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Op-Ed: Defense spending in U.S. over $1 trillion not $495.6 billion

Washington - Most in the Pentagon and on the House and Senate Armed Services Committees in the U.S. Congress claim the Pentagon's budget of $495.6 billion is an austerity budget and not sufficient to maintain current pay and benefits and other necessary expenditures.

US Congress to end furloughs causing flight delays

Washington - As travelers complain of flight delays, the US Senate approved legislation Thursday (April 25) that would end air traffic controller furloughs. The furloughs were instituted to save funds as a result of the recent sequestration cuts.

IRS employee furloughs set to take effect next month

Washington - Starting next month, the Internal Revenue Service will be shutting its offices for one day per month until September. This is in response to the sequestration measures set by the Obama Administration and Congress.

Op-Ed: Grant to study sea anemones' venom survives sequester

Washington - Some in government would have us believe the White House cannot find 2.5 percent in budget cuts in order to follow its own sequester guidelines.

John F. Kerry gives Egypt $250 million

Cairo - Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi made quick work of incoming U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry on Sunday, prodding the Democrat to give Egypt $250 million in immediate “economic assistance.”

Op-Ed: US governors worry about sequestration cuts

Washington - At a meeting of the National Governors Association in Washington this weekend, there is much discussion of the consequences of projected sequestration cuts should Congress not reach a deal before March 1.

Sequester cuts deal must be reached in US by March 1

Washington - As part of the fiscal cliff deal, automatic across the board cuts to spending, were put off until March 1. However, this leaves less than a month to work out a deal on a larger package or a smaller deal that would again postpone the cuts.

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Asexual reproduction of sea anemone. Sea anemone splits off sections of it basal discs  which then d...
Asexual reproduction of sea anemone. Sea anemone splits off sections of it basal discs, which then develop into new animals.
Brocken Inaglory in Northern California

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