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Op-Ed: Unexpected payoff — PayPal reverses policy on erotica content

Sydney - When it was revealed that PayPal had informed e-book publisher Smashwords that it might withdraw services to Smashwords on the basis of erotic content, there was a howl around the world. The problem's been solved much more productively than expected.

Op-Ed: PayPal warns publishers about bestiality, rape and incest content

Sydney - In what is being called a censorship move, PayPal has informed e-book publisher Smashwords that if it doesn’t remove content containing references to rape, bestiality and incest, it will withdraw its services.

Op-Ed: E-book formatting — Just fix it, you damn wannabe electricians!

Sydney - Who the hell do e-book format dictators think they are? Listen, scumbags, whatever you say about your bloody platforms, you’re using binary. 010101- A dead, castrated chimp would know that, so why don’t you? It’s a basic read function, morons.

Op-Ed: Trying out Smashwords- E-book publisher for everybody Special

Sydney - Smashwords is a wide-distribution publisher. Their approach is somewhat like existing publishers like Lulu, but they’ve got a much bigger range. I was put on to Smashwords by a friend in the States, and I have to say that so far they’re a cut above.

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