepal's quake-hit villages

As the dust settled from Nepal's massive earthquake, a fresh humanitarian crisis was just beginning: supply lines to remote communities had been destroyed, and villagers were starving.

US, Turkey resume limited mutual visa services

The US and Turkey said on Monday they resumed limited mutual visa services following an almost month-long suspension in a diplomatic row between the two NATO allies ahead of the Turkish premier's visit to Washington.

On target: Prince Charles shoots blowpipe in Borneo

Taking aim with a traditional Borneo blowpipe, Britain's Prince Charles gave a royal puff and shot a sharpened wooden dart into a target as he tried out the weapon during a visit to the island on Monday.

Louvre Abu Dhabi gears up for launch

More than a decade in the making, the Louvre Abu Dhabi opens its doors this week, bringing the famed name to the Arab world for the first time.

For Amazon tribe, rainforest is a whole world

When Japarupi Waiapi looks into the dense foliage of the Amazon rainforest, he sees the equivalent of a supermarket, pharmacy, furniture store -- and that's just the beginning.Food like coconuts, roots and bananas grows plentifully.

Traditional carpet weaving in central Iraq unravels

In the shadow of the Imam Hamza mosque in the region of the ancient kingdom of Babylon, a carpet market that was once bustling is now almost empty.

Egypt archaeologist criticises pyramid void 'discovery'

An Egyptian archaeologist overseeing a project to scan a pyramid for voids on Saturday criticised the announcement of a discovery of a passenger plane-sized cavity in the Great Pyramid.

Plane-sized 'void' discovered in Great Pyramid: scientists

A passenger plane-sized "void" has been discovered in the middle of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, where it has lain secret and untouched for 4,500 years, scientists revealed on Thursday.

Philippine Everest conqueror sets sail for China

After conquering Mount Everest, Philippine adventurer Carina Dayondon is set to sail to China aboard a wooden replica of an ancient boat in the hopes of boosting national pride in a forgotten maritime prowess.

Beer o'clock in the Amazon: the tribe that loves to party

Deep in the Amazon rainforest, it's that time again -- beer o'clock.Members of the tiny, remote Waiapi tribe in Brazil's eastern Amazon raise calabash gourds to their painted faces and quaff the homemade brew they call caxiri.

Missing US travel-blogger family found alive in Brazil

An American family missing for three days in northern Brazil was found alive Wednesday, after a drama in which they were robbed while on a boat trip.

Climbing Australia's giant red rock Uluru banned

Climbing the world's largest monolith Uluru was banned Wednesday amid concerns it was becoming a "theme park", undermining the giant red rock's deep cultural significance.

Historic Jewish quarter of Marrakesh sees revival

The once teeming Jewish area of Moroccan tourist gem Marrakesh is seeing its fortunes revived as visitors including many from Israel flock to experience its unique culture and history.

Heathrow probes how security data found on London street

Heathrow Airport said Sunday it has launched an internal investigation after a memory stick containing extensive security information was found on a London street by a member of the public.

Myanmar's tourism dreams pierced by Rohingya crisis

Only a few years ago Beyonce and Jay-Z were posing for photos among Myanmar's famed temples, heralding the former junta-run country's rise as one of the hottest new tourist destinations on the map.

At least 31 dead in central Nepal bus accident: police

At least 31 people, including 11 children, died when an overcrowded bus swerved off the road and plunged into a river in central Nepal on Saturday, police said.

Swiss tourists suffer brutal attack in India

A Swiss tourist has been left with a fractured skull after he and his girlfriend were attacked near the Taj Mahal during a holiday in India, police and media reports said Thursday.

Far from harpoons, whales star in Iceland ecotourism boom

Iceland's whales have traditionally ended up as steaks on a plate. But times are changing, and as tourists stream to the North Atlantic island, whales are now the stars of a flourishing ecotourism scene.

Five things to know about Iceland

From its unique history to its passion for chess, books and football, here are five things to know about Iceland, which votes in legislative elections on Saturday: - Crime -Contrary to the dark goings-on in Nordic noir literature, Iceland is a tranquil...

Saving Indonesia’s birds-of-paradise one village at a time

Deep in Indonesia's easternmost province, a group of birdwatchers wait in earnest hoping to glimpse the renowned birds-of-paradise. Once plentiful in Papua's jungles, rampant poaching and deforestation have devastated populations.

US-bound passengers face new security interviews at check-in

US-bound travelers will face security interviews before checking in for flights at a number of global airlines beginning Thursday as anti-terror measures are stepped up around the world.

US-bound passengers face new security interviews at check-in

US-bound travelers will face security interviews before checking in to flights at a number of global airlines beginning Thursday as anti-terror measures are stepped up around the world.

Rio policeman who killed Spanish tourist charged

A Rio de Janeiro police officer who fatally shot a Spanish tourist in a dangerous favela slum was freed Tuesday from detention but has been charged with homicide.

Brazilian police shoot dead Spanish tourist: police

Police in Rio de Janeiro said Monday they accidentally shot dead a Spanish tourist who was visiting a violent favela slum where earlier two officers had been wounded.

Spain identifies 800 Britons suspected of making fake sickness claims

Spanish police said Friday they had identified around 800 British tourists suspected of having made fake food poisoning claims after going on holiday in the Balearic Islands to try to win compensation.
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