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Review: Beyond the Sun release liberating summer single 'Stop' Special

On May 11, Canadian band Beyond the Sun released their latest radio single, "Stop," which is known for its liberating nature.

Genetic breakthrough may halt and even reverse the aging process

Scientists researching a premature aging illness may have discovered the genetic process, which makes us grow old. They hope it could lead to treatments which will cure diseases, stop the aging process, and even reverse it.

Toronto driverless 'ghost bus' filmed rolling into van on camera

A Toronto bus operator is investigating a "ghost bus" incident after one of its vehicles was videoed slowly rolling away from Bathurst Station with no driver, eventually hitting a parked delivery van.

Stephen Hawking says stop aggression, we need caring to survive

Stephen Hawking has warned that aggression could destroy the human race. He said that we must strive to replace it by empathy, if we are going to avoid self-annihilation.

Police officer delivers pizza after arresting delivery driver

The Illinois Oswego Police Department has recounted details of an event earlier this week where an officer who had arrested a pizza delivery driver proceeded to complete the delivery to the customer.

Man cages his head in order to quit smoking

A Turkish man has been trying to quit smoking for years, but time after time he has failed. Now he has created a helmet-like contraption that may be able to help him finally quit smoking.

Two McDonalds in the U.S. to stop serving halal food

Dearborn - The only two McDonald's in America doing so, have stopped serving food prepared according to Islamic law after settling a lawsuit that alleged the items were not consistently halal.

Star Trek fans wished Scotty would beam them up from cop problem

Collinsville - Two friends were returning home to Ohio after attending a "Star Trek" convention in St Louis. When passing through a small town in Illinois, a police officer pulled them over. They were stuck there for the next hour.

Woman says she was ordered to stop breastfeeding or get off bus

Manchester - A UK woman says she was embarrassed and shocked when a bus driver told her that she had to either stop breastfeeding or get off the bus.

Woman stabs husband 193 times, claims self defense Special

Houston - The trial played out like a theatrical drama in the case against a woman who was found guilty of stabbing her husband to death. How many stab wounds did it take to kill him? He was stabbed 193 times says the Texas medical examiners office.

Nigeria to stop all screenings of District 9

Nigerian authorities have asked all cinemas in the country to stop showing the film District 9 saying that the movie shows Nigerians as gangsters and cannibals.

California puts a stop to evacuations

A third of the wildfire that has affected California is now said to be under control Californian Fire officials said today. The fire led to 30,000 people having to leave the area and 80 homes were affected

Ebony And Ivory Learn Together In Perfect Harmony, Just At Different Schools

It has been announced today that schools in the UK whose pupils are predominately white will be 'twinned' with ethnic schools to improve better racial relations

U.S. moves to stop sale of some nausea drugs

U.S. health officials said companies should stop selling medicines that contain trimethobenzamide to relieve nausea and vomiting because they have not been proven effective

Child Abuse..When will we realize Enough IS Enough.

We hear the horror stories of the internet world and luring children, missing children, child abuse and the list goes on and on But when is Enough enough.

What you didn't know about Pedestrian-Crossing lights

Snickers Ad "Don't Stop" featuring the traffic lights

Judge refuses to stop convicted sex offender from coloring at murder trial

Dispite objections the drawing could influence the jury pool. The convicted sex offender charged with kidnapping, raping and killing 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford can keep coloring in children's books in court, a judge has ruled.

Police thwart large-scale terror attack in Tel Aviv

Security forces have arrested a Palestinian West Bank resident and three others in connection with terror plot.

Heck No! (I'll Never Listen To Techno), a stop motion animation useing litebright.

This is amazing, it even has a clay version of george bush

How Old Is Too Old To Drive?

After an 84-year-old driver plowed through an elementary school lunchroom this week, killing an 8-year-old boy, his mother pressed lawmakers to bar the elderly from getting behind the wheel.

Stop Smoking Commercial, Scary, Video

Stop Smoking Commercial - Dangers of Smoking.

Make yourself stop laughing!

Ever been in a situation where it was just not appropriate at ALL to bust out with the giggles?

22 Pounds Of Cocaine Seized During Routine Traffic Stop

Last night during a routine traffic stop, police seized over 22 pounds of cocaine from a motorist who had been pulled over for a malfunctioning taillight.

GameStop not getting enough PS3s to fill preorders

Retailer's launch allocations not expected to cover original batch of reservations; employees "asked" to wait until second shipment to buy systems.

Bibles Really Do Stop Bullets

Ned Flanders Almost Shot

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Getting stopped by a traffic cop
Getting stopped by a traffic cop
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Stopped by the police.
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