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windows 8 News

Op-Ed: Why search must succeed and be cohesive in Windows 10

If Windows 10 is to do only one thing right, it must be getting searching down to a finely-tuned art. After the disastrous full-screen interface of Windows 8, the new Start menu in Windows 10 needs to deliver the cohesive search once offered by Windows 7.

Review: Linx 7 — One of the cheapest Windows tablets you can buy

The Linx 7 is one of the cheapest Windows devices ever to be launched and is widely available for much less than £70. Despite its super-affordable price, the tiny tablet is still surprisingly capable though with a remarkably powerful processor.

Microsoft Windows 10 details announced, uses holograms

Redmond - It was fairly obvious to Microsoft that their Windows 8 operating system wasn't well received. To counter this, the company has brought out a system that will share the same look and feel, regardless of what device you are using.

China bans Windows 8 operating system

Beijing - China's communist government has banned the use of Windows 8, Microsoft's latest operating system. This is a blow to the U.S. technology company that has long struggled with sales in the country.

Windows 7 'back by popular demand' thanks to HP

HP is hoping to rope in consumers with the enticement of Windows 7. For a limited time, HP is selling new computers that run Windows 7 instead of Windows 8… and offering big savings to consumers.

Op-Ed: Oh, give it a rest, Microsoft! Win 9 already?

Sydney - Amid a plague of reports that Windows 8 is dying the death of Mucho No Sales, with only 3.6 percent of computers running 8.1, “excitement” is again on the chopping block with Windows 9, codenamed Threshold.

New Windows 8 App obscures The White House

Windows 8 and Tom Tom GPS traffic cam app doing their part for national security. The new traffic cam app makes it impossible for prying eyes to get too close to the White House.

Rogers Media bringing Next Issue e-magazine service to Canada

Like Netflix for magazines, the new Next Issue Canada app will give tablet readers on-demand access to over 100 publications, including everything from The New Yorker and Sports Illustrated to Vanity Fair.

ASUS dual-boot 'Three-in-One' Hybrid running Android and Windows

ASUS just unveiled its latest innovation called Transformer Book Trio, a dual-boot dockable tablet running Windows 8 and Android’s Jelly Bean. There's a physical hotkey allowing you to switch between the two operating systems.

Op-Ed: Surprise, surprise — Microsoft panel beats Windows 8

Sydney - It’s common consumer knowledge that any new operating system will have bugs galore. It’s been a long time since Microsoft put out an OS that wasn’t panned by experts and consumers alike. Win 8 is no exception.

Microsoft's latest build project is codenamed 'Blue'

Microsoft's latest technology 'build' (from which new products and updates are launches) has been codenamed 'Blue'. Tech sites have started to speculate as to what this might mean for future Microsoft updates.

Windows Chief Steven Sinofsky leaves Microsoft

Steven Sinofsky, chief developer of Windows 8 and Surface tablet, left Microsoft as announced by the company in a press release Monday.

Op-Ed: Problems surfacing on Microsoft's Windows Surface Tablet

Microsoft's developments have been known for quite some time now. Their intentions are quite clear that they wish to release their own tablet to this fast growing market to compete with the Apple iPad and Samsung's Galaxy Tab and Note editions.

TopFinds: Body art to make your jaw drop, reviewing Windows 8

A woman creates stunning body modification art. What's new and cool about Microsoft's new Windows 8? Why eating beans can help reduce heart attacks. These are the top stories on Digital Journal.

Review: Windows 8 and the shock of the new Special

Microsoft releases a slim and fast operating system that works on old machines, new ones and even on tablets. It will need a little work to learn, but it will be worth it

Windows Surface now available for pre-order

The Microsoft Windows Surface tablet is not taking pre-orders. Although not in stock, eager customers can call dibs on the only tablet by Microsoft.

Windows 8 will run Android apps

Microsoft have announced that Windows 8 will run Android apps, leading to the possibility that there will be more Android created apps for the new operating system (OS) and fewer apps written especially for the latest Windows OS.

Microsoft confirms Oct. 25 launch for Windows 8 in NYC

Microsoft says the company will launch Windows 8 on Oct. 25 in New York City. Special invites were sent out to celebrate the arrival of the new operating system.

Microsoft gives away Windows 8 PC and phone, tablet to employees

Redmond - Each of the 94,000 Microsoft employees in the Redmond research campus will be receiving a Windows 8 PC and Windows 8 smartphone, as well as a Microsoft Surface tablet, all for free in time for the October launching of Windows 8 and Surface RT tablets.

Windows 8 RTM released by Microsoft

TechNet and MSDN websites have commenced to be flooded by subscribers across the globe ever since the windows 8 final version download availability news started circulating.

Microsoft forced to change the name of Windows 8

The threat of legal action has forced Microsoft to drop the name 'Metro' for its shortly to be released Windows 8 operating system.

Microsoft to buy Perceptive Pixel

Microsoft said that for the release of the newest operating system Windows 8, it will buy Perceptive Pixel Inc., a producer of large touch-screen displays that are capable of being used by several people at once.

Microsoft launches Windows 8 for smartphones

San Francisco - Microsoft have unveiled its new Windows 8 operating system for smartphones. The code for the software will be similar to that used on PCs, allowing better integration between mobile and desktop devices.

Transformer Book: the world's biggest tablet computer?

Ahead of the Computex 2012 trade show, the technology firm Asus have unveiled what they claim to be the world's biggest tablet computer.

Op-Ed: Mobile versus desktop — Windows 8, Mountain Lion 'phone-like'

Sydney - You could be forgiven for thinking that computer design had become more like fashion design reading the information about the new Windows and Apple systems. "Market wisdom" is pitting the boxes against the phones.

Apple previews ‘Mountain Lion’ for the Mac ahead of Windows 8

Apple has uploaded a preview of ‘Mountain Lion’, which is the latest update to the Mac operating system (OS). The new software is set to be availbale ahead of Microsoft's Windows 8 launch.

Microsoft's Windows 8 will have an app store says company blog

Steve Sinofsky, President of the Windows Division at Microsoft, has confirmed that the new Windows 8 operating system will have an app store.

Microsoft Windows 8 could debut next week, to be released in 2012

Hong Kong - Windows executive Steven Sinofsky confirmed to be in attendance at the AllThingsDigital conference in the United States and some are speculating that Microsoft will publicly debut its newest operating system Windows 8.

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The New Windows 8 Consumer Preview Start Screen
The New Windows 8 Consumer Preview Start Screen
Screen grab from video introducing the new Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.
Screen grab from video introducing the new Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.
Detailed view of post via desktop application FlipToast.
Detailed view of post via desktop application FlipToast.
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Corporate Vice President  Windows Planning  Mike Angiulo demonstrates some of the hardware at the Wi...
Corporate Vice President, Windows Planning, Mike Angiulo demonstrates some of the hardware at the Windows 8 Consumer Preview event in Barcelona, Spain, February 29, 2012
File photo: Microsoft
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Windows 10
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Microsoft Windows 8 Start screen
Microsoft Windows 8 Start screen
A screenshot of Windows 8 RTM start screen
A screenshot of Windows 8 RTM start screen

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