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Macron flips back over 'middle finger' photo

Paris - President Emmanuel Macron has shrugged off a controversy over a photo of him posing with a bare-chested youth who is giving the middle finger during a trip to French territories in the Caribbean.

New skin tracker app launched for medical reminders

The company Sun Dermatology has launched an app aimed at treating severe acne, to help patients track progress in relation to different medications. The app works by the patient taking digital images of their skin.

3D selfie for face and emotion recognition

Nottingham - Technologists have developed technology that is capable of producing 3-D facial reconstruction from a single 2-D image -- the so-called '3-D selfie'. The technology will have several business applications.

Three Indian students crushed by train while taking selfies

New Delhi - Three college students were killed by an express train Tuesday while taking photos of themselves on a track in India, the country with the world's worst record for selfie deaths.

Iran papers slam MP 'selfies of humiliation' with EU diplomat

Tehran - Iran's newspapers were dominated on Monday by accusations lawmakers had embarrassed themselves by clamouring to take selfies with EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini during her visit to parliament.

Police brings drunk man home, snaps selfie with him

Launceston - Police officers gave a lift to a drunk man in Tasmania. After they tucked him into bed, the officers posed for selfie before leaving.

Watch your self-ie! India tops ranking for selfie deaths

New Delhi - Next time you're at the Taj Mahal, find yourself standing on a precarious cliff or see an approaching train, maybe just enjoy the moment rather than trying to capture the perfect selfie.

Man gets bitten by snake while trying to snap selfie

The craze of taking ‘selfies’ (photographs of oneself) shows no sign of abating. Neither do the bizarre accidents associated with the act of selfie taking.

MasterCard starts online payment using selfie

MasterCard has started rolling out in at least a dozen European countries a new online payment technology using a selfie.

Korean selfie tourist dies in Peru plunge

Lima - The body of a 28-year-old South Korean tourist who died after he fell from one of the world’s highest waterfalls while taking a selfie has been recovered.

'Selfie' statue in Sugar Land, Texas sparks criticism and anger

Sugar Land - The city of Sugar Land, Texas recently installed two statues in the town square's public plaza, part of a 10-piece collection donated by a Sugar Land resident to the City. One statue, called "Selfie," has residents up in arms.

Five tourists taking a selfie tumble off a cliff in Goa, India

Goa - A group of five tourists who were all friends decided it was time to take a group shot while they were on vacation in Goa, India. However, they apparently forgot to look behind them and tumbled off a cliff, and two in the group were seriously injured.

India train runs over teenager taking selfie

Chennai - An Indian teenager was struck and killed after he tried to take a photo of himself in front of an oncoming train, police said Monday, in the latest deadly accident involving selfies.

Mumbai police identify 'no selfie zones' after drowning

Mumbai - Mumbai police said Tuesday they have identified 16 dangerous selfie spots across the Indian city after a man drowned trying to save a girl who fell into the sea while taking a photo of herself.

Man distracted by electronic device walks off a cliff and dies

San Diego - The man who was distracted by the electronic device he was holding and fell 60 feet to his death at San Diego's Sunset Cliffs has been identified, lifeguards say. The incident happened around 4:50 p.m. on Christmas day.

Two brothers rescue bald eagle, snaps epic selfie afterwards

Sudbury - Two brothers from Canada found a bald eagle with its talon stuck in a fur trap. They took action and freed it. After that, they took a selfie with it.

Snapchat introduces paid lenses, retweets annoyed and happy users

Snapchat has launched a store that lets users pay to get more Lenses to use in the app, animated filters that can be applied to snaps. In a unique move, the company has surprised unhappy users by retweeting their annoyance alongside positive responses.

MasterCard 'Selfie Pay' will let you blink to make purchases

Credit card provider MasterCard has announced it has begun rolling out a new biometric authentication technology previously known as Selfie Pay. It will allow card holders to complete transactions by scanning their face or providing a fingerprint.

Man gets bit by rattlesnake, receives $153K hospital bill

San Diego - A man from the San Diego area found himself in a hospital bed, as well as with a huge hospital bill, after he tried to snap a selfie with a rattlesnake.

Woman tries to take selfie with bison, finds out it's a bad idea

Yellowstone National Park - A Mississippi woman who was visiting Yellowstone Park with her daughter on Tuesday found out something that several tourists have had to learn the hard way. Give large and imposing animals their space. Bison are no exception.

When a selfie is not enough: India abuzz over 'velfie' craze

Mumbai - Move over selfie, India is embracing the "velfie" with Bollywood stars, sporting heroes and even politicians taking and posting videos of themselves online using a range of new mobile apps.

