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Op-Ed: If this Iowa bill passes, will it create a 'militia of toddlers?'

If there's anything the NRA does well, it's profiting from dead toddlers. And a new bill recently passed by the Iowa House of Representatives may well cause a few more dead toddlers, and rack up more profits for the NRA.

Op-Ed: Sandy Hook 'truthers' send death threats to victim's family

Newtown - His name was Noah Pozner, and he was only six years old when he was murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Dec. 2012.

'Truther' accused of harassing Sandy Hook staff faces judge

Bridgeport - A man who was arrested and stands accused of allegedly leaving harassing phone messages for Sandy Hook staff faced a judge on Wednesday and was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation.

Op-Ed: How Giuliani's statements about Obama make us less safe

Rudolph Giulani, of 9/11 fame, offered us a profile in courage on that fateful day when the World Trade Towers was bombed, even as today his behaviors make us less safe in an insecure world.

NJ Gov. Chris Christie's flip-flop on gun rights sparks ire Special

When New Jersey governor Chris Christie vetoed legislation that would have prohibited the possession of gun magazines holding more than ten rounds of ammunition, it sparked the ire of gun control activists and those who lost loved ones to gun violence.

Sandy Hook truther steals memorial sign

Any parent will tell you nothing is worse than losing a child. Yet, the latest bizarre behavior by the so-called Sandy Hook "truthers" could only make coping harder for Lynn McDonnell and other parents.

Sandy Hook: State police publish thousands of files on massacre

Middletown - Connecticut State Police, Friday, released thousands of documents from their investigation into the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings which took place just over a year ago.

Op-Ed: The answer to mass shootings: There is none

The media and society in general have for years now been searching for a reason. A reason for the violence, which appears to be unpredictable. That's because it is.

American politics: A gun tale

Denver - In Colorado’s state capitol building, a Democrat was being sworn in as the newest state senator. A few miles to the south, a teen gunman wounded two people with a shotgun before blowing his brains out.

Sandy Hook final report: 'Privacy laws' limit psychiatric answers

The final report on Sandy Hook issued by the CT state's attorney cites "privacy laws" which limit the ability of investigators to "gather information" on medical treatments the shooter received "over the course of his years in Newtown."

Sandy Hook Prosecutor Sedensky seeks to hide 911 Tapes

Nearly a year after CT authorities said that they could not release the Sandy Hook 911 audio tapes because of a "pending investigation," CT States Attorney Stephen Sedensky is attempting to block an AP Freedom of Information Act request for the tapes.

Op-Ed: How to end school violence — close schools

Sacramento - What would Gulliver say if he were to stumble upon a gun crazy country with kids being killed in schools? Perhaps he would say close them.

Op-Ed: Are police killing more people?

Santa Rosa - While a week hardly passes without a report of questionable shooting deaths by police, it is difficult to determine whether the number is increasing. There is no national data.

Sandy Hook scammer looks at 8 months jail time

The Sandy Hook shooting shocked the nation as 20 innocent children lost their lives in a bloodbath inside the sanctuary of a school. While the nation grieves, scrupulous individuals thought of ways to turn the tragedy in their favor.

Video: Jamie Foxx speaks at March on Washington anniversary

Actor/singer Jamie Foxx gave a powerful speech at the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington of the March on Washington Wednesday. He explained why he took an interest in social activism and he believes today's black celebrities should as well.

Why are Jews and Israel central to major conspiracy theories?

Tel Aviv - Tragedies and horrific events such as the Boston Marathon bombings, the murder of 20 children in Sandy Hook, or 9/11 seem to create "a cottage industry" of conspiracies claiming that Jews or Israelis are behind these terrible incidents.

Op-Ed: US Congress wimps out on gun control — What a surprise

Sydney - It's old news that Americans despise Congress. It’s not hard to see why. The much touted gun control legislation diluted itself from a ban on assault rifles to ID checks, and even that didn’t get through the Great Legislative Brothel.

Adam Lanza was bullied when he attended Sandy Hook Elementary

According to a new report, Adam Lanza, the man responsible for killing 20 kids and 6 adults at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut, was bullied when he attended the school as a student.

Sandy Hook DA keeps witness name secret due to fears for 'safety'

CT State's Attorney Stephen Sedensky, again asked a judge to redact the name, or names, of at least one witness "cooperating" with the investigation due to fears for "their personal safety and well-being."

