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Touch panel device that can be embedded in clothing

Osaka - The next generation of human device interfaces could be embedded into clothing, according to researchers. Such a step could bring people and machines closer together. Such devices could also change the design of clothing, such as inbuilding cameras.

Google Allo update generates personalised stickers from selfies

Google is continuing to slowly trickle new features down to users of its AI-powered messaging app Allo. This week, the company unveiled a special capability that lets you generate selfie stickers similar to Bitmoji from your real photos.

Texas teen crashes into police car while taking topless selfie

Bryan - It is not a good idea to drive while intoxicated. It is also not a good idea to use a hand-held device to take a selfie to post on Snapchat while driving. Police allege a 19-year-old Texas teen was doing both when she crashed into a parked police car.

Man gets bitten by snake while trying to snap selfie

The craze of taking ‘selfies’ (photographs of oneself) shows no sign of abating. Neither do the bizarre accidents associated with the act of selfie taking.

Op-Ed: Latest Internet sensation? Canada's own shirtless Justin Trudeau

Sightings of Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau sans his shirt have become an Internet sensation, not only in Canada but internationally, this summer.

Paramedics accused of taking selfies with unconscious patients

It is alleged two paramedics in Okaloosa County, Florida had a contest to see which one could take the most selfies with patients who were unconscious or otherwise incapacitated.

No selfies with seals: New England officials issue public warning

If you're a beachgoer in New England then officials there want you to know that taking selfies with seals is not a good idea. It's never a good idea anywhere, they say, and to do so is to endanger the seal — and you.

Annual death toll from selfies stands at 49

In recent years the ruining of a good photograph with a semi-in-focus head shot of the person taking the picture has become popular. The activity, it seems, carries the risk of death in certain circumstances.

Zing: The perfect gift this Christmas Special

'Zing' is a brand new device developed by a team of hardworking entrepreneurs in Cambridge. Digital Journal spoke to one of them, Ludo Chapman, a great-great-grandson of Charles Darwin.

Selfies are deadlier than many of nature's top predators

A lot of people fear random animal attacks, such as shark attacks. You know what people might want to start fearing instead? Selfies. Turns out that selfies are actually deadlier than many animals. And no, this isn't a joke.

Selfies and bison don't mix at Yellowstone

The popular trend for taking "selfies," where a scenic photo is ruined or enhanced by a blurred image of the photographer, is not encouraged when snapping bison at Yellowstone National Park in the U.S.

EU law bans certain travel selfies that could put you in jail

Brussel - Tourists planning to take "selfies" in front of monuments this summer should careful because it could very well lead to them being arrested.

Posting 'underboob selfies' may be a crime in Thailand

On Monday, women in Thailand were warned about posting "selfie" photos of the lower parts of their breasts, known as "underboob selfies."

People warned to not take 'bear selfies'

South Lake Tahoe - Officials that are in charge of maintaining the Taylor Creek Visitor Center in South Lake Tahoe has warned people to stop taking selfies with bears.

Op-Ed: FBI moves on celebrity pics leaks — Cloud security farce exposed

Sydney - The FBI is investigating the leaks of “intimate” pictures of celebrities. While this may be a more valuable exercise than it looks and expose Cloud security weaknesses, the level of priority has to be questioned.

RSPCA says cat owners only want cats that look good in 'selfies'

Officials with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) have released reports stating that black cats are not being adopted since they aren't popular in "selfies."

Cheetahs are being wiped out and selfies are the reason

Across the ages, men and women have always found ways to impress each other--the latest fashion trends, the newest dance moves, or maybe a photo with a cute puppy or kitten.

Woman accused of posting selfies while wearing stolen dress

West Frankfort - Police in Illinois arrested a woman after they say she stole a dress from a local clothing and jewelry boutique and posted a picture of herself wearing the illicit apparel online.

5 Data items found on old mobiles, including naked selfies

Smartphones that have been factory-cleaned by security firms after being sold via on-line trading sites like eBay, are found to have several photos and pieces of personal information left on them, including naked selfies.

3 year epic selfie goes around the world in 360 degrees (Video)

If you are fond of taking selfies, just give it up. You'll never beat this guy. Over a period of three years. he has spent 600 days traveling through over 36 countries. Alex Chacón is the now the ultimate master of epic selfies.

Mexican teen stabs best friend over naked 'selfies'

A 16-year-old Mexican girl is dead after posting provocative photos she took with her best friend online, and that best friend is accused of the crime.

Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant shoot selfies in viral ad sequel

LA Lakers' basketball star, Kobe Bryant, and FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi return in a face-off for best shot in Turkish Airlines new video promotion: Kobe vs Messi "The Selfie Shootout."

The 'National Museum of Selfies' (photos) opens in London

By now we have all seen 'em and, truth be told, most of us have taken one. Or more. Now they're in a museum, as something called the 'National Museum of Selfies' has opened in London, England.

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This enterprising elephant snatched Christian LeBlanc s GoPro and took a great photo. Kudos to the e...
This enterprising elephant snatched Christian LeBlanc's GoPro and took a great photo. Kudos to the elephant!
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Alex Chacon took epic selfies over a period of 3 years  all over the world.
Alex Chacon took epic selfies over a period of 3 years, all over the world.
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Two women browse through photos taken on a digital camera.
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