MasterCard wants to replace passwords with selfies and speech

Card provider MasterCard has begun a trial of a new technology that could see its customers verifying purchases with a quick selfie as opposed to a password. The aim is to make something "cool" that is quicker and easier than a password.

France attack suspect sent 'selfie' with victim's severed head: Legal source

France - The man suspected of decapitating his boss and pinning his head to the gates of a gas factory in France sent a "selfie" with the severed head, a source close to the investigation said Saturday.

Elephant grabs B.C. man's GoPro, snaps adorable 'elphie'

Vancouver - An enterprising elephant grabbed a Vancouver tourist's GoPro camera and snapped an "elphie" with the student. It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity for Christian LeBlanc, a University of British Columbia student.

University short skirt ban sparks leg selfie protest in Algeria

Hundreds of Leg selfies are flooding social media in Algeria after a student was banned from her exam for wearing a skirt which came above her knees.

Op-Ed: Who really invented the selfie stick?

The selfie stick was the hottest item in stores leading up to Christmas last year. In fact, according to Spencer Soper, writer for Bloomberg, an estimated 100,000 selfie sticks were purchased in America in just the month before Christmas.

Apple to let users secure iPhones with a selfie

Apple may be building facial recognition into the lock screen of its next iPhones, allowing users to unlock the phone by taking a selfie with the front-facing camera and eliminating the need for a cumbersome passcode.

Posting 'underboob selfies' may be a crime in Thailand

On Monday, women in Thailand were warned about posting "selfie" photos of the lower parts of their breasts, known as "underboob selfies."

The Chainsmokers' year of livin' la vida loca Special

During 2014, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart were transformed from struggling producer/DJs into global EDM superstars. Touring the world with their mega-hits "#SELFIE" and "Kanye," Pall admits it has been a crazy year but they're digging every moment of it.

Erasmus student falls from Seville bridge while taking 'selfie'

Seville - A 23-year-old Polish student was rushed to hospital Sunday, after attempting to take a "selfie" of herself in front of Seville's emblematic Triana Bridge. She fell seven meters, landing on the concrete bank lining the river below. UPDATED.
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selfie Image

Palouse Falls State Park
Palouse Falls State Park
PJ Blalock
MasterCard lounge at Budapest Airport.
MasterCard lounge at Budapest Airport.
Ato 01
Flirting with Helle Thorning-Schmidt
Flirting with Helle Thorning-Schmidt
not sure
The supposedly offensive statue   Selfie
The supposedly offensive statue, "Selfie"
Sugar Land, Texas
An astronaut takes a  selfie  in space. Oxford Dictionaries  word of 2013 was  selfie
An astronaut takes a "selfie" in space. Oxford Dictionaries' word of 2013 was "selfie"
Courtesy NASA
Car Phone Warehouse
Curiosity takes a  selfie  to celebrate its One Mars Year Anniversary.
Curiosity landed on sol 0. S...
Curiosity takes a "selfie" to celebrate its One Mars Year Anniversary. Curiosity landed on sol 0. So the end of sol 668 marked one trip around the Sun for Curiosity's surface mission.
A photo from Oscar Aguilar s Facebook page shows him  showing off  in a fancy vehicle. This is the o...
A photo from Oscar Aguilar's Facebook page shows him "showing off" in a fancy vehicle. This is the only photo on his Facebook page since his death on July 28, 2014.
Black cats are perceived as being less photogenic  but you should decide about that.
Black cats are perceived as being less photogenic, but you should decide about that.
Chris Yarzab
Sugar Land, Texas
The only selfie found on Aguilar s Facebook page since his death on July 28  2014.
The only selfie found on Aguilar's Facebook page since his death on July 28, 2014.
A selfie photo taken by Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars Sunday night
A selfie photo taken by Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars Sunday night
Via Twitter account @TheEllenShow
The selfie taken by Germany s Lukas Podolski moments after his team wins the 2014 World Cup
The selfie taken by Germany's Lukas Podolski moments after his team wins the 2014 World Cup
Via @Podolski10
These are a few photos of mine that are my personal favorites! Hope you like them too!
These are a few photos of mine that are my personal favorites! Hope you like them too!
Just one of the most dangerous selfies ever made.
Just one of the most dangerous selfies ever made.
Benjamin Linh VU | CC BY-SA 2.0
Obama strains to snap a perfect selfie
Obama strains to snap a perfect selfie
A macaque behind the camera is probably the greatest  monkey  photographer in the world.
A macaque behind the camera is probably the greatest "monkey" photographer in the world.
J Unrau
These are a few photos of mine that are my personal favorites! Hope you like them too!
These are a few photos of mine that are my personal favorites! Hope you like them too!
Darth Vader.
Darth Vader.
YouTube screen grab

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