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type 2 diabetes News

Taking fish oil pills does not help with type 2 diabetes

A new medical study finds no benefits from taking omega-3 fish oil supplements where someone has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This follows concerns that taking omega-3might actually be harmful for those with this form of diabetes.

New Type 2 diabetes medication shows much promise

The global pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk has announced that its new drug semaglutide had reduced blood glucose levels and lowered body weight to a statistically significant degree more than those treated with the competing drug dulaglutide.

Changing diabetes management with monthly injectable medication

Biotechnologists have developed a process that can provide a patient with weeks of glucose control, aiding the symptoms of diabetes, thanks to a single injection. The method is far superior to existing therapies.

New diabetes life-style guide advises walking

Pharmaceutical company AstraZenexa has issued a new guide book for those with type 2 diabetes. The focus is on encouraging people with the condition to lead more active lives.

Study: Pre-diabetes on rise and 1 in 3 will develop diabetes

A combined research effort from the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam and Harvard School of Public Health in Boston has made helpful findings in the field of diabetes. It discovered half of adults at age 45 have developed prediabetes.

Canadian research: New hope in search for Type 2 diabetes cure

University of Alberta researchers say they have made a discovery which could be a "game changer" in the fight against Type 2 diabetes. Their research was published this week and is getting plenty of press.

Smoking is associated with type 2 diabetes

London - A new study suggests an association with smoking tobacco and type 2 diabetes in that the earlier in life someone ceases smoking, the lower the chance of developing type 2 diabetes becomes.

Bacteria linked to type 2 diabetes

A new research study suggests that bacteria may have a role in whether a person develops type 2 diabetes. At this stage, the finding is based on an animal model.

Diabetic drugs may increase your risk of heart failure

Ontario - A new study on the use of diabetic drugs to lower blood sugar levels has shown that patients are at a greater risk of developing heart failure.

Lack of sleep connected to obesity

London - Insufficient sleep during the week and catching up on rest at the weekends has been associated with obesity and Type 2 diabetes, according to a new study.

Study: Weight-loss surgery lowers diabetes rate in obese by 80%

New research from London has found that bariatric surgery — weight-loss surgery — significantly lessens the likelihood of developing Type 2 diabetes in the obese.

Study finds losing weight can avoid kidney disease in diabetics

Some 35 percent of people with diabetes will, to varying degrees of severity, go on to develop kidney disease, many requiring dialysis. New research suggests that for diabetics who lose weight the chances of developing kidney disease is lowered.

Anti-diabetic drug slows ageing and lengthens lifespan

Brussels - A study provides evidence that metformin, the world’s most widely used anti-diabetic drug, slows ageing and increases lifespan.

Genetic link to type 2 diabetes traced

Seven new genetic regions associated with type 2 diabetes have been identified. This has come from the largest study to date of the genetic basis of the diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes? Short walk reduces heart attack and stroke risk

An international study suggests that walking for 20 minutes a day can dramatically reduce heart attack or stroke risk in those with precursor to Type 2 diabetes. The study looked at data from 9,300 people in 40 countries from the 'Navigator' trial.

Vitamin D improves mood, reduces pain in diabetic women

According to a study conducted by researchers at Loyola University Chicago, Vitamin D intake can decrease neuropathic and sensory pain in case of women with depression and type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes causing proteins examined

All mammals make this same protein called amylin, and it only differs a little bit from species to species. This difference can be enough for an animal to develop type 2 diabetes.

Mediterranean diet can reduce heart attacks

Spanish scientists have shown that the Mediterranean diet may counteract the increased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke in people with type 2 diabetes.

Good sleep provides cardiovascular benefits

A new study suggests that a long, restful sleep is good for the heart and for the cardiovascular system. This is in conjunction with other lifestyle factors.

New study shows how exercise helps diabetes patients

Scientists have undertaken a study which shows the specific ways in which sufferers of type 2 diabetes can benefit from regular exercise to help their condition.

More sleep can help to avoid diabetes

Los Angeles - A new study has revealed that getting additional sleep could help to reduce a person's risk of contracting type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes drug may cause cancer

A doctor in the U.S. has raised concerns about a class of medicines used to treat type 2 diabetes by raising a warning that they could cause pancreatic cancer.

Omega-3 'may help to protect against type 2 diabetes'

Scientists in the U.S. have run a study that indicates that omega-3 fatty acid capsules could help to deliver lower risks of type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease.

Trigger linking obesity to diabetes discovered

Scientists have speculated for a while that the inflammation of fat tissue is part of a series of events that leads to the development of type 2 diabetes in some obese people. Until now, however, they have not identified the trigger for this.

New study suggests diet sodas may increase risk of diabetes

Two French researchers have completed an extensive study examining the risk of developing type 2 diabetes comparing the results of drinking diet sodas against soft drinks sweetened with sugar.

Overweight men can boost testosterone levels by losing weight

A new study shows that overweight men with impaired glucose tolerance can help raise their testosterone levels by choosing a healthy lifestyle and losing weight.

Surgery-therapy combo more effective for obese diabetic patients

A study published in today’s New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) shows that bariatric surgery together with medical therapy cut a patient’s blood glucose levels more than medical therapy alone in obese patients who also have type 2 diabetes.

Paula Deen withheld diabetes diagnosis to help others

Paula Deen, known for teaching us how to cook meals that are delicious, albeit fattening, announced she suffers from Type 2 diabetes. She has now become a “spokesperson” for diabetes, saying she withheld her diagnosis from the public for a reason.

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Patients with type one diabetes require regular injections of insulin
Patients with type one diabetes require regular injections of insulin
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List of SGLT2 inhibitors
List of SGLT2 inhibitors
Image of Paula Deen taken as part of a public relations campaign for the nonprofit group Civitan
Image of Paula Deen taken as part of a public relations campaign for the nonprofit group Civitan
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