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Op-Ed: Poll — Should the UAF be banned?

In light of the conviction of UAF speaker Michael Adebolajo this week, we want to know your thoughts on the extremist group.

Two men found guilty of murdering British soldier Lee Rigby

UAF speaker Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebolawe have been found guilty of the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby, but British Prime Minister David Cameron still supports the killer's group.

Op-Ed: The UAF list of shame

Compiled in this report is a list of publicly named members of the British establishment that are on record as supporters of a violent, far-left extremist organisation that had Woolwich killer Michael Adebolajo as a speaker at one of its rallies.

Cameron’s UAF try to attack peaceful EDL Tower Hamlets march

London - About 500 supporters of the English Defence League marched on Saturday against Muslim extremism activity in Tower Hamlets that the British government is failing to deal with.

Op-Ed: Britishophobic ‘Hope Not Hate’ gets a dose of its own medicine

The ironically named, racist anti-British hate group ‘Hope not hate’ is in a spot of bother claiming that the government is trying to gag it – however the purpose of its very existence has been trying to gag its political opponents!

Cameron’s UAF try to prevent EDL from paying respects to Rigby

The English Defence League marched to Cenotaphs and other places across Britain in memory of Drummer Lee Rugby, who was murdered in Woolwich, but Cameron’s far-left UAF tried to stop them from paying their respects.

Unite Against Fascism clash with BNP protest

London - The UAF went up against a British National Party demonstration against hate preachers in central London on Saturday, 1 June.

UAF will counter Lee Rigby memorial rallies on Saturday

As links to Woolwich ‘suspect’ Michael Adebolajo are being discovered, the far-left, extremist UAF organisation will this Saturday, 1 June, protest against rallies that are being held across the country in memory of murdered Woolwich soldier Lee Rigby

English Defence League (EDL) to return to Walthamstow

Walthamstow - Speaking after an EDL regional organiser meeting on Saturday, Tommy Robinson, leader of the EDL, announced that they would return to Walthamstow.

EDL Walthamstow: Police allow violence from Cameron backed UAF

Walthamstow - New video evidence shows the sheer scale of violence and intimidation used by the far-left organised counter demonstration. The Metropolitan Police can be seen losing control of the situation and then giving in to the perpetrators.

Peaceful EDL Walthamstow demo attacked by far-left extremists

Walthamstow - The English Defence League (EDL) had intended to peacefully protest by holding a march in Walthamstow, Waltham Forest, but their route was blocked and they were attacked.

English Defence League (EDL) Rochdale protest

Rochdale - On Saturday, 9 June 2012, the EDL held a protest in Rochdale, where nine Muslim men had recently been found guilty of involvement in a child grooming gang.

Op-Ed: NUJ issues urgent notice to members for Rochdale EDL demo

Rochdale - The hypocritical National Union of Journalists (NUJ) has issued an urgent notice on its website demanding “that journalists be allowed to do their job without being harassed or threatened” during the EDL Rochdale demonstration.

Hyde, Manchester — Daniel Stringer-Prince demonstrations planned

Manchester - Demonstrations have been organised for Saturday 25 February 2012, in Hyde, Greater Manchester to protest against the cowardly, gang attack on Daniel Stringer-Prince.

The English Defence League (EDL) peacefully protest in Leicester

Leicester - On Saturday 4 February 2012, the EDL peacefully protested in Leicester in their first national demonstration of the year.

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Some of the assorted objects used as missiles by the violent UAF/SWP organised counter demonstration...
Some of the assorted objects used as missiles by the violent UAF/SWP organised counter demonstration. British Prime Minister David Cameron is a signatory to the UAF founding statement.
YouTube screen grab - Slacker1967
Cameron s UAF attack police lines.
Cameron's UAF attack police lines.
YouTube - Survive the Jive
File photo: Demonstration by Unite Against Fascism in  Leeds
File photo: Demonstration by Unite Against Fascism in Leeds
Michael Adebolajo  the  suspect  in the murder of Woolwich soldier Lee Rigby   speaking at a UAF dem...
Michael Adebolajo, the 'suspect' in the murder of Woolwich soldier Lee Rigby, speaking at a UAF demonstration in Harrow. The purple banner of the far-left, anti-English UAF (which is supported by British Prime Minister David Cameron) can be seen in the very left of the photo.

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