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smart city News

Canadians looking forward to benefits of automotive technologies

INFINITI LAB has released a report which details that Canadians are looking forward to the enhanced safety and cost saving benefits associated with smart city and automotive technologies.

Q&A: Where is the smart home heading? Special

The smart home will soon be more than voice assistants, embracing several interaction methods relating to ambient computing (such as voice, touch, and motion control) directly into the walls of the home.

Vancouver in the running for the smart cities challenge

Vancouver - Two of Canada’s three largest cities are among the finalists for Infrastructure Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge - Vancouver, Montreal and Waterloo. Up for grabs is a first prize of $50 million.

Q&A: Water conservation comes to the smart home Special

Alert Labs produces smart-home technology devices which optimize water use, reduce the costs associated with water damage, and advance conservation efforts in homes and businesses.

Q&A: What does the future hold for smart homes in smart cities? Special

There is plenty that is banded about in relation to smart homes, but is this concept limited to an array of voice activated gadgets or does the smart home of the future promise something more? A leading expert in smart technology explains more.

Canadian startups lay the blueprint for the smart city

Toronto - To fully develop the smart city, investment and innovation in new technology is key. Here many startups are supplying the lead and coming up with new and imaginative solutions to create the smart city fabric.

A smart city will improve your quality of life

Toronto - Over half of millennials polled believe that a smart city would improve their quality of life. This matches an interest in everything from smart cars to connected spaces.

Privacy concerns for living in the smart city Special

Michael Fauscette, from G2 Crowd, has raised concerns about the privacy issues of ambient intelligence in the growing smart cities. What does privacy mean in a city where our location, our actions, even our intentions are being tracked and recorded?

Google's 'Waterfront Toronto' project fields privacy concerns

Toronto - Ever since a Google-affiliated company announced last year that it would be building a "smart city" on the Toronto waterfront, rumors have been swirling over what kind of tech developers were wanting to push.

Nokia’s grand plan for the digital city

The company Nokia, once associated with mobile communications, is to launch a series of initiatives to create the digital city of the future. This is through various connected products and solutions.

Building the transportation mobility cloud

Las Vegas - A new open platform has been proposed through a partnership between Ford and Silicon Valley-based Autonomic. The new technology will enable cities to build out infrastructure communications and connected traffic systems.

Internet of Things predictions for 2018, ready for business

The market data company Forrester Research has put together a list of Internet of Things (IoT) predictions for 2018. The new findings show the increasing impact that connected technology is having upon businesses.

How to revitalize a city? Attract millennials

Columbus - The concept of the city as a contained social structure is well-established and cities go through different periods of prosperity. Key to a successful city today, according to one analyst group, is a matter of demographics.

Making ‘smart homes’ in and around Seattle

Seattle - The company Kirio is continuing to promote the idea of the ‘smart home’ and making the technology better for the home owner. The company has recently unveiled ‘the smartest new home available on the market today.’

Bill Gates buys $80m of land to build 'smart city' in Arizona

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has bought 25,000 acres of land in Arizona to create a new smart city called Belmont. Located a short distance from Phoenix, the site has cost Gates' investment firm Cascade Investment LLC $80m to acquire.

Using the IoT in flood management can save lives

In the past month, we have seen multiple examples of the damage flooding can do to a community, regardless of its size. These events have fueled the drive to develop better technologies to predict and alert officials to flooding dangers.

New Orleans unveils new 'Resilient New Orleans' plan

New Orleans - On Tuesday, just shy of being 10 years to the day after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and unleashed a chain of events resulting in 1,800 deaths and $135 billion worth of damage, the city released a first-of-its-kind resilience plan.

Op-Ed: Houston has a golden opportunity to come back as a 'smart city'

Houston - Before Hurricane Harvey hit the southeast coast of Texas, the U.S. had already been through nine weather and climate disaster events that saw losses exceeding $1 billion each, according to NOAA. The big question — Will Houston be smart when it rebuilds?

Then and now: Plastics remain important for smart homes

Disneyland’s Monsanto House of the Future was built almost fifty years ago. When it was demolished, with the wrecking ball bouncing off its plastic structure, plastics were key to the future state of homes. The materials remain so half a decade on.

Smart city startup program eyes resilience and public safety

As our cities continue to grow in size and complexity, there is also a growing demand for technology and innovations that keep infrastructure, services, and residents safe. And safety is critical in attracting business, investments and skilled labor.

Intelligent transportation systems keep smart cities on the road

Different sectors of a city have varying needs requiring different solutions and not all of them overlap. Let's look at what two Colorado-based companies are doing for the transportation sector.

Using algorithms to predict gentrification and fight displacement

You will know it when you see it - Gentrification hits when a neighborhood’s property values and demographics start changing, and the fears of displacement set in. In the past, it was hard to stop the process once it began, but today we have tech tools.

Telematics is shaping the ‘smart city’

One development in the field of ‘smart cities’ is the increased use of telematics. Telematics devices and software are often found in vehicles to help improve traffic, reduce public transit times, and even keep streets clean.

Smart city market is fastest growing segment of government

The drivers behind smart city tech are fueling a technology market that is expected to hit $775 billion in 2021, as more and more cities around the world look to information and communications technology in creating sustainability.

What in the world will London's Chief Digital Officer be doing?

Digital transformation is taking place across the world, impacting our lives in ways we can't even begin to count. This movement is also helping us to create "smart cities." The City of London has decided a Chief Digital Officer can help this transition.

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan s vision of a  smart city  is beginning to come to fruitition.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan's vision of a "smart city" is beginning to come to fruitition.
Mayor of London
Skyline s dynamic LED signs are ideal for freeway  tollway  event management  incident management  a...
Skyline's dynamic LED signs are ideal for freeway, tollway, event management, incident management, and travel time applications. CC License: Attrition, no deriv.
Skyline Products
Pigtown Historic District  Baltimore  MD  December 2011
Pigtown Historic District, Baltimore, MD, December 2011
A depiction of a smart city  created on November 22  2015.
A depiction of a smart city, created on November 22, 2015.
Gentrification in the US: The North Loop neighborhood  Minneapolis  Minn.  is the  Warehouse Distric...
Gentrification in the US: The North Loop neighborhood, Minneapolis, Minn., is the "Warehouse District" of condominia for artists and entrepreneurs. This image is in the Public Domain.
Kritek s Klover Smart Transportation Platform will aid in upgrading smart city transportation system...
Kritek's Klover Smart Transportation Platform will aid in upgrading smart city transportation systems. CC License: Attrition, no deriv.
Chicago  seen from the North.
 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
Chicago, seen from the North. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
East London Tech City is a technology district located in East London and is the third largest tech ...
East London Tech City is a technology district located in East London and is the third largest tech center in the world. It began as a cluster of web businesses initially developed around the Old Street Roundabout (pictured) in 2009.
Stephen McKay
Infrastructure Canada team member answers questions about the Challenge.
Infrastructure Canada team member answers questions about the Challenge.
Infrastructure Canada
An automated Docklands Light Railway train at Heron Quays  in the Canary Wharf financial district.
An automated Docklands Light Railway train at Heron Quays, in the Canary Wharf financial district.