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Lawsuit slapped on Taiji town government on behalf of dolphins

Taiji - Angel, a young female albino dolphin being held at the Taiji Whale Museum in Japan, has sparked the first ever lawsuit for dolphins against the government of Taiji.

Op-Ed: Loving dolphins to death Special

Dolphins suffer in captivity. These highly intelligent and self-aware creatures cannot be humanely kept in captivity. Therefore, a change in thinking in dealing with them is urgently required.

Op-Ed: Groups chide IMATA over statement on the Taiji dolphin drives Special

Chicago - The International Marine Animal Trainers Association (IMATA) annual conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, could have been the perfect opportunity for the organization to condemn the Taiji dolphin drives. Instead say critics, IMATA appeared to endorse them.

Annual quota set as dolphin drive season poised to begin in Taiji

Taiji - In just a few hours, the Japanese dolphin drive season will officially begin in Taiji. The annual quota allocated by the Fisheries Union has also been established. It's set at more than 2,000 dolphins.

City of Light to spotlight the plight of Japanese Dolphins Special

Buffalo - Buffalo, NY, will be highlighting the plight of Japanese dolphins on Sept. 1. The protest, timed to coincide with The Cove star Ric O'Barry and his trip to Taiji, will be hosted by two activists at Bidwell Park.

Eco-race car driver Leilani Münter to join AZ dolphin activists

Tempe - She might be small but this former photo double and stunt driver for Catherine Zeta-Jones is a feisty activist. Leilani Münter, an ARCA Racing Series driver will be joining event hosts in Tempe, Arizona, for Japan Dolphins Day.

Sydney Australia is going to the mall for Taiji dolphins Special

Sydney - Four hosts will be going to Sydney's busiest mall on August 31 to spread awareness for the upcoming Taiji dolphin drives. Set to commence on Sept. 1, the dolphin hunt season runs for six months.

Ric O'Barry to return to the Cove backed by more than 100 events

Taiji - With little more than a week to the start of the Taiji dolphin drive season, dolphin advocate Ric O'Barry will return to the Cove backed by more than 100 individual events around the globe.

Op-Ed: Dolphins driven into Cove heading to highest numbers in four yrs

Taiji - The number of dolphins driven into the Cove in Taiji, Japan topped 1,209 animals yesterday. Taiji town is on track to surpass figures from the previous three seasons.

Number of dolphins driven into Taiji Cove tops 1000

Taiji - For the first time this season, the number of dolphins driven into the Cove topped 1,000 animals. Meanwhile, a coastal whale was incidentally trapped in nets and butchered.

Bloodshed continues as more dolphin pods are killed in the Cove

Taiji - There have been several days of bloodshed in Taiji's infamous Cove as Risso's, striped and Pacific white-sided dolphins were driven in and slaughtered. Warning: Graphic images.

Op-Ed: Japanese activists make a stand for Taiji

Today Tokyo environmentalists and animal rights groups came together in solidarity to protest the Japanese whale and dolphin hunts.

Op-Ed: Taiji Cove image captured by Sea Shepherd needs few words

Taiji - On Tuesday evening a pod of pilot whales were captured and slaughtered in the Cove. Last night, a pod of Risso's dolphins met the same fate. Amid the chaos, this powerful image was captured by a Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian.

Op-Ed: Taiji fishermen clamp down as more Risso's dolphins are killed

Taiji - Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Cove Guardians are reporting that Taiji fishermen in Japan employed further techniques last night in an attempt to cover up the slaughter of yet another pod of Risso's dolphins. Warning: Graphic images.

Op-Ed: The aftermath of a cetacean drive reveals true stress of capture

Taiji - A recent drive in Taiji, Japan, drove a pod of 18 Risso's dolphins into the cove. Two were kept for captivity, 14 were killed, and two young -- one still showing birth folds, were dumped back at sea. Without maternal support, the act was a death sentence.

There is always 'Hope and Faith' at the Cove says activist Special

Taiji - Dolphin advocate Sasha Abdolmajid has just returned from a visit to Taiji, Japan. Abdolmajid visited the tiny town made famous in The Cove documentary, to observe the dolphin drives and break down some barriers.

Op-Ed: Tensions heat up in Taiji

Taiji - The story of the annual slaughter of dolphins and whales in the town of Taiji, Japan, brought to the world stage by the documentary The Cove, continues to circulate among animal rights activists and environmentalists as tensions reach a climax.

