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BC and Alberta polls support mandatory vaccinations for children

A newly released poll from a company called Insights West has found a large majority of British Columbians support mandatory vaccinations for children. The numbers were similar for a poll the company conducted in Alberta.

Op-Ed: Useless and ugly — The new face of rampant scientific fraud

Sydney - The scientist who creates false science is a fraud. The epidemic of scientific con artists is even more prevalent now. At a time of vast numbers of important discoveries, fraud is now an industry.

Op-Ed: Crowdfunding for medical research hits a new high

Sydney - A new report from The Lancet indicates that crowdfunding for medical research is getting bigger. This is an interesting development in an industry which is seen as a pet for Big Pharma and other dubious institutions.

Big Problem: Report finds 2.1 billion people overweight or obese

The prestigious medical journal The Lancet has released a study that comes to alarming conclusions about the number of overweight and obese persons on Earth. The numbers are growing and so is the percentage of those who are too big.

U.S. maternal deaths highest of all developed countries Special

Seattle - Maternal deaths in the United States are rising and researchers estimate that 18.5 women died out of every 100,000 births, a total of 800 in 2013. The death rate is more than double that of Saudi Arabia and Canada, and triple that of the United Kingdom.

Op-Ed: Violence against healthcare workers ‘endemic’ — New study

Sydney - The Lancet has published a truly appalling report on the subject of violence against healthcare workers. This is now a global plague, and the prognosis is anything but good.

Op-Ed: Veteran violence — Lancet study in UK raises some questions

Sydney - The mix of PTSD, violence and combat service has attained urban legend status, but as usual with urban legends, facts have been sparse. A new study published in The Lancet at last provides some working numbers and opens the gate for more study.

Quitting smoking by 40 may add a decade to a woman's life: Study

It's not surprising that quitting smoking is good for your health but it may be surprising to find stopping by 40 could add 10 years to a woman's life. That's what a study published Monday, Oct. 29 in the medical journal The Lancet has found.

Op-Ed: Being a couch potato kills 5 million people per year

Sydney - Being a couch vegetable is no great achievement- Unless you’re trying to kill yourself with inactivity. If you’re practising to be a corpse, 5 million people around the world will provide all the encouragement you need, every year.

Op-Ed: $3 billion easy out for Glaxo Smith Kline drug fraud stench

Sydney - When you see a headline in the venerable Lancet saying “Moral decay at GSK reaps $3 billion fine”, you can’t help thinking that’s a hell of a lot of moral decay. GSK, an icon of Big Pharma, has achieved the biggest settlement in US history.

Australians, New Zealanders the world's biggest dope heads

Research by The Lancet revealed that 200 million people worldwide are using illicit drugs. Australians and New Zealanders top the list of cannabis, speed and crystal meth users.

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