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Review: TIFF 2017 — Top 10 films we saw this year Special

We’ve taken some to reflect on the dozens of films seen at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival and composed a list of our favourites.

Review: TIFF 2017: ‘The Captain’ is the unsettling story of an imposter Special

‘The Captain’ is the sharp portrayal of a young German soldier who turns his desertion into a personal blessing by assuming the role of a pitiless SS officer.

Review: TIFF 2017: ‘Motorrad’ trails aren’t safe but no one knows why Special

‘Motorrad’ turns a leisurely bike ride through the trails into a potentially supernatural nightmare as a gang of anonymous bikers terrorize a group of young motorcyclists.

Review: TIFF 2017: ‘Veronica’ is a typical possession movie with a twist Special

‘Veronica’ begins with a naïve attempt to contact a deceased loved one and ends with a potentially confirmed report of possession.

Review: TIFF 2017: ‘Beast’ is in all of us Special

‘Beast’ is a modern-day fairy tale about an oppressed young woman who must determine if her lover is the hero or villain of her story.

Review: TIFF 2017: ‘The Lodgers’ cannot escape their unwelcome guests Special

‘The Lodgers’ is a chilling, gothic tale of co-dependent twins imprisoned by a family curse with its own song and curfew.

Review: TIFF 15 — 'Ninth Floor' exposes a blind spot in Canada’s history Special

‘Ninth Floor’ reveals the superficiality of Canada’s allegedly endless tolerance by recounting the Sir George Williams University riot of 1969.

Review: TIFF 2015: ‘Desierto’ skillfully employs the desert’s vastness Special

Directed by the co-writer of ‘Gravity,’ ‘Desierto’ creates an agoraphobic experience in which one man takes it upon himself to protect his country’s borders with lethal force.

Kim Novak praises Canadians, defends Hitchcock at Toronto fest Special

Toronto - The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is known as a launching pad for future Oscar-winning films, but on its final day yesterday, the festival hosted a special free screening of a past masterpiece: Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo”.

Review: TIFF 2015 — ‘Equals’ portrays a future of first and only loves Special

‘Equals’ is a satisfying science fiction romance that utilizes its lead actors’ natural talents to portray a future in which emotions are forbidden.

Review: TIFF 2015 — ‘Dégradé’ portrays Gaza from a female point of view Special

‘Dégradé’ is an intense drama that unfolds within the confines of a Gaza hair salon while a police standoff outside threatens their already precarious safety.

TIFF 2015: Director and actor go with the flow in ‘River’ Special

Writer/director Jamie M. Dagg and actor Rossif Sutherland discuss the challenges of shooting in Laos while attending the TIFF world premiere of Dagg’s feature film debut, ‘River.’

Review: TIFF 2015: ‘The Mind’s Eye’ is a throwback made with love Special

Writer/director Joe Begos talks about the many inspirations of his sci-fi splatter movie, ‘The Mind’s Eye,’ which premiered in the Midnight Madness programme at TIFF.

Review: TIFF 2015: ‘Colonia’ is a battle of wills with no clear winners Special

A very determined Emma Watson infiltrates a strict Chilean cult to rescue her boyfriend in ‘Colonia,’ which premiered at TIFF.

Review: TIFF 2015: Tastemakers Lounge blends fashion and cocktails Special

The Tastemakers Lounge is a coveted gifting suite at TIFF, featuring a full range of lifestyle sponsors including health, beauty, pampering and beverages.

Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival coming in Toronto

Toronto - The first and largest mental health film festival in the world, Rendezvous with Madness (RWM), returns to the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto from November 10th to 15th, 2014 for its 22nd edition.

Review: Exhibition immerses visitors in the world of Stanley Kubrick Special

The Stanley Kubrick exhibition in Toronto provides an invaluable glimpse into the creative process of one of cinema’s most enigmatic filmmakers.

Review: Laughing. Crying. Bleeding. — Maybe. Special

Are you a vampire? Or an outsider, at least? Do you like laughing? What about love? Watch the work of filmmaker Taika Waititi.

Kevin Smith's Tusk is a creepy tour of a warped mind Special

Without a doubt, Tusk is one of the most ridiculous movies I've ever seen, but this horror film has such a stellar cast, the acting elevates Kevin Smith's latest into a memorable piece of cinema that stays with you for a long time.

'Flight of the Conchords' star gets vampy in latest movie Special

Toronto - 'What We Do In the Shadows' was a big hit at this year's Toronto International Film Festival. Its co-creator, 'Flight of the Conchords' star Jemaine Clement, says naturalism played a vital part in making the movie.

