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separation of church and state News

Christians, ACLU fight over Christianity in public high school

Bossier City - Religious fundamentalists and constitution-minded secularists are locked in an intense debate over Christian indoctrination at a public high school in Louisiana.

No, Tennessee, the Bible can't be the 'State Book'

Nashville - A number of Tennessee's lawmakers think it would be really nice if the Holy Bible was the "official" state book, When the measure that would make it so was previewed by the state attorney general, he said "no."

Op-Ed: School board allows Bible distribution but not Satanic literature

Orange County public schools rethink their policy of allowing religious organizations to distribute materials to students after The Satanic Temple requests to distribute 'The Satanic Children's Big Book of Activities.'

Op-Ed: Christian Zealots — ISIS in America Special

Colorado Springs - Mikey Weinstein, an Air Force Academy graduate, is worried that radical Christians pose the same kind of threat ISIS does in the Middle East

Defying court, Mississippi public school forces Christian prayer

Flowood - A Mississippi public school district openly defied a federal court order by forcing public school students attending a non-mandatory assembly to participate in a Christian prayer.

Atheists force W. Virginia school to cover gym wall Bible verse

Parkersburg - Officials at a West Virginia high school have painted over a Bible verse on a gym wall after a national atheist group informed them such endorsements of religion violated the Constitution.

South Carolina Democrats push for mandatory school prayer

Columbia - Democrat lawmakers in South Carolina are leading a push to legislate mandatory prayer sessions in the state's public schools.

Texas mayor declares 2014 'Year of the Bible'

Flower Mound - The mayor of a wealthy suburban Dallas town has raised eyebrows and ire by declaring 2014 to be the 'Year of the Bible.'

'Baby Messiah': Parents win court battle over child's name

Newport - A Tennessee judge on Wednesday overturned a lower court's ruling that changed a baby's first name from "Messiah" to Martin because "'Messiah' is a title that is held only by Jesus Christ."

Alabama gov't agency opens meeting with anti-gay marriage prayer

Montgomery - A state government agency in Alabama opened a meeting last week with a Christian prayer against abortion and gay marriage.

Federal judge halts prayers at North Carolina county meetings

Greensboro - A federal judge has issued a preliminary injunction ordering a North Carolina county government to cease conducting Christian prayers at the beginning of its meetings.

Op-Ed: DOMA ruling has far-reaching effects

Washington - The Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act on Wednesday as unconstitutional, but doing so affects much more than just gay marriage.

High school allegedly forced students to attend Jesus lecture

Flowood - A public high school in Mississippi allegedly forced students to attend assemblies at which they were shown a Christian video and subjected to preaching about Jesus Christ.

Kentucky county removing Ten Commandments from schools

Jackson - A Kentucky county is removing the biblical Ten Commandments from its public schools after a complaint from the nation's leading freethought group.

Poll: 1 in 3 Americans want Christianity as official US religion

A newly-released poll has revealed that more than a third of Americans favor declaring Christianity the official state religion of the United States.

ACLU, FFRF suing to remove Jesus portrait from Ohio middle school

Jackson - The nation's foremost civil liberties and freethought groups have joined forces in a federal lawsuit that seeks to force an Ohio public school to remove a portrait of Jesus Christ from its entranceway.

Irish Premier's apology for Magdalen Laundries a 'cop-out'

Dublin - On Feb. 5, the Irish government released a long awaited report on Ireland’s Magdalen Laundries. The Magdalen Laundries operated from 1765, and took in ‘fallen women’ but their existence was often ignored in Ireland and unknown to the outside world.

FFRF fails to get portrait of Jesus taken down by Ohio school

Debate over the contentious issue of separation between Church and State at a school, the Jackson Middle School in southern Ohio, was centered over a painting, a "portrait" of Jesus hung over the entrance of the school.

Indiana bill would allow mandatory school prayer

Indianapolis - A bill introduced by the chairman of the Indiana state Senate education committee would allow mandatory prayer in public schools.

Video: Mitt Romney's Mormonism meltdown on Iowa show resurfaces

Des Moines - A heated exchange between Mitt Romney and an Iowa radio host on Mormonism has surfaced online, reviving questions on how much Romney’s Mormon faith might supersede his duties to the nation if he became President.

American Atheists files suit in Bradford Co. monument case

Starke - The civil rights and First Amendment defenders officially filed a lawsuit against Bradford County, FL for their erection of a Ten Commandments monument in front of their courthouse.

Atheists protest Ten Commandments monument in Florida Special

Starke - A group of atheists descended upon the small town of Starke, Florida to protest the erection of a monument of the Ten Commandments in front of the Bradford County Courthouse.

Norway abolishes state-sponsored Church of Norway

In an unprecedented move, the Norwegian Parliament has voted to abolish the state-sponsored Church of Norway with a constitutional amendment.

Op-Ed: Santorum sickened by JFK's 1960 religion speech

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum (R) reprised a well-worn talking point as a guest on ABC's "This Week" program Sunday morning. JFK's 1960 speech on religious freedom "makes him want to throw up."

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Bible distribution table allowed at Wekiva High School in Orange County.
Bible distribution table allowed at Wekiva High School in Orange County.
Daniel Koster

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