Activists scramble to save over 100 pilot whales in Taiji—Updated

Taiji - According to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS), between 100-120 pilot whales were driven into Taiji Cove, Japan yesterday, and held overnight. Dolphin advocates are attempting to secure their release ahead of a mass slaughter expected later today.

Op-Ed: Risso's dolphins killed in The Cove as Sea Shepherd streams live

Taiji - After a record 20 straight days of no dolphin killing in Taiji, Japan, a pod of Risso's dolphin were driven into the Cove last night. The majority of the pod was slaughtered as Sea Shepherd Conservation Society streamed the entire hunt live.

Sea Shepherd removes arrested German national from Taiji Campaign

Taiji - On October 8, Taiji police arrested 26-year-old German national Nils Greskewitz for causing damage to a statue in the small fishing village. Sea Shepherd under a 2003 agreement with Japan, have removed him from their campaign.

Op-Ed: Third pod of pilot whales driven into Taiji Cove

Taiji - Another pod of 20-25 pilot whales were driven into Taiji's Cove last night. Sources who witnessed the drive, said whales caught between typhoon-churned swells and fishermen's boats threw themselves onto rocks in an attempt to escape.

Op-Ed: One Direction star applauded by dolphin activists

One Direction star Harry Styles is being given kudos by dolphin activists today for a tweet that he sent over the weekend. In it, Styles urged people to watch the Academy Award-winning documentary, The Cove.

Op-Ed: Dolphin activist campaign urges media to cover Taiji Cove Special

Taiji - After a brutal start to the dolphin hunt season, activists fight back by campaigning their way into CNN coverage of the mass killing of pilot whales and dolphins at Taiji Cove, in Japan.

Captive pilot whale dies in Taiji as 80-100 more driven into Cove

Taiji - An ailing pilot whale captured with her calf in a drive hunt in Taiji several days ago has died. Meanwhile, for the past two days, a large mixed pod of 80-100 pilot whales and bottlenose dolphin await their fate in the Cove.

Brutal few days for dolphins driven into Taiji Cove

Taiji - Within 12 days of the dolphin hunt season opening in Taiji, Japan, activists report that it has been an horrific few days for pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins driven into the Cove.

Japanese Coast Guard assists Taiji dolphin hunters

Taiji - Activists say that a pod of bottlenose dolphins fought for six hours to escape being captured before Taiji fishermen, with the help of the Japanese Coast Guard, wrestled the exhausted dolphins into submission.

Pilot whales, first species killed in Taiji Cove

Taiji - Two days after driving a pod of 24-26 pilot whales into Taiji Cove, Japan, 21-23 whales have been slaughtered. Three of the marine mammals were taken into captivity.

Fishermen drive first marine mammals of season into Taiji Cove

Taiji - A week into the dolphin drive season in Taiji, Japan, fishermen have driven their first marine mammals into the cove, a pod of around 20-22 pilot whales with juveniles.

Op-Ed: Join Ric O'Barry and his team live, as they report from the Cove

Taiji - After last year's successful live broadcasts from Taiji, Japan, Ric O'Barry and his team from Save Japan Dolphins and Dolphin Project will report live from 'The Cove' beginning Sep. 1.

The Cove star returns to Taiji to oppose dolphin killing

Berkeley - September 1 marks the official start of the dolphin drive season in Taiji, Japan. Every year, Ric O’Barry and his Dolphin Project team visit the cove to raise awareness over the forthcoming hunt and remember the thousands of dolphins already killed.
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Fishermen attempt to hide the pilot whale carcasses with tarps when transporting them.
Fishermen attempt to hide the pilot whale carcasses with tarps when transporting them.
CNN/AnimalMojo YouTube still shot
Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians
Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians
The cove in Taiji  Japan after a dolphin slaughter.
The cove in Taiji, Japan after a dolphin slaughter.
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Fellow Dutch sympathizer and action star  Rutger Hauer asks for  common sense  in the trial of Sea S...
Fellow Dutch sympathizer and action star, Rutger Hauer asks for "common sense" in the trial of Sea Shepherd acitvist, Erwin Vermeulen.
Odessa International Film Festival (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Ric O Barry displays dolphin meat for sale in Japan.
Ric O'Barry displays dolphin meat for sale in Japan.
Helene O’Barry
Around 80-100 pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins were captured in Taiji cove. Two thirds of them  ...
Around 80-100 pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins were captured in Taiji cove. Two thirds of them, were slaughtered.
Courtesy Sea Shepherd Conservation Society/Cove Guardians
Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians

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