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Volcano News

Volcano spews ash on Mexico City

- The Popocatepetl volcano spewed ash on swaths of Mexico City and its suburbs on Monday, leaving a thin coat of dust on streets and cars.

Indonesia villages in ashes after deadly volcanic eruption

Angkasa - Indonesian rescuers searched for survivors in scorched villages and devastated farmlands Monday after a volcano erupted in clouds of searing ash and gas, killing seven and leaving others fighting life-threatening burns.

Death toll from Indonesian volcano climbs to 6: official

Jakarta - The death toll from a volcanic eruption in western Indonesia has climbed to six, an official said Sunday, with fears more could have been trapped by the hot ash.

Costa Rica volcano eruption chokes towns in smoke and ash

- A volcano erupted Friday near the capital of Costa Rica, choking surrounding communities with smoke and ash.

Disaster tourism: bitter lifeline for mud volcano survivors

Sidoarjo - Harwati forces a smile as she guides visitors around a bubbling mud volcano in Indonesia, pausing as they snap selfies on the bleak wasteland she once called home.

Did volcano eruptions tip Europe into Dark Ages?

Vienna - Back-to-back volcanic eruptions in the mid-6th century darkened Europe's skies for more than a year and may have ushered in the Dark Ages, according to finding to be presented Friday at a science conference in Vienna.

Mexico volcano spits ash on towns

Puebla - The huge Popocatepetl volcano near Mexico City spat burning ash over nearby towns on Monday and forced the closure of an airport, officials said.

Guatemala on alert as volcano spews ash over vast area

Guatemala City - Guatemalan authorities issued a warning Wednesday as the country's Fuego volcano, located near the capital, spewed ash into the air.

Volcano in southern Japan erupts in fiery show of nature

Toukyo - A volcano in southern Japan dramatically erupted Friday, with television footage showing fiery bursts of super hot rock and ash rushing down its slopes, though authorities said it posed no immediate danger to populated areas.

More than 1,200 flee as Indonesia volcano spews ash, gas

Kupang - More than 1,200 people have been evacuated from their homes to escape a gurgling volcano in eastern Indonesia spewing clouds of ash and toxic gas into the air.

Guatemala warily monitors erupting volcano

Guatemala City - Guatemalan authorities Monday warily monitored the eruption of a volcano near its capital that spewed columns of ash up to seven kilometers (four miles) high.

Volcano in Nicaragua spews gas and lava

Managua - A volcano in Nicaragua that has been dormant for 110 years spewed gas and lava Sunday for the second time in a month.

Italy's Etna in most dramatic eruption in 20 years

Rome - Fire and hot ash spewed high into the sky from Italy's Mount Etna in Sicily Friday, in one of the most dramatic eruptions of Europe's highest active volcano in the past 20 years.

Fear and beauty at foot of Ecuador's Cotopaxi volcano

Since it awoke in August from a 138-year slumber, Ecuador's Cotopaxi volcano has become one of the most-watched in the world, holding wary locals and fascinated scientists in thrall.

Armero eruption haunts Colombia 30 years on

Ortega - Thirty years after a volcanic eruption wiped out the city of Armero, Colombia is still haunted by the tragedy, and by the wide black eyes of its most iconic victim.

Fuego Volcano eruption subsides in Guatemala

Guatemala City - A live volcano whose increased activity this week near Guatemala's capital -- causing ash columns in the sky, explosions and tremors -- sparked an alert subsided on Wednesday, emergency response officials said.

Ecuador volcano spews giant ash column

Quito - Ecuador's Cotopaxi volcano, which began erupting in August after being dormant for 138 years, on Thursday coughed up a two-kilometer-high column of ash, officials said.

Guatemala volcano roars back to life

Guatemala City - A volcano near the Guatemalan capital roared back to life on Wednesday, spewing ash high into the air, disaster safety officials said.

Volcanic ash rains on central Ecuador, blanketing farms

- Ash from Ecuador's Cotopaxi volcano rained down on a dozen villages in the country's central Andean region Saturday, where agricultural output has been marred by a blanket of soot from explosions that began a week ago.

