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Wearable tech for babies — something else to worry about?

Tech firms are racing to develop technology for babies so that parents can monitor vital signs from afar (a step up from the classic baby monitor). However, psychologists warn that monitoring data about 'vital signs' only causes parents to worry more.

Smart watch designed to monitor glucose levels

Wearable technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, especially in the health-related field. A new smart watch, equipped with a standard heart rate monitor and step counter, can also measure glucose levels.

Why your fitness wearable might be working against you

Been piling on the pounds over the Holiday season? This year there are even more apps and connected devices aiming to help you begin 2017 in fitter fare. But will these work? Not according to a new survey.

Plastic holes can aid wearable electronic devices

A way to improve the efficiency of wearable devices has been developed. This is based on gold wires being embedded onto flexible, thin plastic film. The wearable devices will be used primarily for health monitoring.

Wearable patch allows you to monitor your alcohol intake

An innovation in wearable health technology allows an individual’s blood alcohol levels to be measured, with the collected results transmitted to a smartphone.

Wearable technology transforms body heat into energy

Wearable devices are increasingly common and the range of applications is growing. Many devices are limited by their need to be recharged. What is a device could draw power from the body heat of the user?

Toronto tech firm provides hope to those with Alzheimer's disease

Toronto - Toronto-based Vielight Inc. has produced two wearable technology devices that have the potential to help people affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

Technology News: Olympics spectator experience reaches new levels

Technology advancements over the last decade have been astounding, both for personal use and in sports and at this years Rio Olympics, several new gadgets will give spectators and athletes a better experience.

Wearable tech now available for racehorses

Paris - Like or loathe it, horse racing is a dangerous sport. In the U.S. around 500 horses die each year (with the figure in the U.K. at around 150). Researchers hope a new wearable device will help to reduce injuries and fatalities.

Computers will soon be in our clothes

The advance of wearable technology continues. In a new development, technologist report they have embroidered circuits into fabric with 0.1 mm precision, sufficient to house a micro-computer.

Healthcare breaks for wearable tech users

For those living in the U.S. taking up wearable technology and using one of the health or fitness apps could lead to a reduction in insurance premiums, provided the collected information is shared.

CES 2016 showcased the best in consumer tech

Las Vegas - The annual International Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2016) that took place in Las Vegas featured hundreds of next generation innovations in consumer tech.

Wearable kidneys could replace dialysis machines

Los Angeles - Kidney dialysis is a long, drawn-out process, requiring those undergoing the treatment to spend long periods inside specially designed machines. This could be about to change with a new, wearable medical device.

Flat pack batteries offer improved performance

Sydney - For wearable tech to become more user-friendly in terms of ease of use, the power source must be flatter. This is what a science group is proposing — a flat pack battery, and one with good power capacity too.

Advancing wearable tech with graphene

Scientists have developed a wearable, electronic textile using graphene. Here transparent, flexible graphene electrodes have been embedded into textile fibers. The development could spearhead a new generation of wearable tech.

Apple Watch marks company's first dive into wearable tech

Apple unveiled its new Watch product, its first foray into wearable technology. The Watch lets you access a variety of apps via its sapphire glass screen. With the Apple Watch, you can play music, reply to texts and control your computer or iPhone.

Muse: The brain sensing headband releases developer SDK Special

This futuristic wearable technology helps to manage stress, stay calm, stay focused and do more with the mind. And now, developers can use it.

Op-Ed: The promising future of Google Glass

One of the first companies you'll notice at the forefront of any major technical breakthrough in recent years is a well known company called Google.

Consumer interest in wearable tech continues to broaden

Just how big is the nascent market for wearable tech? It's so big - and growing bigger by the day - that Amazon is positioning itself front and center to become the ultimate eCommerce hub for buyers of wearable technology.

Op-Ed: Top 10 interesting finds from CES 2014

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is as usual filled to the brim with a variety of interesting and even unusual upcoming technologies this year. Here are 10 such gadgets, both weird and wonderful.

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How will wearable tech impact the insurance industry?
How will wearable tech impact the insurance industry?
#Hello jeans from Joe s Jeans let you charge your iPhone via its back pocket
#Hello jeans from Joe's Jeans let you charge your iPhone via its back pocket
Via Joe's Jeans
The Muse headband is available on their website for $299 and comes in two colors  white and black.
The Muse headband is available on their website for $299 and comes in two colors, white and black.
#Hello jeans from Joe s Jeans let you charge your iPhone via its back pocket
#Hello jeans from Joe's Jeans let you charge your iPhone via its back pocket
Via Joe's Jeans

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