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UFO appears to fly through the sky during live news broadcast

Experts are reviewing a video which appears to show a UFO flying through the sky during a live news broadcast in Argentina.

Encounter with aliens and UFOs deemed historical fact

Great Barrington - One Massachusetts family's close encounters with aliens and UFOs in the 1960s are now being documented as historical fact.

TV crew is interrupted by purple UFO

A film crew in Peru captured a bizarre UFO sighting on tape, just as a press conference was being held by a group of people who want to create an embassy for extraterrestrials.

'Flying horse' UFO spotted over Mexico's erupting Colima volcano

Mexico - A horse-shaped UFO, reminiscent of the Greek mythological Pegasus, was captured on video hovering over the Colima volcano, one of Mexico's most active, located 300 miles west of Mexico City.

1947 Air Force UFO study released to the public

After almost seventy years, the Air Force's classified UFO files known as 'Project Blue Book' have finally been released to the general public

UFOs spotted In 1966 NASA Project Gemini Photo—Aliens monitoring?

UFO hunters claimed last week that they have spotted two UFOs in a NASA photo from Project Gemini, the agency's second human spaceflight program conducted from 1961 to 1966 in preparation for the Apollo Program which landed the first men on the Moon.

Crashing UFO releases 'escape pod' over southern California [Vid]

Sacramento - A man claims he observed a burning UFO streaking across the night sky, crashing to Earth over southern California. As the UFO streaks across the sky, toward Earth, it releases a glowing orb-like object which shoots up into the sky.

Op-Ed: New video released suggests UFOs live on the moon

A newly released video claims to have captured a fleet of UFO leaving the moon's surface. Here is a series of videos suggesting UFOs actually live within our own orbit . Hoax or Truth? You decide.

Video: Mysterious blast 'turns night to day' over Russia's Urals

Yekaterinburg - A massive explosion which lit up the sky over Russia's Urals has become the subject of speculation after the authorities declined comment on it although several locals captured it on camera. According to an eyewitness, the explosion "turned night to day."

Mysterious lights in West Coast sky likely from meteor

Oakland - Mysterious lights streaking across the sky in Northern and Southern California early Friday were most likely caused by a meteor burning up in the atmosphere.

Extraterrestrial enthusiasts claim ISS cameras show several UFOs

NASA may not have realized that streaming video from the International Space Station (ISS) would lead to UFO enthusiasts claiming the videos have captured numerous UFOs, but that is exactly what is happening.

NASA acknowledges strange light on Mars

Pasadena - NASA acknowledged for the first time Tuesday that a camera on one of its Mars rovers had captured an image of what could be artificial light emanating from the planet's surface.

UFO cult backs Africa's first clitoris restoration hospital

Ouagadougou - A UFO cult is behind Africa's first clitoral restoration hospital in Burkina Faso, set to open in March, which will offer a controversial surgery to victims of female genital mutilation.

Peruvian Air Force revives defunct UFO investigations wing

Lima - Sightings of anomalous aerial phenomena — UFOs to you and me — are on the increase in Peru. So much so that the Peruvian Air Force, the Fuerza Aérea del Perú (FAP), has announced it’s reinstating a UFO investigations team moribund since 2005.

Review: 'The Bureau: XCOM Declassified' fails to tell a forgotten history Special

What horrifying event happened that led to the establishment of the Extraterrestrial Combat Unit (aka X-COM)? That is what 'The Bureau: XCOM Declassified' was supposed to answer, but instead you're left with more questions than answers.

New project allows you to send a message to deep space

A new group made of scientists businessmen, and entrepreneurs have founded a project called the Lone Signal Project that will allow you to send a personal message into deep space for free.

Frozen UFO alien posted in social media sparked controversy

Photographs of a man called Li posing next to an alien he claims to have trapped after it crash-landed sparked a frenzy of speculation on social networking sites across China.

Pilots of 3 airline jets reported UFOs over UK's Scientology HQ

According to a report by the UK Airprox Board that monitors reports of air traffic safety violations, pilots on three separate passenger flights reported they saw two UFOs hovering above UK's Scientology headquarters in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

Video: UFO flies into Popocatepetl Mexican volcano

Footage which appears to show a UFO flying into the fiery crater of central Mexico's active Popocatepetl volcano has surfaced online. UFO enthusiasts are debating whether this could be a kamikaze alien pilot.

UFO photographed over haunted Santee's Edgemoore Barn

Santee - A woman, Ellen Henry, snapped photos of an unidentified flying object (UFO) hovering over the historical Edgemoore Barn, in Santee, California, a famous spot for paranormal activity and alleged ghost sightings.