Cotopaxi volcano threatens more than 300,000 Ecuadorans

Quito - Nearly 325,000 people could be affected by an eruption of Cotopaxi, the volcano looming beyond the Ecuadoran capital of Quito, officials said Monday.

Ecuador volcano quiet after prompting state of emergency

Lasso - After rumbling and belching ash, the Cotopaxi volcano was silent Sunday, hours after Ecuador declared a state of emergency and fearful residents were evacuated.

Ecuador villages evacuated as Cotopaxi volcano rumbles to life

- Ecuador's President Rafael Correa declared a state of emergency Saturday as the dangerous Cotopaxi volcano rumbled to life and prompted evacuation orders in several villages threatened by landslides.

Ecuador villages evacuated as Cotopaxi volcano rumbles to life

- Several villages in Ecuador were evacuated Saturday, as the Cotopaxi volcano rumbled to life, angrily spewing ash into the sky and threatening nearby residents with potential volcanic landslides.

Volcano in Ecuador spews huge column of ash

Quito - A volcano in Ecuador that has not erupted in nearly 140 years belched a column of ash eight kilometers high on Friday, prompting officials to raise the alert level.

Volcanic ash forces airport closures in Colombia

Estanzuela - Colombia's Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupted in an ash cloud on Sunday, prompting authorities to temporarily close two airports in the area.

Volcano briefly forces fresh shutdown of Bali airport

Denpasar - Ash spewing from a volcano closed the airport on the Indonesian resort island of Bali Wednesday for the third time this month, forcing the cancellation of flights and stranding tourists during peak holiday season.

Indonesians stranded for Eid as volcanoes force airports closed

Surabaya - Thousands of Indonesians were spending Eid in misery Friday after failing to make it home to see their families as erupting volcanoes closed six airports, including in the country's second-biggest city.

Submerged volcanoes found off Sydney

Sydney - A cluster of submerged volcanoes has been discovered off Sydney, scientists said Monday, with the potential to help unlock the secrets of the sea floor between Australia and New Zealand.

Bali tackles backlog after volcano hits nearly 900 flights

Denpasar - Indonesian authorities at Bali's international airport were fighting Monday to clear a backlog after almost 900 flights were cancelled or delayed in recent days due to a volcanic eruption, causing travel chaos during the peak holiday season.

Bali airport reopens after new volcano ash shutdown

Denpasar - The airport on the Indonesian resort island of Bali reopened Sunday after an erupting volcano forced its closure for the second time in just a few days and caused fresh travel misery for stranded holidaymakers.
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Volcano Image

Mount Etna erupts on March 5  2013
Mount Etna erupts on March 5, 2013
Screen Capture
Egypt s Desert  May 2011
Egypt's Desert, May 2011
The eruption of the Volcano in Iceland
The eruption of the Volcano in Iceland
Sean Stiegemier
Egypt s Desert
Egypt's Desert
Egypt s Desert  May 2011
Egypt's Desert, May 2011
Egypt s Desert
Egypt's Desert
Image of Tolbachik Volcano s eruption on Nov. 29  2012
Image of Tolbachik Volcano's eruption on Nov. 29, 2012
Location of Grimsvötn volcano in Iceland.
Location of Grimsvötn volcano in Iceland.
Map courtesy Icelandic Met Office
Egypt s Desert  May 2011
Egypt's Desert, May 2011
Egypt s Desert  May 2011
Egypt's Desert, May 2011
Yellowstone s NW caldera rim at the Madison  Junction in the park. The rim is 500 m. tall  and was f...
Yellowstone's NW caldera rim at the Madison Junction in the park. The rim is 500 m. tall, and was formed when this area collapsed during the eruption that took place 640,000 years ago.
Robert Smith
NASA photograph of the volcanic activity on El Hierro in 2012
NASA photograph of the volcanic activity on El Hierro in 2012
Egypt s Desert  May 2011
Egypt's Desert, May 2011
Egypt s Desert
Egypt's Desert
Egypt s Desert  May 2011
Egypt's Desert, May 2011
Egypt s Desert
Egypt's Desert
Egypt s Desert
Egypt's Desert
Mount Tongariro eruption
Mount Tongariro eruption
Sarah Creech?Instagram