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Which is worse for the lungs: Cannabis vs. tobacco?

Inhaling anything into the lungs will, over time, cause damage. But which is worse for the user: inhaling tobacco smoke or cannabis? New research has been probing for the answer.

Essential Science: Microbial concerns with vaping products grows

This year has seen an increase in scientific studies looking at microbial contamination in vaping liquids. While the reports show variability with product types and manufacturers, the concerns are sufficient and suggest a new health standard is needed.

Q&A: Does India's e-cigarette ban do more harm than good? Special

According to Samrat Chowdhery the impact of ban of e-cigarettes in India has been counter productive. With country already facing the healthcare burden the ban on harm reduction alternative has further deteriorated the situation. He explains why.

Can coronavirus be transmitted in vape vapor?

Aerosols and vapor generated by electronic substance delivery systems could participate in the dissemination of the virus in the close proximity of coronavirus infected vapers, according to new research.

New link between vaping and more severe COVID-19 symptoms

Further data infers that smokers (including those who vape) are more vulnerable to COVID-19 infections or more likely to develop serious complications if they contract a COVID-19 infection, compared to non-smokers or vapers.

Studies show e-cigarettes reduce smoking related illnesses

Three recent studies demonstrate the potential for improved health effects that can come from the use of e-cigarettes, when such vaping products are used on a permanent basis and the use of all tobacco products is halted.

Transmission of multidrug resistant tuberculosis and cannabis use

The microbiological quality of cannabis represents an important research and public health area, especially as cannabis intake increases. This is especially so in the case of TB. If cannabis is contaminated, this will present risks to users.

Vaping alert: Study shows maternal nicotine exposure risk

Three new research papers raised concerns about the health risks associated with vaping and the use of e-cigarettes. The risks include unborn children, through pregnant mothers who vape, and risk to those with high blood pressure.

US unveils partial ban on flavored e-cigarettes

Washington - The US government announced Thursday it was banning most flavored e-cigarettes in a bid to curb the rising tide of youth vaping, but under industry pressure it stopped short of the full ban promised in September by the White House.

Interview: How to identify lung disease linked to vaping Special

The U.S. CDC has confirmed that EVALI, the name given by the CDC to identify lung disease linked to vaping is caused by illicit THC, not legal vapes. We looks at a new test called Cann-ID will be able to screen for vitamin E acetate.

E-cigs may damage the heart, study says

Paris - Vaping devices and the chemicals they deliver -- increasingly popular among teens -- may damage the cardiovascular system, a study said Thursday, adding to a growing chorus of concern over injury and deaths related to e-cigarettes.

CDC - Vaping-related lung injuries on the rise again in U.S.

As of Thursday, there were 1,888 lung injury cases associated with e-cigarette products in 49 states, the District of Columbia and the US Virgin Islands, and 38 deaths in 24 states, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Q&A: Leading psychiatrist unpicks the 'vaping epidemic' Special

E-cigarettes and various forms of vaping have become increasingly popular. However, such products are addictive and may lead to adverse health effects, according to psychiatrist Vinay Saranga.

Death toll from vaping-linked illness now at 19 in US

Washington - The death toll in the United States from illnesses linked to e-cigarette use has risen to at least 19, health authorities say, as more than 1,000 others have suffered lung injuries probably linked to vaping.

California launches anti-vaping ad campaign after 7th death

A California man has become the seventh person to die from a vaping-related illness in the U.S. as the nation's leading health agency activates emergency operations to better investigate the outbreak of lung injuries associated with e-cigarettes.

A warning about black market THC vaping cartridges

A Wisconsin man is accused of running a 10-man operation that manufactured thousands of counterfeit vaping cartridges loaded with THC oil every day for almost two years, authorities said.

Juul Labs Inc in hot-seat again over marketing practices

The FDA slammed vaping company Juul on Monday for illegally advertising its nicotine pods as a safer alternative to cigarettes, threatening to fine or even seize the company’s products if it doesn’t correct its marketing.

Michigan becomes first state to ban flavored E-cigarettes

As concerns mount about the potential health impacts of vaping, particularly on teenagers, Michigan has reportedly announced a statewide ban on all flavored electronic cigarettes, including sweet, fruity and menthol varieties.

Juul alters marketing practices after being probed by FTC

The Federal Trade Commission is investigating the marketing practices of e-cigarette maker Juul Labs Inc sending shares of tobacco stocks down, a person briefed on the matter said Thursday.

Next wave of cannabis products will include vape pens

Vaping has been established firmly with tobacco-based products, but legislation has prevented similar developments with cannabis — until now. Pre-loaded cartridges of cannabis extract, will soon be legal in Canada.

Vaping suspected in severe lung damage in eight Wisconsin teens

Milwaukee - Eight teens from southeastern Wisconsin were hospitalized over the last month with severe lung damage believed to be linked to vaping.

Vape pen overheats on aircraft, causing fire

A fire started on-board a SkyWest flight after the battery within a vape pen overheated.. Fortunately, the incident happened just prior to take-off and the fire was put out. The issue raises new safety concerns with vaping devices.

Health misinformation about vaping is driven by bots

The use of e-cigarettes is dividing opinion across healthcare and social policy makers. One area that is helping create confusion is social media. A recent review of Twitter found robots and humans underplay the health risks associated with e-cigarettes

New doubts cast over e-cigarettes

University of Connecticut scientists have published a study that shows electronic cigarettes ('e-cigarettes') are potentially as harmful as tobacco cigarettes.

Nicotine enters the body via the skin as well as lungs

For tobacco smokers, and those who favor e-cigarettes, nicotine not only enters the body via the lungs but also through the skin, according to new research.

Congress passes bill requiring childproof liquid nicotine bottles

Washington - It's called the Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act, and it's intended to keep kids safer by making it more difficult for sticky little fingers to get into yummy-looking but highly toxic liquid nicotine. Congress passed the measure on Monday.

Doubts cast over e-cigarette research

London - Public Health England recently stated that e-cigarettes are safe. However, according to The Lancet, the report relied on evidence provided by scientists funded by the vaping industry.

Vaping is safer than smoking, new study

London - The e-cigarette versus traditional tobacco smoking has edged forward with a new study concluding e-cigarettes are safer than smoking tobacco products.

A new craze has people 'vaping' caffeine

Instead of getting their morning hit of caffeine by sipping a cup of coffee, some people are now inhaling it. Caffeine vaporizers deliver a puff of the popular stimulant on the go.

Op-Ed: Use of e-cigs in public spaces to be banned in Wales

Cardiff - The Labour controlled devolved government in Wales, UK, announced, June 9, that it would seek to introduce a wide ranging ban on e-cigarettes in public places.
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Laboratory test results show very high levels of vitamin E acetate in nearly all cannabis-containing...
Laboratory test results show very high levels of vitamin E acetate in nearly all cannabis-containing samples analyzed by New York State’s Wadsworth Laboratory.
New York Department of Health
Vitamin E supplements
Vitamin E supplements
John Liu, courtesy Oregon State University
An e-cigarette
An e-cigarette
Christopher Cornelius (CC BY 2.0)
Vaping use among teens has jumped 78% over the last few years.
Vaping use among teens has jumped 78% over the last few years.
micadew from US (CC BY-SA 2.0)
A vape shop or lounge.
A vape shop or lounge.
Lindsay Fox from Newport beach, USA (CC BY 2.0)
A flavor multipack for the Juul vaping device. Sweet-flavored electronic cigarettes promote youth va...
A flavor multipack for the Juul vaping device. Sweet-flavored electronic cigarettes promote youth vaping.

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