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Demand for separate Scottish representation in European Union

Edinburgh - The Scottish National Party (SNP), the governing party in Scotland’s devolved parliament based in Edinburgh, today called for Scotland to have its own representation in the European Union (EU) and other international bodies.

Nicola Sturgeon elected SNP leader unopposed

Nicola Sturgeon is to replace Alex Salmond as leader of the Scottish National Party, it has been confirmed, paving the way for her to become Scotland's first female First Minister.

An independence vote-rigging conspiracy theory is sweeping Scotland

An online petition demanding a revote in the Scottish independence referendum is now at almost 100,000 signatures as vote rigging conspiracies continue to gain momentum among disappointed pro-independence campaigners.

Op-Ed: Scottish National Party now UK’s third biggest political force

Edinburgh - An upsurge in membership numbers since last Thursday’s Scotland’s Independence Referendum has made the Scottish National Party (SNP) the third biggest UK political party, nudging the UK-wide Liberal Democrats into fourth place.

Scottish Referendum: 'No' voters were 'tricked' says Alex Salmond

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has said voters that rejected independence for Scotland were "tricked" by a late promise of greater powers.

Timetable for the Scottish Independence Referendum results

Edinburgh - In just under an hour's time, voting in Scotland’s Independence Referendum comes to an end when polling stations close at 10 p.m. local time (5 p.m. EDT).

Ryder Cup begins in Scotland this week

Auchterarder - One of the biggest dates in the Scottish calendar starts this week and you could drum up support for the Europeans or the Americans. Yes, it's time for the Ryder Cup golf tournament again and it's being played at the home of golf — Gleneagles in Scotlan

Op-Ed: Scotland votes over independence today

Edinburgh - Thursday, voters in Scotland finally reach their date with destiny as they vote on whether Scotland should become an independent country or maintain its 307-year-old union with England.

UK Labour Party to cancel annual conference if Scotland votes Yes

The Labour Party is understood to be preparing to cancel its annual party conference — due to be held next week — if Scotland votes “Yes” in tomorrow’s independence vote.

Tory MPs vow to block David Cameron's promises to Scotland

David Cameron's own MPs have pledged to block his promise to Scotland to continue high levels of funding for the country "if" it rejects independence.

‘Yes Scotland’: Martin Compston addresses indie music concert

Martin Compston joined over 2,000 pro-Scottish Independence supporters in Edinburgh at the weekend for an indie music contest staged by some of Scotland’s best-known musicians.

Garry Otton argues for an independent secular Scotland

The writer Garry Otton has welcomed the challenge of a new Scottish Enlightenment that, he says, the impending independence vote would afford his country.

What will happen to the UK gold reserve if Scotland votes yes?

An independent Scotland will be in a good position to lay claim to a sizable portion of Britain's 310-tonne gold reserves if votes go in favour of the "Aye" campaign on September 18.

David Cameron urges voters against Scottish independence

In a speech to businessmen gathered at the CBI’s annual Glasgow dinner, UK Prime Minister David Cameron urged voters not to abandon the “openness” of remaining the Kingdom by choosing independence.

Op-Ed: Scotland — Salmond slaps Darling around a bit with a large trout

Glasgow - The second and final live televised debate on the upcoming Scottish referendum on independence — voters in Scotland go to the polls on September 18 — took place Monday evening.

Scottish nationalists accused of inflating oil reserves by 60%

Sir Ian Wood, the most prominent figure in the Scottish oil industry, has warned Alex Salmond's Scottish National Party is exaggerating North Sea oil reserves by up to 60 percent.

Op-Ed: Sunday Herald first newspaper to back an independent Scotland

Glasgow - The Sunday Herald, published in Glasgow, Scotland, last weekend became the first newspaper circulating in Scotland to openly back a “yes” vote in the referendum on Scottish independence scheduled for Sept. 18, 2014.

Should Scotland be independent? Special

Glasgow - Scotland will hold a referendum for independence from the UK in September. A Glaswegian continues his conversation about the future of his homeland as an independent state and whether in his view Scotland should have independence.

'Independence'— Can Scotland survive and prosper? Special

Glasgow - In September, Scotland will vote in a referendum for independence. A Scotsman discusses if Scotland is ready to be an independent country; can Scotland survive and prosper and whether Scotland should declare independent statehood.

Photographer Adrian McGarry–Venice, Scotland, independence, art Special

Venice - Driven by Scotland's campaign for independence, over 2 million residents in Italy's Veneto region surrounding Venice voted in a poll on breaking away from Italy. Digital artist Adrian McGarry chats about Venice, Scotland, independence and art.

Op-Ed: SNP reveal Scotland’s independence day — too difficult, says UK

The Scottish National Party-controlled Scottish Government today began fleshing out a timetable for Scotland to become an independent nation once again. For opposition parties in Scotland it was a case of, “Hawd on a wee minute."

Scotland agrees to terms for historic vote on independence

Yesterday Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish National Party and First Minister in the existing devolved Scottish Parliament signed an agreement with UK Prime Minister, David Cameron for a historic referendum on Scottish independence to be held in 2014.

Britain First to launch ‘Scotland says NO!’ campaign

In a press release email circular, the Britain First patriotic, political campaigning organisation has announced the launch of a ‘Scotland says NO!’ campaign, by what it describes as “Scotland’s only real pro-Unionist political party.”

UK government won't block Scottish referendum on independence

Edinburgh - Following the overall majority win of the Scottish National Party (SNP) in Scotland the UK government at Westminster says it will not move to block a Scottish referendum on independence.

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Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond (left) with UK Prime Minister David Cameron after the signing o...
Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond (left) with UK Prime Minister David Cameron after the signing of the Edinburgh Agreement on a referendum on Scottish independence.
Scottish Government
Scotland s Sunday Herald newspaper has become the first mainstream media title to pledge support for...
Scotland's Sunday Herald newspaper has become the first mainstream media title to pledge support for a 'Yes' vote in Scotland's referendum on independence from the UK.
Sunday Herald - Fair Use
Garry Otton
Garry Otton
Garry Otton / Twitter
Edinburgh Agreement Signing. A historic accord that paves the way for a referendum on an independent...
Edinburgh Agreement Signing. A historic accord that paves the way for a referendum on an independent Scotland was signed in Edinburgh after Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond reached an agreement with the UK Prime Minister David Cameron that will confirm the Scottish Parliament’s power to hold a vote that will be respected fully by both governments. Deputy Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore also signed the agreement.
Scottish Government
A young marcher at Yes Scotland s first Scottish independence rally on Sept. 22  2012
A young marcher at Yes Scotland's first Scottish independence rally on Sept. 22, 2012
Phyllis Buchanan via Flickr CC License
Will it be a yes or not vote which wins?
Will it be a yes or not vote which wins?
BBC News
The live debate on Scotland s independence referendum vote created a world hotspot for tweets in Sco...
The live debate on Scotland's independence referendum vote created a world hotspot for tweets in Scotland as #bbcindyref trended.
Twitter via Pictwitter

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