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Super-fast origami-inspired robot

It's small but fast. Researchers have developed a miniaturized origami-inspired robot that can combine micrometer precision with high speed.

'Cute' robots have invaded CES 2018 and they are a big hit

It's a given that visitors to the Consumer Electronics Show will see robots - from robots that clean your floors to those who can help out around the home. But this year at CES 2018, there are a few surprises that have grabbed everyone's attention.

LG's robot for 'connected life' refuses to talk on-stage

LG's CES press conference was derailed by its Cloi robot which ignored verbal commands. Cloi is supposed to act as a hub for LG's new range of smart home devices. The incident has resurfaced concerns that IoT development may be progressing too quickly.

Essential Science: Graphene makes for cell-sized robots

Imagine an electricity-conducting, environment-sensing, shape-changing cell-sized machine, used for medical diagnosis. Impossible? Not according to new research that has harnessed the properties of graphene.

New technology for tracking autonomous mining vehicles

Researchers have used new technology, based on robotics, to track and assess the status of autonomous underground mining vehicles.

Boosting student performance with robot learning

Remote learning is a growing means of delivering education. A downside is with student engagement. This can be overcome, according to new research, when robotic assistants are used.

Robots can now see into the near future

A leap forwards in robotic learning has taken place. New technology enables robots imagine the future of their actions. This allows them to determine how to manipulate objects they have never previously encountered.

New software allows robots to be operated through VR

Brown University technologists have developed software that enables users control robots over the Internet using standard a virtual reality hardware interface.

Robots can ‘set us free’ and keep jobs

London - A leading British politician has weighed in on the debate over robots and human labour, stating that job losses are unlikely and the advances in automation being adopted by businesses are for the greater good.

Bravo's Top Chef partners with Postmates for robot food delivery

The Bravo TV network partnered with on-demand food delivery company Postmates to promote the season 15 premiere of the Emmy Award-winning reality cooking show "Top Chef."

Collision detector to make robots better

The application of speedy collision detectors could make robots better human assistants, according from a study conducted at the University of California - San Diego.

'Bots battle for the ball, and the globe, in Robot Olympiad

San Jos - The World Robotics Olympiad, being held in Costa Rica this weekend, shows human athletes still have little to worry about: sweat and glory do not compute well when relegated to faceless automatons.

Teleoperating robots with virtual reality

Boston - New research has shown that it's becoming easier to teleoperate robots by using virtual reality. This has the aim of making it easier for factory workers to telecommute.

Robots will add jobs to the economy: Siemens

London - A new report from Siemens suggests the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ will add billions to economies and that, instead of fearing robots, the drive towards automation will actually generate more jobs.

Robots want to be your friend Special

New York - Will robots take over the world? If not the world, then maybe our jobs. Do advances in artificial intelligence portend a time when humans are no longer masters of technology but its slaves?

Op-Ed: How should we react to robots taking our jobs?

There's no doubting the employment trajectory: robots will replace humans for many different tasks at the workplace. Will this lead to new forms of work and new opportunities or will it lead to greater societal polarization?

How many robots does it take to change a light bulb?

A newly created robotic gripper has researchers at University of California - San Diego excited. The 'friendly' new robot could help advance the automation of construction and building works.

Amazon Robotics Challenge set to change logistics

Nagoya - While high-bay warehouses are often used for their efficiency, they often lead to logistical nightmares for stakeholders. The Amazon Robotics Challenge in Nagoya, Japan, came up with a solution.

Future of robotics: Merging, morphing, mobile machines

Brussels - In news that will interest technology firms developing robots, researchers have created self-reconfiguring modular robots. These devices can merge, split and self-heal while retaining full control of its sensors and motor functions.

A sense of touch: Allowing robots to feel

Houston - Researchers have devised an artificial skin that allows a robot to sense ‘touch’, to a degree in a way that is similar to people. This is a step forward in the development of robotics and will be of interest to developers.

Self-folding electronics for advanced robotics

Cambridge - As robotics advances the demand for more versatile, flexible and adaptable robots follows. This aim is hampered by often all-too-brittle electronics. In a breakthrough, researchers have designed flexible, 3D printable electronic components.

Is automation creating retail jobs?

Automation could be creating jobs in retail. According to a new report, the rise of ecommerce is driving an increase in employment that’s sufficient to offset industry automation. The unexpected finding has been attributed to improved service quality.

New language allows robot to follow commands

Boston - Massachusetts Institute of Technology technologists have developed an 'Alexa-like system' that allows robots to understand a wide range of commands that require contextual knowledge about their surrounding environment and the objects within it.

Softer robotic arm for endoscopic surgery

Endoscopy is not the most pleasant of procedures. To make the process faster and less discomforting for the patient, medical technologists have devised a smaller, smarter, softer robotic arm.

San Francisco could start taxing robots to save jobs

San Francisco lawmakers are considering a "robot tax" to help protect jobs against automation. Although fully autonomous digital workers are still some way off, leaders are beginning to think seriously about the potential for mass unemployment.

Millennials think automation will create 'sterile' workplaces

Millennials have mixed opinions on automation of the workplace. A new survey has found millennials recognise the positive impact that automation could have. They're also aware that human roles will be put at risk, leading to machine-dominant workspaces.

Smarter robot vacuum cleaners in development

Imagine being able to control when your office is cleaned, via a robot vacuum cleaner, controlled from an app like Outlook? Such technology is not far away.

Can robots be prevented from harming us?

Hatfield - Can robots be taught ethical behaviors and, most importantly, prevented from harming us? As artificial intelligence advances what is needed to prevent a machine from turning on a person? The answer is a concept called Empowerment.

Is it possible for a robot to write the news?

The future of media may one day involve news articles being by robots. These may not be the most in-depth or creative pieces; but standard news reports could be created in seconds by artificial intelligence.

AI learns to run, with a wobble

A new research project from Google’s DeepMind supercomputer has pushed the boundaries of machine learning further. It has used artificial intelligence to teach a simulated humanoid how to navigate a parkour course.
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Robots Image

Picture of RobotLand
Picture of RobotLand
Mercedes-Benz S-Class Assembly Line.
Mercedes-Benz S-Class Assembly Line.
A picture of two  android newscasters  responding to a crowd.
A picture of two "android newscasters" responding to a crowd.
Publicity shot of androids from the television show  Real Humans
Publicity shot of androids from the television show 'Real Humans'
©2012 Matador Film AB
The ECCERobot project team met in Zurich in late February 2012 accompanied by their Embodied in Cogn...
The ECCERobot project team met in Zurich in late February 2012 accompanied by their Embodied in Cognition Compliantly Engineered Robots.
EFT Robotics
Infineon s Sub1 Reloaded Rubik s Cube record holding robot
Infineon's Sub1 Reloaded Rubik's Cube record holding robot
Actroid-DER  developed by KOKORO Inc for customer service  appeared in the 2005 Expo Aichi Japan. Th...
Actroid-DER, developed by KOKORO Inc for customer service, appeared in the 2005 Expo Aichi Japan. The robot responds to commands in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English.
The team behind the winning robot in Amazon s 2016 Robot Picking Challenge
The team behind the winning robot in Amazon's 2016 Robot Picking Challenge
Delft University of Technology
The different robots used by TEPCO in the basement areas.
The different robots used by TEPCO in the basement areas.
“There’s twelve people onstage all running around ” San explains of the live  Nufonia  present...
“There’s twelve people onstage all running around,” San explains of the live 'Nufonia' presentation. “It’s proper chaos, but what is reflected hopefully on the screen is a fully-realized, tranquil cinematic experience.”
AJ Korkidakis
An Aibo robotic dog.
An Aibo robotic dog.
Sven Volkens
LG CLOi commercial robot
LG CLOi commercial robot
The Digital Construction Platform (DCP)  an automated construction system capable of customized on-s...
The Digital Construction Platform (DCP), an automated construction system capable of customized on-site fabrication of architectural-scale structures using real-time environmental data for process control.
Keating et al, Science Robotics 2017
Robots used by TEPCO mainly on the first floor in the reactor buildings.
Robots used by TEPCO mainly on the first floor in the reactor buildings.
Infineon s Sub1 Reloaded Rubik s Cube record holding robot
Infineon's Sub1 Reloaded Rubik's Cube record holding robot
A delivery rover developed by Starship Technologies.
A delivery rover developed by Starship Technologies.
Photo: Mardus

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