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The terror treat from the Middle East may be expected to have had a negative impact on tourism in the area but reports from tourist boards show this isn't true for neighbouring Turkey as 42 million are expected to visit the country by the end of the year.

Photo Essay: Indian Summer in Dalmatian capital of Split, Croatia Special

The Dalmatian capital of Split is undergoing a tourism boom. Digital Journal spent the day discovering why in the October sunshine.

São Vicente: Culture and music in Cape Verde (Video)

São Vicente is the heart and soul of the culture and music of the beautiful and varied Cape Verde islands. Located between the mountainous Santo Antão and the deserted island of Santa Luzia, it is an fascinating place to visit.

Review: The eerie Skagway Gold Rush Cemetery and 'Soapy' Smith’s story Special

The Gold Rush Cemetery in Skagway, Alaska, contains the remains of many ill-fated gold-seekers who lost their lives in search of wealth. It also holds the remains of a town’s hero and the tomb of one of the most infamous con men of the American West.

Fall is the time for foliage tours and raptor counts in Virginia

When autumn comes to Virginia, the mountains and valleys don their coat of many colors, giving the countryside a patchwork quilt appearance. This is also the time of year for the annual raptor watch when birds-of-prey are counted as they migrate south .

Photo essay: London from up high Special

London is a spectacular city, blending thousands of years of history alongside modernist architecture. One of the best views of London can be obtained from its tallest building - The Shard.

The Australians make some pretty weird travel insurance claims

A new report has shown how Australian insurance companies have been seeing an increase in the number of extraordinary claims made by travellers in recent years as Australians begin visiting new areas.

Richtersveld National Park: At one with nature in South Africa

Nature and wildlife lovers looking for a different and exciting experience in the wilds of South Africa will love the amazingly beautiful Richtersveld National Park, located up in the Northern Cape, close to the Namibia border.

Jet makes emergency landing after cabin walls buckle

An American Airlines flight from California to Texas was forced to turn around over Nevada and make an emergency landing Monday after walls inside the passenger cabin began to buckle, leaving insulation exposed.

Tower of London's moat is filled with thousands of red poppies Special

The "Blood Swept Lands And Seas of Red" is an exhibition by artist Paul Cummins. The exhibit involves 888,246 ceramic poppies planted in the dry moat at the Tower of London, to mark the one hundred years since the start of World War One.

Jordanian poet a UK citizen denied permission to enter U.S.

Amjad Nasser an acclaimed Jordanian poet and novelist was invited to give the inaugural address at the Gallatin Global Writers series on September 30 this year.

Photo Essay: Wonders of nature at the Vancouver Aquarium Special

About 50,000 aquatic creatures make their home at the Vancouver Aquarium. With a focus on communication and research, the dazzling exhibits entertain and educate visitors promoting conservation of wildlife in marine and freshwater environments.

Video: Man escorted off plane after joking he might have Ebola

It looks like a scene from a Hollywood disaster movie, where an African-American man sneezes and then jokes he "may have the Ebola virus." But airport security did not see the funny side.

Photo essay: Eindhoven, the Dutch modernist city Special

Eindhoven is a city in the Netherlands. It is associated with industry and art, and is the home town of the Dutch electronics company Philips. This October, Digital Journal was in town.

Santiago, home to Cape Verde's capital and so much more (Video)

The island of Santiago is home to Praia, the capital city of the Cape Verde Islands, as well as great beaches and beautiful mountains. The largest island in the archipelago, Santiago is also possibly the most diverse in its landscapes.

Ishana wellness spa to open in airports across India

The Spa Group which owns and runs the Ishana wellness spa at Terminal 3 of the Departures area of New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport, will soon be expanding and establishing outlets at other airports across India and possibly abroad.

Sal: Golden pearl in the Cape Verde Islands (Video)

When flying into the lovely Cape Verde islands, the first thing you spot from the air is a beautiful pearl of golden sand, nestled in the clear turquoise blue ocean surrounding the sunny island of Sal.

Sinj Alka knights parade in Zagreb ahead of 300-year anniversary

As one of Croatia's most important cultural events approaches its 300-year anniversary, the Alka knights of Sinj parade on the main square of the capital Zagreb.

Spectacular marine and mountain views at Horseshoe Bay Village Special

Surrounded by the waters of Howe Sound and the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, the views from Horseshoe Bay Village are truly captivating. There is a park, a marina, a ferry terminal, art galleries, totem poles, and a variety of seafood restaurants

Melissani Cave: Home of the nymphs on Kefalonia, Greece (Video)

Kefalonia in the Ionian Islands of Greece is a fascinating place to visit in itself, but hidden away on this island is a magical cave and lake, which according to legend used to belong to the nymphs.