TIFF: Romantic-horror Spring thrills in all the right places Special

Few films have the courage to attempt to blend romance with horror. But Spring, debuting at the Toronto International Film Festival, mixes both genres splendidly in a tale that is both chilling and tender.

TIFF: Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars disappoints on many levels

Toronto - Canadian director David Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars, debuting at Toronto International Film Festival, dissects the ego behind Hollywood royalty, but overacting, and an uneven narrative, mar what could have been a great film.

Toronto film festival announces first round of movies

The majority of galas and special presentations for the 39th annual Toronto International Film Festival have been announced and include films from David Cronenberg, Chris Evans, Antoine Fuqua, Shawn Levy, Jason Reitman, Jon Stewart and Jean-Marc Vallée.

Review: Miyazaki's The Wind Rises wins with more mature political message Special

If you're a long-time Hayao Miyazaki fan, you know his films are often heavy on the fantasy, tinged with real-life history lessons. But in his final film The Wind Rises, the Japanese filmmaker creates his most mature and least kid-friendly work to date.

Review: ‘Beyond the Edge’ takes audiences to incredible heights Special

Director Leanne Pooley's 'Beyond the Edge' chronicles Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s conquest of Mt. Everest in 1953.

Review: ‘Oculus’ is cutting-edge horror drama Special

In ‘Oculus,’ a woman tries to convince her brother to help her destroy the supernatural being that killed their parents years earlier.

Review: ‘Starred Up’ gives prison films an upgrade Special

‘Starred Up’ is about a troubled, violent teenager who is transferred to adult prison where he meets his father for the first time in more than a decade.

Review: ‘Canopy’ is a silent triumph Special

In ‘Canopy,’ an Australian fighter pilot is shot down over Singapore during WWII and unites with a Chinese soldier to survive.

Review: ‘Miss Violence’ is a challenging portrayal of abuse Special

In ‘Miss Violence,’ a young girl jumps to her death on her 11th birthday. But the family’s irregular reaction to her “accident” draws suspicion from observers.

TopFinds: Putin's Syria letter, latest reviews from TIFF

Russia's Vladimir Putin pens a powerful letter on the American approach to Syria. Why the decline of honeybees should worry the world. Inside the movie madness known as the Toronto International Film Festival. Welcome to this week's TopFinds.
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Brothers  Toby (L) and Jeremy Irvine (R)
Brothers, Toby (L) and Jeremy Irvine (R)
A scene from  Motorrad
A scene from 'Motorrad'
Filmmaker Johnathan Sobol
Filmmaker Johnathan Sobol
Ben Affleck during a press conference in Toronto for the film Argo
Ben Affleck during a press conference in Toronto for the film Argo
Paulo Costanzo
Paulo Costanzo
Director Norman Jewison being interviewed by media at the Christy Luncheon in Toronto
Director Norman Jewison being interviewed by media at the Christy Luncheon in Toronto
Janusz Überall
Ryan Gosling stars in Clooney s The Ides of March
Ryan Gosling stars in Clooney's The Ides of March
Courtest TIFF
Kate Winslet in Alan Rickman s  A Little Chaos   the closing night gala at TIFF.
Kate Winslet in Alan Rickman's 'A Little Chaos,' the closing night gala at TIFF.
a quick sight of George Clooney at TIFF
a quick sight of George Clooney at TIFF
Karen Gillan and Brenton Thwaites in a scene from  Oculus
Karen Gillan and Brenton Thwaites in a scene from 'Oculus'
Frances McDormand stars in  Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing  Missouri
Frances McDormand stars in 'Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri'
Bryan Cranston during a press conference in Toronto for the film Argo
Bryan Cranston during a press conference in Toronto for the film Argo
Roy Thomson Hall:  Waiting for George Clooney.
Roy Thomson Hall: Waiting for George Clooney.
Sandra Bullock in the new film Gravity
Sandra Bullock in the new film Gravity
Courtesy TIFF
The Red Carpet experience at TIFF is more than just the stars. It s the reporters  the photographers...
The Red Carpet experience at TIFF is more than just the stars. It's the reporters, the photographers, the fans, the security and the bright lights all rolled up into one star dazzling packet.
Harvey Keitel
Harvey Keitel
Andrian Grenier in Toronto for TIFF
Andrian Grenier in Toronto for TIFF
Matthias Schoenaerts in the film Rust and Bone
Matthias Schoenaerts in the film Rust and Bone
Courtesy TIFF