AP slams police on Sandy Hook secrecy, withholding 911 call tapes

In an unusual broadside against Connecticut police and CT state prosecutors, the world's leading news service, the Associated Press (AP,) has criticized the denial of its Freedom of Information Act requests regarding the Sandy Hook shooting.

Newtown seeks to deny newspapers access to death certificates

The Newtown, Connecticut Town Clerk is seeking to deny newspapers from viewing public record death certificates of Sandy Hook victims, according to the Newtown Bee.

North Carolina teen says 'a Sandy Hook' will happen at his school

Charlotte - Police in Charlotte, North Carolina have arrested a 16-year-old after he allegedly left a threatening note on his calculator that referred to the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Gun advocates call for an armed million man march across America

Emails have begun to circulate among second amendment supporters, calling for armed marches in various states as well as in the nations capitol.

Op-Ed: Arming teachers, a law enforcement and educators' perspective Special

Shortly after the Sandy Hook School shooting, some gun advocates suggested having teachers carry guns in the classroom, a prospect some educational organizations, teachers and law enforcement officers don't support.

Philadelphia Mayor announces city will divest from gun retailers

Philadelphia - Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia has proposed 20 principles to curb gun violence, one measure includes 'economic divestment' against gun manufacturers or retailers - including companies like Walmart.

NRA mocked in 'Bullet to the Head of the NRA' video game demo

A member of Encyclopedia Dramatica, as a means to mock and infuriate the National Rifle Association, created a game demo called "Bullet to the Head of the NRA."

Obama calls for assault weapons ban, universal background checks

U.S. President Obama asked Congress on Wednesday to toughen America’s gun laws with sweeping proposals such as requiring criminal background checks for all gun sales, limits on high-capacity magazines and a ban on military-style assault weapons.

Sandy Hook students release 'Over the Rainbow' for charity

Students from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut released a record of the Academy Award winning classic song (Somewhere) Over the Rainbow Tuesday on iTunes and Amazon for charity.

Op-Ed: Protect schools by protecting gun rights

Americans must ask themselves, exactly how many more civil liberties they want to cede to the government. Generation 9/11 is quickly becoming the generation of less freedom.

Rahm Emanuel jumps into the gun control debate fray

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, speaking at Center for American Progress, joined the gun debate fray. He is pushing for universal background checks on those that want to buy firearms.
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Mark and Jackie Barden  parents of Jack Barden 6  a victim of the December 14  2012 shooting at Sand...
Mark and Jackie Barden, parents of Jack Barden 6, a victim of the December 14, 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, leave the stage following the launch of The Sandy Hook Promise, a non-profit created in response to the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut
With permission by Reuters / Michelle McLoughlin
Screenshot: Taken 1/30/2013
Screenshot: Taken 1/30/2013
Genealogy Bank
Courtesy of
U.S. President Barack Obama (L) and first lady Michelle Obama observe a moment of silence and light ...
U.S. President Barack Obama (L) and first lady Michelle Obama observe a moment of silence and light candles in memory of the 20 children and six school workers killed by a gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary School one year ago
With permission by Reuters / Jonathan Ernst
CT State Representative Mitch Bolinsky
CT State Representative Mitch Bolinsky
Ct State House
court records
Weapons and ammunitions belonging to Sandy Hook Elementary school gunman Adam Lanza in Newtown  Conn...
Weapons and ammunitions belonging to Sandy Hook Elementary school gunman Adam Lanza in Newtown, Connecticut are seen after its recovery at the school in this police evidence photo released by the state's attorney's office November 25, 2013. A long-awaited state's attorney report on Monday on one of the worst mass shootings in the United States revealed few new details and left relatives of 20 children and six adults killed with no more knowledge about Lanza's motive
Connecticut Department of Justice / Handout via Reuters
John Brennan briefs Obama about Sandy Hook shootings
John Brennan briefs Obama about Sandy Hook shootings
The White House
court records
Guns Adam Lanza Used
Guns Adam Lanza Used
This satellite image shows an aerial view of Sandy Hook Elementary School
This satellite image shows an aerial view of Sandy Hook Elementary School
President Obama wipes at his eye during a speech about the Newtown shooting
President Obama wipes at his eye during a speech about the Newtown shooting
White House video screenshot

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