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Op-Ed: Boycotting workfare

Although the workhouse has been consigned to history, there are those who are intent on bringing it back. Fortunately, there is now fierce opposition to these insidious schemes.

British court ruling declares government work schemes unlawful

UK government works and pensions minister, Iain Duncan Smith, introduced a wide range of sweeping welfare reforms. A court of appeal ruling Tuesday has 'blown a big hole' in his return-to-work schemes.

Op-Ed: Nick Clegg's foolish u-turn on taxation

London - Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said the rich should pay more tax. This will be popular with the man in the street, but is it wise?

Op-Ed: Who Wants Workfare?

In the run-up to the 2012 U.S. Presidential election, one of the candidates has been making noises about workfare. So have many other people, a long time before that.

Op-Ed: How the London riots will benefit the economy

The riots that swept Britain recently are said to have cost around £200 million, but the government is looking on the black side; there are rich pickings to be made here that will benefit the economy no end.

Op-Ed: Basic income — The only real solution to ‘unemployment’

The myth of the benefits culture is pushed by governments on both sides of the Atlantic because politicians and our over-paid economists are incapable of seeing the real problem.

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