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Op-Ed: Greece may have been planning a Grexit from the beginning

Athens - An article by Simon Nixon in the Wall Street Journal suggests senior Greek officials such as prime minister Tsipras and economy minister Yanis Varoufakis had from the beginning decided creditors would never extend reasonable terms to Greece.

Op-Ed: Paul Krugman applauds the Greek referendum on Troika offer

Athens - Paul Krugman, the American liberal economist, has been consistently critical of the austerity program demanded by the Troika as a condition of releasing the final funds of the Greek bailout that expires on June 30.

Still no deal with Greece to release more bailout funds

Athens - On Tuesday negotiations between Greece and international lenders ended with no deal reached on reforms that would allow the release of more bailout funds.

Greece sends draft reform list to its creditors Friday

Brussels - Greece submitted the long-awaited list of 18 reforms to its creditors on Friday. Officials from the Troika of the European Central Bank, the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund will study the reforms over the weekend.

Op-Ed: Greek's creditors press government for acceptable reforms

Athens - Deposits in Greek banks fell by more than $8.2 billion in February to $154.2 billion. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' government is under extreme pressure to reach an agreement with creditors so that more bailout funds will be released.

Op-Ed: IMF officials claim Greek government very unhelpful

Athens - Officials from the IMF, the European Central Bank, and the European Commission, complained in a conference-call Tuesday that Greek officials are not adhering to the conditions of the bailout extension deal or cooperating with creditors.

Op-Ed: Greek government losing even its symbolic victory

Brussels - Mario Draghim, president of the European Central Bank(ECB), told Greek officials in Brussels that the Greek government must allow technical representatives representing the European Commission, the ECB and the IMF to start work in Athens on Wednesday.

Op-Ed: Syriza gains support for dumping Troika arrangement

Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, is gaining support in high official circles for his refusal to negotiate Greek debt provisions through the Troika arrangement with the European Commission, European Central Bank, and International Monetary Fund.

Op-Ed: Greek finance minister demands new game

Athens - The meeting between Yanis Varoufakis, the new Greek finance minister, with the finance chief of the eurogroup, Jeroen Dijseelbloem, ended in a very tense press conference.

Op-Ed: Greece's Syriza government cannot get its act together

Athen - While before the election Syriza had softened some of its more radical leftist rhetoric, some of its recent announcements have sent mixed signals. Twice Syriza changed policies that no doubt irritated Greek's bailout authorities.

Op-Ed: Syriza and the Troika of EU lenders on a collision course

Athens - The new leftist government of Greece, led by Alex Tsipras, demands that part of the Greek debt be written off and austerity policies changed. There is little sign that EU lenders are willing to make significant alterations to the bailout conditions.

Op-Ed: As Syriza approaches power it turns to the right

Athens - In order to gain enough votes to win elections leftist parties often jettison their more radical positions in order to attract voters more to the middle of the political spectrum. This is clearly a strategy that Syriza is pursuing.

Greece prepares to approve bill needed for fresh loans

Athens - The Greek parliament was expected to approve late on Sunday a bill required by the country's international lenders despite eleventh hour attempts to delay voting by the opposition.

Greece wants lenders to agree bailout review without bank deal

Greece has asked its international lenders to approve its latest bailout review despite an unresolved dispute over how much new capital its banks need, a senior finance ministry official said on Wed...

Greece resumes protracted bailout talks with lenders

Greece resumes bailout talks with its international lenders on Monday, hoping to end six months of wrangling over the release of new rescue loans it needs to avoid default.

'Troika' takes flak from EU lawmakers over crisis conditions

Brussels - EU lawmakers put the Troika under the microscope this week, wanting to know how and why the trio of international creditors imposed eurozone debt bailouts at such high cost to the ordinary public.

EU lawmakers take 'Troika' to task

Strasbourg - EU lawmakers took the 'Troika' to task Tuesday, seeking answers about how the controversial trio of international creditors ran painful eurozone debt bailouts which encouraged austerity instead of growth.

Op-Ed: Greek Finance Ministry denies plans to cut minimum wage

Despite the Greek government dancing to the tune of international creditors and slashing wages and pensions across Greece, there are now reports that the troika is demanding further cuts to the minimum wage.

Greece wins tax reduction from the Troika

Athens - Greece has finally won a concession from the international creditors that dictate fiscal policy. From the beginning of August the VAT applied to the catering trade will be reduced from 23 to 13 per cent, giving a welcome boost to small businesses.

Austerity in Greece having impact on human rights, says UN expert

Athens - That’s the opinion of a United Nations expert who warned yesterday that some of the austerity measures imposed on the Greek economy undermine Greek citizens’ access to jobs, health, water and energy.

Cyprus Parliament votes in favour of bailout deal

Nicosia - The Cyprus Parliament has narrowly voted in favour of accepting the terms of the international bailout deal. Critics claim Troika imposed austerity diktats will plunge the economy into deep recession and stagnate growth.

Greek Parliament approves bill to sack civil servants

Athens - Protesters gathered outside the Greek Parliament on Sunday as a vote was passed to cut 15,000 civil service jobs by the end of 2014. The law was brought into effect to meet demands by Greece's troika of international lenders.

Noam Chomsky: Germany imposing economic slavery on Greece

American philosopher Noam Chomsky has accused Germany of imposing economic slavery on Greece, with the ultimate goal of snatching Greece's resources.

Cyprus/Troika agree to 20% tax on deposits of over 100,000 euros

Nicosia - Following negotiations between Cyprus and the Troika, a 20% tax is to be taken from deposits of 100,000 euros and more held in the Bank of Cyprus, and 4% on deposits over 100,000 euros held at other banks. (Video update.)

Merkel tells Cyprus to only negotiate with Troika

As banks across Cyprus remain closed for business and ATMs fail to produce euro notes, reports indicate that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is clearly at the helm, forbidding Cyprus to negotiate with other interested parties beyond the Troika.

Troika sued for crimes against humanity by Independent Greeks

Greece's troika of international lenders has been sued for crimes against humanity by the country's fourth political party, the Independent Greeks.

Troika fails to reach agreement on Greek debt

The Troika of Greece's international creditors' failed to reach an agreement on the sustainability of Greek debt, during a 12-hour meeting that ended early Wednesday morning.

Protests mark Angela Merkel's visit to Lisbon, Portugal (video)

Lisbon - During Angela Merkel's visit to Lisbon, protesters gathered peacefully to denounce Germany's decision to back a recent series of austerity measures in the bailed-out Eurozone state.

Troika proposes more restructuring of Greek debt

Athens - Greece's Troika of international creditors, the IMF, ECB, and EC, have controversially called for a new restructuring of Greek debt. The Troika also calls for an additional 150 new Greek reforms, while recommending a two-year extension to current reforms.

Sunday deadline for Greece to agree austerity measures

Athens - Greece's coalition government faces a Sunday deadline over the package of austerity measures it must agree to receive the next bailout tranche of €31.5 billion.
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Scenes of protest in Lisbon - European general strike on November 14.
Scenes of protest in Lisbon - European general strike on November 14.
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A street scene in Athens

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