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Microsoft to let Windows 10 users view their telemetry data

Microsoft's announced the next version of Windows 10 will include an app that lets you view the diagnostic data collected from your device. After facing criticism of its telemetry for years, Microsoft said it now wants to "increase trust" in its products.

HP insists it didn't install spyware on personal PCs

HP has responded to allegations it has silently installed spyware on its consumer PCs. The company is accused of sneaking a telemetry client onto computers in a software update. It's said to make the system sluggish by continually occupying the processor.

Windows 10 data collection found to violate privacy laws

A report from the Netherlands has found Windows 10 breaches data protection laws by collecting personal information without letting users explicitly choose settings. Microsoft has said it is assessing the case, claiming privacy compliance is "a priority."

Microsoft explains new privacy settings in Windows 10 update

Microsoft has revealed the details of how Windows telemetry works and what it collects. The announcement improves the transparency of Windows 10's often shady privacy arrangements, addressing some major concerns since the platform's launch.

Microsoft now sharing Windows 10 telemetry data with third party

Microsoft has begun to share telemetry data collected from computers running Windows 10 with a third-party company, according to reports today. Security firm FireEye will have access to data from "every" Windows 10 device as part of a new partnership.

Op-Ed: Microsoft slammed for Windows 10’s ‘malicious’ privacy invasions

Sydney - Everybody said it when they found out about Windows 10’s “phone home” abilities: they don’t like it, it’s intrusive, and it gets a lot of information. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, those worries are now proven.

Not just 10: Microsoft caught spying on Windows 7 and 8 users too

Microsoft has been caught installing updates onto Windows 7 and 8 computers that effectively introduce the same diagnostic telemetry technology used in Windows 10. It indiscriminately uploads data to Microsoft's servers, a major privacy concern for many.

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