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Op-Ed: How Big Brother caught THEM up to no good in 2013

People all over the world are getting hacked off with total surveillance, but there is an up side. Here are a few examples from around the world this year.

Review: ‘The Terrifying Future Of The United States’

Thirty years ago this short video would have sounded like paranoid ravings. In the post 9/11 world, it sounds terrifyingly plausible.

Op-Ed: Should we learn to live with Total Surveillance?

One of the biggest worries of civil liberties groups over many decades has been the development of a total surveillance state. But there are benefits too, and total surveillance works both ways.

Op-Ed: Big Brother is watching you — in the john

CCTV has been responsible for bringing many serious criminals, including murderers, to book. But even many of its more enthusiastic supporters believe surveillance should end at the toilet door.

Op-Ed: Has Obama lost the black vote?

One day in 1863, American blacks woke up to hear that a white Republican President had given them their freedom. Now, their descendants have woken up to hear a black Democratic President has taken theirs away. And everybody else's.

Op-Ed: An academic's insight into 'Big Brother Obama'

A distinguished academic discusses the erosion of civil liberties and human rights in the United States, and gives some chilling insights into how far down the road of tyranny we have gone.

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