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Op-Ed: Early Day Motion for Debt-Free Money

London - A veteran Labour MP has tabled an Early Day Motion to introduce debt-free money and strip the banks of their power over the British Government.

Op-Ed: Islamic banking coming to the UK?

City Of London - Islamic banking is set to come to the UK. Even hard line Islamophobes should welcome this, but will it deliver all it promises?

Op-Ed: Payday loans — A lesson for the banks?

Recently, a government watchdog ordererd a clampdown on payday loan companies that batten off people's misery. Will our rulers learn the lesson and apply it to the banks?

Review: ‘Bankers - 3. Payback Time’ Special

This is the third and final episode of this short BBC TV series. For the most part it hits the nail on the head, but it still perpetuates the greatest fiction of all.

Review: 'Bankers - 2. Risking It All' Special

The second episode of this short BBC TV series covers the fall of M.F. Global. It also contains two strikingly misleading claims.

Op-Ed: Cameron, the banksters and the magic money tree

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has come out with a corker - there is no magic money tree. If that is the case, perhaps he could tell us where money comes from?

Op-Ed: Can Islamic Finance save us from the Banksters?

The governments of the world lurch from crisis to crisis as they try to prop up the corrupt, debt-based money system, but there is a positive alternative if they have the courage to take it.

Op-Ed: The Bankers' Conspiracy Unmasked

For over a hundred years, both concerned citizens and people in the know have warned against the bankers' conspiracy. They were derided as cranks, but now the truth is out in the open.

Why Greece, Britain and everyone else should default

The banksters and their political frontmen are holding Europe to ransom; we should call their bluff and default on these so-called debts.

Op-Ed: The real cost of servicing the UK's National Debt

When David Cameron and others talk about paying down the deficit, do they really understand the scale of the fraud that is being perpetrated on the people of Britain, or the people of the world?

Review: 'Masters of Money — Marx' Special

London - This is the third and final episode in the short BBC Television series about big names in economics. Big names, not great names.

Op-Ed: Is your bank deposit safe?

Is your money safe with your bank? That depends, but if you choose carefully, your assets should be protected up to £85,000 thanks to a government watchdog.

Jonathan Portes on the latest UK banking rip-off Special

London - Last Wednesday, the British Government launched its latest whacky attempt to stimulate the economy, by giving money to the banks. Jonathan Portes doesn't think much of it.

Op-Ed: How to deal with the banksters — A lesson from the soaps

A recent episode of the UK soap “Emmerdale” contains a salutary lesson for all politicians, Greek and others, when dealing with the banking cartel.

Op-Ed: Financial news from the UK — Rip offs and whines

Yet again, a major bank has been caught with its hands in the till. Barclays Bank has been fined £290 million, and there are calls not only for resignations but prosecutions.

Op-Ed: The Lawful Bank is launched

As the world's politicians are not doing anything about the debt-based money system, the people have decided to take matters into their own hands.

Review: Victoria Grant explains the banking rip off in 6 minutes

Philadelphia - This is a video that has not gone viral but needs to. Victoria Grant explains the banking rip-off in simple language to an audience in Philadelphia.

Review: 'Michael Portillo's Great Euro Crisis' Special

Athens - Recently, politician turned TV presenter Michael Portillo visited Greece to make a documentary. And to explain why he thinks Greece should dump the Euro.

Positive Money keeps up the pressure on the banksters Special

London - Positive Money is continuing its educational work with a new video about the biggest problem the world faces, and what we can do about it.

Op-Ed: The new British Communist Manifesto?

London - The Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) has produced a new leaflet calling for British jobs for British workers. Those with long memories will be astounded at this grotesque about-face.

Review: A Marxist economist explains what is wrong with capitalism. Not

American economist Richard D. Wolff was born on April Fools' Day; in this interview with 'Russia Today', he shows why as he makes a complete and utter fool of himself.

Op-Ed: More bailout madness for Greece

An agreement has been reached to bail out Greece for the second time, goes the script, but who is being bailed out, and who is paying the price?

Op-Ed: Positive Money release new video

London - Positive Money have just released another video from their last conference. More meetings are in the pipeline for different areas of the country.

Op-Ed: More quantitative easing sleight of hand

London - The Bank of England has created another £50 billion of electronic money, or so we are led to believe, but where has the previous £275 billion gone?

Op-Ed: Positive Money - training people to take on the banksters Special

London - The people behind Positive Money have recently released videos of their October conference; now they have a bigger task, training a small army of speakers to spread the gospel, and break the stranglehold the banking cartel has over the economy.

Op-Ed: A British MP rails against the banking system

London - Michael Meacher entered Parliament in 1970. He served as a Minister under both Harold Wilson and James Callaghan. Now aged 72, he has found his true vocation: financial reform.

Op-Ed: The Brixton Pound goes digital

London - If you've never heard of the Brixton Pound, it's time you did. It is one of several local currencies circulating in Britain, and one of the ways ordinary people can break the monopoly of credit.

Op-Ed: Who the Dickens was Major Douglas?

Next month sees the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens. This year is also the 60th anniversary of the death of an even greater Englishman. But who was Major Douglas, and what is his legacy?

Op-Ed: Positive Money release new anti-usury video

London - Last October, Positive Money held a conference; today, its head honcho Ben Dyson released a video of his favourite speaker addressing an appreciative audience.

Op-Ed: Money's too tight to mention - for the homeless, not the banks

London - The BBC news this afternoon revealed that the homeless are dying thirty years prematurely, and that Europe has given half a trillion Euros to the banks.
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usury Image

Michael Meacher MP addressing the Positive Money conference in October 2011.
Michael Meacher MP addressing the Positive Money conference in October 2011.
Michael Meacher MP addressing the Positive Money conference in October 2011.
Michael Meacher MP addressing the Positive Money conference in October 2011.
A photograph donated by Ben Dyson of Positive Money.
A photograph donated by Ben Dyson of Positive Money.
12 year old Victoria Grant explains the banking rip off in Philadelphia.
12 year old Victoria Grant explains the banking rip off in Philadelphia.

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