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Size matters: Evolution helps sea creatures, land animals get big

Stanford - A recent study suggests that sea creatures may follow a hypothesis known as "Cope's rule," and this rule states that in a lineage, animals grow larger in the passage of time.

Shopping for groceries will now be taught at Stanford University

Stanford - In an effort to help students learn the basics of living healthfully, Stanford University is conducting classes in something that many of us would consider rather mundane: Learning how to buy groceries.

Op-Ed: From old to young — Researchers rejuvenate old stem cells in mice

Sydney - Don’t be surprised if your local mice are suddenly more vigorous, alert, and looking pleased with themselves. New research at Stanford has uncovered a way of improving regeneration and strength in mice by rejuvenating stem cells.

Auroras in prospect as Sun's magnetic field nears 11 year flip

Stanford - Physicists at California’s Stanford University are preparing to monitor a rare event that comes round only once every 11 years and whose effects will reverberate through the solar system.

Spain to host the world's first Google Glass-monitored surgery

Madrid - In a world first, a chondrocyte transplant operation will be carried out on Friday in Madrid, using Google Glass to allow remote experts in the USA to consult live on the procedure and viewers to watch in real time on the Internet.

Op-Ed: How to polarize a society, mathematically

Sydney - Researchers at Stanford have found the working machinery of polarization. A new study has shown that the level of polarization in a society is directly affected by the ability of people to network in groups sharing their views.

Op-Ed: Coming to a sea near you — Giant robot jellyfish

Sydney - U.S. Naval Undersea Warfare Center and the Office of Naval Research have developed low powered versatile robots for multiple tasks in the ocean. These things weigh 170lb and can do everything you would want a giant jellyfish to do.

Op-Ed: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics — 'No on 37' misleading public

Oakland - The "No on 37" campaign, opposing the proposition to label GMOs in California, has once again hit trouble for misleading the public. This time from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Study: Organic food not healthier than conventional products

Stanford - For years, common knowledge has been that organic food is a much healthier alternative than non-organic food. What a new study suggests may baffle many: organic food is "not any healthier" than regular food you may consume.

Op-Ed: Global banking fraud heats up

The banking scam on the world continues with Europe, and North America next on the list to soon be buried with never-ending interest debt. The New World Order banking plan to shackle most of the world's people with war and debt is almost done.

British Intelligence Agency recruits hackers with top secret game Special

The British Intelligence Agency is recruiting talent in the hacker community via a code-cracking online game released on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Andrew Luck — Stanford University's golden quarterback

Stanford University’s Andrew Luck is considered the best quarterback since the popularization of the forward pass, setting seven career records so far in the eight 2011 games. In 2010, he had set six single season records.

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Henry Miller  spokesperson for No on 37  misrepresenting Stanford University for the third time.
Henry Miller, spokesperson for No on 37, misrepresenting Stanford University for the third time.
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