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Op-Ed: Some NDP members critical of Mulcair as federal leader

Ottawa - In the 2015 election it looked for a while as if the New Democratic Party (NDP) could possibly defeat the ruling Conservatives and govern Canada for the first time in history.

Canadian election: Trudeau to form new majority government

The Liberal Party of Canada is set to form the country's new government under the helm of Justin Trudeau. The Liberals swept Atlantic Canada and made huge gains in the Greater Toronto Area while the Conservatives maintain a healthy base in the prairies.

2015 Canadian election: What the main parties promise

Today (Oct. 19) is election day in Canada. For those unclear on what each party wants to do if elected, here's a primer in four key areas.

Op-Ed: Canadian politics and the idiot problem

The word “idiot” comes from the Greek language, was first coined by Athenians (as idiotis), and was meant to describe a private individual who took no interest in politics.

Op-Ed: Mulcair the logical choice for Conservative supporters

Ottawa - Except for dedicated loyalists who will hear no evil, see no evil, nor speak no evil of Stephen Harper most supporters of the Conservative Party must realize that the Harper brand is irredeemably damaged.

Mulcair: NDP government would decriminalize marijuana in a flash

Vancouver - The leader of the federal NDP Party in Canada, Thomas Mulcair, did not mince words on Thursday in Vancouver when it came to the subject of marijuana. He made it clear what his party would do should they win the October 19 election.

Op-Ed: NDP cracks down on critics of Israel

Ottawa - The NDP is cracking down on candidates who go beyond the mildest criticism of Israel. Prospective candidates have also been rejected because of their support of the Palestinian cause and criticism of Israel.

Op-Ed: Canadian NDP learns to live with Oil Sands development

Ottawa - When left-leaning parties appear close to obtaining power, it seems inevitable that they should move to the centre of the political spectrum or even adopt right-wing policies. This is happening in Canada with the federal New Democratic Party.

Op-Ed: How Canadian NDP leader Thomas Mulcair would look clean-shaven

Facial hair can change the way we look at politicians, as I've noticed in the many polarizing reactions to NDP leader Thomas Mulcair's beard. Is Canada ready for a bearded Prime Minister?

Latest poll shows NDP surge ahead of Conservatives

Ottawa - The latest opinion poll by Forum Research taken on Sunday after Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced an election to be held October 19, show the NDP surging ahead of the Conservatives.

NDP surging in Canadian federal polls and leading election race

Ottawa - Just four months from an expected federal election in October, the left-leaning New Democratic Party (NDP) is widening its lead over the Conservatives and Liberals, according to a new Forum poll.

Op-Ed: Canada's foreign policy is making us less safe

Ottawa - This week, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that he was going to put forward legislation to extend the nation's role in Iraq and potentially expand its mission into Syria. This will only make us less safe and less free.

Op-Ed: Canadian polls and Justin Trudeau on Iraq

Ottawa - Both Liberal leader Justin Trudeau who is leading in recent federal polls and Thomas Mulcair of the New Democratic Party(NDP) voted against the bombing mission of Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Iraq.

Thomas Mulcair in Edmonton on the campaign trail Special

Edmonton - Thomas Mulcair, leader of the federal New Democrat party, was in Edmonton this past week on the campaign trail and spoke at a fundraiser Wednesday evening.

Op-Ed: Both Liberals and NDP join Harper as cheerleaders for Israel

Ottawa - Stephen Harper the Canadian Prime Minister is often singled out as the Great Cheerleader for Israel on the world stage a role much appreciated by Israel. However leaders of both main Canadian opposition parties adopt a similar role.

Another Canadian MP has a driving incident on Parliament Hill

Under a week after NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair was spoken to by an RCMP officer for failing to stop at a check point, a Conservative MP has been ticketed for talking on her phone and failing to stop. Eve Adams was fined $155.

Op-Ed: The Constitution Act of 1982, Quebec and Thomas Mulcair

Ottawa - Canada's Constitution Act, along with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was enacted with the signature of Queen Elizabeth II 31 years ago, It is the law of the land and is one of the great achievements of Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

Op-Ed: The changing face of Canadian politics

Ottawa - Justin Trudeau won the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) with 80 percent of the vote, while Tom Mulcair was confirmed by New Democrats (NDP) by 92 percent of delegates at the party's national convention. A shift is due in Canadian politics.