Photo Essay: Croatia's 'St. Tropez' in October — A busy Hvar Town Special

October on the Adriatic coast is usually a quiet time, but there is still plenty happening on Croatia's premier island of Hvar.

Huacachina: An oasis in the desert of southwestern Peru (Video)

Legend tells us that a beautiful princess was apprehended by a young hunter while she was bathing. When she fled the hunter, her clothing, streaming behind her, became the sand dunes and her bath itself became the lagoon at Huacachina.

Indian diaspora likely to get lifelong visas to India

The Indian tourism industry is likely to see a boost with the Indian Prime Minister announcing during his visit to the United States, that People of Indian Origin (PIO) in the United States can apply for lifelong visas to India.

A stroll along the French Riviera Special

The peninsula of Giens is located alongside the old French town of Hyères. Digital Journal paid a visit to the cliffs, overlooking the shimmering Mediterranean Sea.

Qatar to Zagreb direct, Croatian island 8 hours from Middle East

A revolution in Croatian aviation is underway, with the launch of two new services making Croatia's fabled islands accessible from the Middle East in just eight hours.

Photo Essay: World's biggest indoor rainforest Special

The Eden project in Cornwall, England contains two fascinating biomes. One of the ecological centers contains a tropical wonderland. Digital Journal paid a visit.

Restrictions enforced on Galicia's most beautiful beach (Videos)

"Praia as Catedrais" or Beach of the Cathedrals is a Natural Monument located in Galicia, Spain. Due to its immense popularity with Spanish tourists, authorities have been forced to reduce visitor numbers to avoid degradation of the environment.

Photo Essay: September weekend in Varazdin, ex-capital of Croatia Special

Digital Journal visits Varazdin, once the capital city of Croatia, today a charming and lively city close to the Slovenian border.

Entering Canada could be harder than you think

Post 9/11, travel restrictions have become much more stringent, making "issues" that once seemed insignificant a potential obstacle, even when traveling between the United States and Canada.

WoNoBo releases India Walking Tours app for Blackberry

A new app from WoNoBo for Blackberry offers a guided step-by-step walking tour through some of India's major cities and tourist attractions.

Date announced for London Underground to run 24-hour service

It has taken some time for the city to run an all-night tube service, but London has finally announced a date for when the underground will run all night during Fridays and Saturdays.

Photo Essay: Inside Cornwall's Eden Project Biome Special

The Eden project in Cornwall contains two enormous biomes. One contains of the structures draws on colorful plants from the Mediterranean. Digital Journal paid a visit.

Op-Ed: Why Bora Bora is one of the hottest travel spots

Do you love to travel? Have you always wanted to take that backpacking trip across Europe or hike the Andes Mountains? Now is the time! As technology advances, international travel gets easier and more affordable every day.

Modi's Varanasi redevelopment plan kicks off

After signing a deal with Japan to develop the ancient Indian city of Varanasi along the lines of Japanese heritage city Kyoto, Indian Prime Minister Modi has kicked off the process of redevelopment.

Photo essay: Touring southern Saskatchewan Special

While Saskatchewan, Canada is a province known largely for its flat landscape, a tour of the province's south shows that there's a lot more than meets the eye.

Jammu Kashmir tourism to be affected by floods

Jammu Kashmir, the north Indian Himalayan state in India, will see a steep fall in its tourism prospects this year, thanks to devastating floods that have hit the state, the worst in five decades.

Indian airlines struggling despite festival season

Dussehra and Navaratri are generally considered peak travel seasons thanks to Indians celebrating the festivals with family. But this year, airlines are unable to make hay while the sun shines, and are still slashing prices to attract customers.

Review: Photo Essay — The wild gardens of Cornwall Special

The Eden project in Cornwall plays host a dazzling array of flowers, plants and trees. Digital Journal paid a visit to the remarkable eco-project that was once a disused clay pit.

Op-Ed: 7 Things International Travelers Forget

Unfortunately, some travel abroad lessons are often learned the hard way. You don’t really know what you need until you find yourself in a tough spot (like in jail overseas)—or do you?

Why the cruise industry is coasting right now Promoted

Vacation lovers continue to clamour to cruise lines, despite the boom in self-service travel culture. In fact, cruise holidays are the fastest-growing category in the leisure travel market.

Indian tourism ministry launches 'Incredible India' app

India’s Tourism Ministry launched a tourist-oriented mobile application named “Incredible India” on September 3, during a media interaction.


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