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New study reveals impact of being a night owl on the human brain

Birmingham - New research looks at people who prefer to go to bed early compared with those who prefer to stay up later, and the impact of these different practices upon the brain. The study shows ‘night owls’ have a lower resting brain.

Beware getting too stressed in the evening

Stress is associated with a number of ill-health effects. However, time that stress occurs during a 24-hour cycle appears to exert different effects and this has implications for longer-term health, with stress occurring at night being more dangerous.

Shift work sleep deprivation affects the function of the heart

A new study, looking at the effects of insufficient sleep (as might occur with jet lag or shift work), indicates that the heart can be adversely affected.

Higher chance of strokes with shift work

Shift work is associated with a number of adverse physiological effects on the body. A new report, based on an animal model, suggest shift workers have a higher chance of developing blood clots and strokes.

Why eating at odd times affects memory recall

Shift work and other aspects of a busy lifestyle lead to people eating at times when the body is not geared to be expecting food. New research shows "midnight eating" can dull the memory.

Shift work associated with more driving accidents

Birmingham - There are several ill-health effects associated with shift work. The latest in the growing body of medical science about the dangers of prolonged night work concerns driving safety.

Effect of stress on circadian rhythms

Stress causes a range of physiological problems and these can become worse over the long term. New research suggests stress can disrupt the internal body clock as well, with accompanying health consequences.

Researchers find shift work triggers obesity and ill-health

London - New research has found that there are higher rates of obesity and ill-health in shift workers when compared with the general population.

Does light or temperature affect the body clock?

Studies undertaken on fruit flies have shown how their body clocks are affected by changes in temperature. Fruit flies are often used to mimic studies in humans. The findings have implications for conditions like jet-lag.

Hospital study: Shift work boosts a woman’s risk of heart disease

Researchers recently discovered female shift workers and women who work 12 hours are likely to develop metabolic syndrome – a risk factor for heart disease.

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The connection between shift work and stroke has been alarming the Twitter community.
The connection between shift work and stroke has been alarming the Twitter community.

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