Op-Ed: NDP and leader Mulcair move party toward the center

Montreal - The NDP accepted a revised preamble to their constitution that still contains the word "socialism" but only in a historical context. There is no talk of replacing "capitalism" no critique of the "profit" motive only plenty of progressive rhetoric.

Op-Ed: 92.3% of NDP delegates support Mulcair's leadership

Montreal - Thomas Mulcair, the leader of the federal New Democratic Party in Canada, gave a speech meant to attract middle class voters after delegates voted 92.3% against holding a leadership convention which would have challenged his leadership.

Op-Ed: Trudeau denounces attack politics, but attacks Harper and Mulcair

Toronto - The Liberal Party of Canada held their showcase event in Toronto. Short on grand vision, candidates laid out their platforms with buzz words. While Trudeau denounced attack politics, he had no problem taking aim at Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair.

Op-Ed: Why Thomas Mulcair is wrong on the Keystone XL pipeline

Ottawa - New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Thomas Mulcair has been vocal on the Keystone XL pipeline. Visiting US lawmakers last week, he made negative comments, which could affect the decision. He dismissed criticism, but fell short of a definitive stand.

Op-Ed: Nancy Pelosi questions value of Keystone XL pipeline to US

Washington - During a luncheon with House Republicans President Obama indicated that a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline would be made soon. On Thursday House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that she questions the value of the pipeline to the US.

Op-Ed: Did Thomas Mulcair betray Canada during his visit to Washington?

Washington - Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall accused Thomas Mulcair, Leader of the Official opposition of betraying Canada's national interest during his recent visit to the US. Wall was referring to Mulcair's Keystone pipeline comments and his view on the oilsands.

Canada: Thomas Mulcair meets with Obama administration officials

Ottawa - New Democratic Party (NDP) and leader of the official opposition Thomas Mulcair will be in Washington this week to meet with officials of the Obama administration and members of Congress. With views closer aligned to Democrats, what can he accomplish?

Tory MP apologizes for saying NDP leader hastened Layton's death

Ottawa - Canadian Conservative MP Rob Anders apologized after suggesting current NDP leader Thomas Mulcair hastened former leader Jack Layton's death last year. The statement drew immediate reaction from Prime Minister Harper's office, Mulcair, and Layton's widow.

New NDP ad attacks Canadian Prime Minister and his 'solutions'

Ottawa - Is Canada in the middle of an election season? No, but that hasn't stopped the federal parties from dishing out attack ads against their opponents. The latest one comes from Thomas Mulcair's New Democratic Party questioning the prime minister's solution.

Canada: Tories launch new attack against Mulcair, New Democrats

Ottawa - The Canadian Conservative Party has launched new attacks against Thomas Mulcair and his Official Opposition party, the New Democrats. The website takes a harsh look at the records of the NDP shadow cabinet.

Canadian Politics: New Democrats now tied with Conservatives

Ottawa - The New Democratic Party is riding the Mulcair wave, and a recent new poll suggests Stephen Harper should be very afraid of losing his job.

Op-Ed: Canadian NDP — The best candidate to give the worst speech

Toronto - At this historic juncture, Thomas Mulcair was the best choice to lead the New Democratic Party of Canada, but that night, the worst choice for an acceptance speech.
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thomas mulcair Image

Thomas Mulcair  leader of the Canadian NDP party.
Thomas Mulcair, leader of the Canadian NDP party.
New Democratic Party Leader Thomas Mulcair
New Democratic Party Leader Thomas Mulcair
Matt Jiggins
On the left  an image of Canadian NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair. On the right  a Photoshopped image by D...
On the left, an image of Canadian NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair. On the right, a Photoshopped image by Digital Journal depicting Mulcair as clean-shaven.
Digital Journal
Clockwise  starting at top-left: Justin Trudeau  Stephen Harper  Elizabeth May  Thomas Mulcair
Clockwise, starting at top-left: Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper, Elizabeth May, Thomas Mulcair
A Photoshopped image of Canadian politician Thomas Mulcair  showing the NDP leader without his facia...
A Photoshopped image of Canadian politician Thomas Mulcair, showing the NDP leader without his facial hair.
Digital Journal
Canadian NDP convention floor
Canadian NDP convention floor
Canadian NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair in Edmonton.
Canadian NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair in Edmonton.

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