Former Senator Mike Gravel: White House suppressing ET evidence

A UFO advocacy group Paradigm Research has paid six former members of the US Congress $20,000 each to hold a simulated congressional "hearing" examining evidence that the government is suppressing information about ET visitors and related UFO phenomena.

Watch out, the sky is falling, the sky is falling

An asteroid barely missed Earth as it passed by Saturday afternoon. NASA admits they did not see this one headed straight towards Earth.

Russell Crowe posts video suggesting a UFO sighting in Australia

Sydney - Actor Russell Crowe is making headlines after he posted a video online that suggests a UFO flew over Australia. He says he caught the images while trying to film fruit bats, but many people are skeptical, saying a camera setting created the images.

Video: Are there UFOs at Mexico's Popocatépetl volcano?

Theories and speculations of UFOs continue to surround Mexico's Popocatépetl volcano. An active volcano, for months now claims of UFO spottings at the Popocatepetl have persisted and recent footage has emerged.

Op-Ed: The sky is falling! The sky is falling?

San Francisco - A whirlwind of chaos spawned by the Russian Meteor hit causes conspiracy theories and rumors to spread worldwide.. One thing is for sure, the sky is falling.

UFO: 'Alien pyramid' over Amherst, MA, even Air Force puzzled

Amherst - Residents of Amherst and Pelham, Massachusetts reported seeing an unusually low-flying pyramid-shaped object moving slowly and silently across the sky between 5:45 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., on Jan. 8. The US Air Force is unable to explain the sighting.

Alleged UFO explosion over Sacramento was a weather balloon

Sacramento - A purported UFO explosion over Sacramento has been explained. What was widely speculated as an alien spacecraft, military weapons test or an asteroid on collision course with Earth shot down by the Air Force, has been confirmed to be a weather balloon.

Mystery orb crashes as geophysical actions continue

Astronomical and geophysical activities increase as “Mayan doomsday” prediction nears. Asteroid came nearer to Earth than the Moon, while mystery orb crashes. Geophysical actions proliferate throughout Chile, Iceland, and New Zealand.

Video: UFO sightings over Brooklyn and San Francisco

San Francisco - Skeptics are now wondering whether the Mayans were right after all, following sightings of UFOs over two US cities. Last week, residents of both San Francisco and Brooklyn witnessed glowing objects in the sky. A sighting was also reported in England.

100 UFO sightings along China-India border raise official concern

New Delhi - Reports say that government officials in India are investigating UFO sightings along the China-India border. The Indian military authorities are puzzled by a total of 100 UFO sightings that occurred along the China-India border between Aug. 1 and Oct. 15.
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UFO Image

Horse-shaped UFO flying over Colima volcano in Mexico
Horse-shaped UFO flying over Colima volcano in Mexico
Daily Mail (video screengrab)
Pink flying saucer in Google Street View image
Pink flying saucer in Google Street View image
UFO crashes into Popocatepetl volcano  Mexico
UFO crashes into Popocatepetl volcano, Mexico
Cambridge  Ontario couple photographs UFO.
Cambridge, Ontario couple photographs UFO.
UFO over Edgemoore s Barn
UFO over Edgemoore's Barn
An alleged UFO captured by cameras on the International Space Station.
An alleged UFO captured by cameras on the International Space Station.
Scott Waring
UFO Case Book
Spiral of light and smoke seen over Middle Eastern countries on June 7  2012
Spiral of light and smoke seen over Middle Eastern countries on June 7, 2012
Video screen capture
UFO over Santee s Edgemoore Barn
UFO over Santee's Edgemoore Barn
Digital artist Markusram created this compelling image of a hovering unidentified flying object (UFO...
Digital artist Markusram created this compelling image of a hovering unidentified flying object (UFO) brightening up a cloudy sky.
Bushman with Area 51 UFO pictures
Bushman with Area 51 UFO pictures
YouTube/Mark Q Patterson
Iridescent Pileus cloud
Iridescent Pileus cloud
The National Archives UK
Close-up of UFO monitoring Project Gemini spaceflight
Close-up of UFO monitoring Project Gemini spaceflight
UFOSightingsDaily/Scott Waring
NASA cut live video after UFO appears
NASA cut live video after UFO appears
An unidentified flying object?
An unidentified flying object?
File photo
A screenshot from a video which appears to show a UFO flying through the air during a live news broa...
A screenshot from a video which appears to show a UFO flying through the air during a live news broadcast in Argentina
Screenshot from video
Capture from a video of the UFO sighting above the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem
Capture from a video of the UFO sighting above the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem