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Dolphins don't belong in the desert says advocacy group Special

Las Vegas - It's been described by advocates as the dolphin death pool. Tucked away inside The Mirage Hotel and Casino Resort in Las Vegas, are ten bottlenose dolphins. All of them are suffering from the desert heat says the Mojave Dolphin campaign.

Lawsuit slapped on Taiji town government on behalf of dolphins

Taiji - Angel, a young female albino dolphin being held at the Taiji Whale Museum in Japan, has sparked the first ever lawsuit for dolphins against the government of Taiji.

International team to tackle world zoo & aquarium organization

Gland - An international team of dolphin advocates opposed to the Taiji dolphin drives will gather at the headquarters of the World Association of Zoos & Aquariums (WAZA) this week, to discuss the exclusion of one of its members.

Ric O'Barry: Taiji dolphin drive hunts are not a tradition

Taiji - Ric O'Barry, star of The Cove movie, is refuting the Japanese Government's allegations that dolphin drive hunts are a part of Japanese tradition.

Op-Ed: Fiftieth anniversary of 'Flipper' overlooks the truth

Miami - As Miami Seaquarium in Florida gears up for a year long celebration of the television show 'Flipper', the story of the real Flipper was nothing to celebrate.

Advocates gather for Miami Seaquarium's lonely orca Lolita

Miami - Lolita, the sole killer whale at a Floridian marine park, received another boost last week as advocates held a last-minute rally to plead her case to Dateline, one of Australia's longest-running international current affairs programs.

Person throws kitten out of car window at dolphin event Special

Charlotte - In a sickening and senseless act, a person drove past a Japan Dolphins Day event in Charlotte, North Carolina, and in what appears to be a 'just for kicks,' moment, launched a kitten out of his car window.

Powerful Japanese activist response to dolphin drive in Taiji

Taiji - It was both a tragic and inspirational start to the dolphin drive season in Taiji, Japan. As a pod of between 40-60 bottlenose dolphins were pushed into the cove, Japanese activists made history of their own.

Annual quota set as dolphin drive season poised to begin in Taiji

Taiji - In just a few hours, the Japanese dolphin drive season will officially begin in Taiji. The annual quota allocated by the Fisheries Union has also been established. It's set at more than 2,000 dolphins.

Sydney Australia is going to the mall for Taiji dolphins Special

Sydney - Four hosts will be going to Sydney's busiest mall on August 31 to spread awareness for the upcoming Taiji dolphin drives. Set to commence on Sept. 1, the dolphin hunt season runs for six months.

STARTARYOT Challenge could benefit dolphins big time

As an entrant in the STARTARYOT Challenge, Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project could win $75,000. And for today only, the largest donation to the cause will win a signed Flipper script from the 1960's.

Bali restaurant dolphins kidnapped ahead of release for rehab

Bali - Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) is reporting that two dolphins held in a Bali Indonesian restaurant have been kidnapped ahead of an agreement by Indonesia's Forestry Minister to release them for rehabilitation.

Op-Ed: Contrasts in cetacean thinking, how wide is that valley?

Taiji - As one group goes above and beyond to save a single juvenile striped dolphin in Spain, more than 6,000 miles away in Taiji, Japan, many striped dolphins, some mothers with calves, have been brutally slaughtered in the drive hunts this season.

The Cove star returns to Taiji to oppose dolphin killing

Berkeley - September 1 marks the official start of the dolphin drive season in Taiji, Japan. Every year, Ric O’Barry and his Dolphin Project team visit the cove to raise awareness over the forthcoming hunt and remember the thousands of dolphins already killed.

Japan Dolphins Day 2012 unites the world for one cause Special

It is the single largest gathering ever for Save Japan Dolphins and volunteers from around the world. On August 31 and September 1, the world will make a stand for the dolphins of Taiji, Japan.

Op-Ed: Ric O'Barry reports live from the cove in Taiji, Japan Special

Taiji - Dolphin advocate Ric O'Barry launches a new tool in his fight to stop the dolphin hunts in Taiji, Japan. With the help of modern technology, events in the cove are being beamed live around the world.

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The Cove star  Ric O Barry  is interviewed for Dateline  an Australian current affairs show.
The Cove star, Ric O'Barry, is interviewed for Dateline, an Australian current affairs show.
Barbara Napoles
Ric O Barry displays dolphin meat for sale in Japan.
Ric O'Barry displays dolphin meat for sale in Japan.
Helene O’Barry
Promotional image from the Flipper Show

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