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Op-Ed: Did People Power stop the bombing of Syria?

London - The London-based Stop-the-War Coalition is claiming "we" stopped the bombing of Syria. We may have, but there is still a long way to go.

Op-Ed: Syria, Britain, Obama and Stop-The-War

Barack Obama has come in for severe criticism for his announcement that he intends to intervene in Syria, but what else should he have done?

Op-Ed: Stop-The-War and Syria

London - The Stop-The-War-Coalition has called an emergency protest at Downing Street for tomorrow night starting at 5pm. It remains to be seen if it will have the desired effect.

Op-Ed: The Queen and the Arms Trade

The Stop-The-War Coalition has made an extraordinary attack on the Queen branding her a war profiteer. As usual, things aren't that simple.

Op-Ed: Talk and action on the war on terror

Should a place like Guantanamo still exist? If that sounds like a dumb question, some people are still willing to debate it. Others are taking action.

Op-Ed: Darts pundit resigns over ‘Paki’ joke — Drone murders continue

Which is worse, telling a joke about Pakistanis or murdering them indiscriminately? In politically correct Britain, there is only one answer to that question.

Op-Ed: Stop The War to protest against killer drones

Lincoln - Most people are not happy about their government being complicit in the murder of innocent men, women and children. Some are prepared to do more than tut tut about it, and have decided to take action.

Op-Ed: Stop the War in action this week

London - The Stop the War Coalition has just sent out another press release, and there are two actions in Central London this week. You may not be able to get there, but you can check out their website and videos.

Op-Ed: Israel and its partners-in-crime

Ever wondered why America and Britain support Israel's murderous assault on Gaza? It's because in many ways, our leaders are no better than theirs.

Op-Ed: Tony Blair to get warm welcome from 'Stop The War' — not

London - Tony Blair is back in the capital to give a speech. If you want to buy a ticket, it will set you back £714. Alternatively you can stand outside and jeer for free.

Op-Ed: The latest news from Stop-the-War

London - The Stop-the-War Coalition is running at full throttle. Hopefully, it will have a better record this century than did its predecessors in the last one, but so far things aren't looking good.

Op-Ed: Stop the wars and name the dead

London - The Stop the War Coalition is organising two events in London for Sunday and Tuesday of next week with the focus on both Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Op-Ed: Will Israel bomb Iran?

When your best friend and your worst enemy agree you're doing something wrong, they could well be right. Best not ignore them, especially when the stakes are so high.

Londoners to form human shield to keep missiles from their homes

London - Residents in the Olympic stadium area are threatening to form human barricades to prevent missiles being installed on their rooftops for the games.

Stop The War Coalition in overdrive

London - The Stop The War Coalition has sent out no less than 4 mailings in the past few days, and big names are rallying to the cause.

Op-Ed: Massive protests and meetings against World War III

The Stop The War Coalition has announced protests and meetings against the ongoing madness on both sides of the Atlantic, including action in Parliament.

Op-Ed: Bombing Iran — A British anti-war view

The movement against perpetual wars for perpetual peace has become a broader church of late; retired architect James Thring is one of the loudest voices in this ad hoc coalition.

Op-Ed: Petition launched to restore diplomatic ties with Iran

After the sacking of the British Embassy in Tehran, the British Government expelled all Iranian diplomats, and a petition was launched to stop the war so many vested interests want to see. Today, another petition was launched.

Op-Ed: Sign the petition against war with Iran

The expulsion of Iranian diplomats earlier this week is leading to a heightening of tensions between Iran and Britain, but not everyone is prepared to stand by and allow yet another war in the Gulf.

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