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In Siberia, hopes for a political awakening over Navalny poisoning

Tomsk - Yelena Basova at first was not convinced that Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny could have been poisoned in her hometown in Siberia.Then she watched his investigation into local corruption.

Italy PM battles local leaders over lockdown

Rome - Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte Thursday criticised regional chiefs for defying the government and lifting lockdown measures early, saying it risked undoing efforts to prevent a second coronavirus wave.

Kashmir outposts divided over status change

New Delhi - India's move to carve up Kashmir and curtail its autonomous powers has caused division and anger in parts of the far-flung Himalayan region even as followers of Prime Minister Narendra Modi rejoice.

Catalan ex-leader to launch new party a year after independence bid

Barcelona - Catalonia's deposed president Carles Puigdemont will launch a new party on October 27, the first anniversary of the Spanish region's failed declaration of independence, his spokesman said Thursday.

Catalonia postpones swearing in new regional government

Barcelona - Catalonia's new separatist president on Wednesday postponed the swearing in of his administration after Madrid rejected four regional minister who are in jail or exile over the region's independence push.

Catalonia and Basque Country: Spanish separatists go different ways

Madrid - With the Basque Country and Catalonia going their different ways, the Spanish government has avoided the nightmare of a joint independence front between the two wealthy regions.The northern Basque Country, home to 2.

Italy's populist surge reveals north-south split

Rome - The Italian election was a rejection of traditional left and right parties in both the north and south of the country -- but for different reasons, experts said.

Catalan demands anger voters in other Spanish regions

Madrid - A long-running conflict between Madrid and Barcelona over Catalonia's independence drive is annoying voters in the rest of Spain who feel their concerns are being neglected."I am sick of hearing about Catalonia.

Rome to negotiate with regions after autonomy victory

Milan - Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said Tuesday that Rome is prepared to negotiate with two of its wealthiest regions "within the limits of the law", after voters supported autonomy.

Regions ready Rome challenge after autonomy victory

Rome - Two of Italy's wealthiest regions were drawing up plans Monday to claw back power and money from Rome after a victory for autonomy campaigners that could deepen divisions in Europe.

Italy regions back 'big bang' autonomy

Milan - Two of Italy's wealthiest northern regions on Sunday voted overwhelmingly in favour of greater autonomy in the latest example of the powerful centrifugal forces reshaping European politics.

Italy regions vote on autonomy bid

Milan - Voters in the northern Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto were voting Sunday in referendums on autonomy, against the backdrop of Catalonia's push for independence from Spain.

EU parliament chief 'fears' spread of small nations as Italy regions vote

Rome - European Parliament chief Antonio Tajani said Europe should "fear" the spread of small nations as Spain struggled Sunday with the Catalonia crisis and the Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto voted in referendums on greater autonomy.

Italy regions vote on autonomy bid

Milan - Voters in the northern Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto vote Sunday in autonomy referendums attracting additional interest against the backdrop of Catalonia's push for independence from Spain.

Italian regions vote on autonomy: what's at stake?

Milan - The regions of Lombardy and Veneto vote Sunday in referendums on greater autonomy within Italy against the backdrop of the crisis created by Catalonia's push for independence from Spain.- Why the votes and what are they about?

Venice wants its money back, not independence

Venice - Venice is living up to its reputation of self-reliance.In the one-time city-state that was known as The Most Serene Republic of Venice, almost everyone seems to be planning to vote for greater autonomy in Sunday's consultative referendum.

Anxiety running high across Spain as Catalan vote looms

Madrid - Frustration and anxiety mounted across Spain on Saturday in the face of Catalonia's determination to defy Madrid and hold a banned independence referendum for the wealthy northeastern region.

Catalonia's frustrated dream: to tax and spend like Basques

Madrid - Spain's refusal to extend the tax-and-spend privileges enjoyed by the wealthy Basque region, which collects its own taxes and spends the money as it pleases, has fuelled the rise of separatism in Catalonia, experts and commentators say.

Catalonia's most pro-independence town determined to vote

Spain - The translator of "Harry Potter" and a Congolese priest are but some of the 2,200 residents in the Catalan town of L'Esquirol, the region's most enthusiastically separatist town.

Catalan govt says its taxman ready for independence

Barcelona - Catalonia's pro-separatist government said Monday it has set up its own tax agency that is ready for action if the pro-independence camp wins a contested October 1 referendum.

Madrid woos separatist Catalonia with 4.2 bn-euro investment

Barcelona - Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy pledged Tuesday to invest 4.2 billion euros ($4.6 billion) in Catalonia by 2020 as a battle for hearts and minds rages between Madrid and regional authorities that want independence.

Madrid, Catalonia tensions spike over independence

Barcelona - Catalonia's separatist government hit out Thursday at reported plans by Madrid to close schools in the northeastern region and even take control of the police to stop a contested independence referendum.

Catalan, Basque leaders snub Spanish regional talks

Madrid - Spain's regional tensions took centre stage Tuesday as Catalan and Basque leaders boycotted a major gathering attended by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, in a first.

Spain's regional elections boost acting PM's party, weaken Socialists

Donostia-san Sebasti - Regional elections in Spain on Sunday strengthened acting Prime Minister's Mariano Rajoy's conservatives and weakened the Socialists, under pressure to let him form a government and end a months-long political impasse.

Spain's Basques, Galicians vote in key regional polls

Donostia-san Sebasti - Spain's Basque country and Galicia went to the polls Sunday in regional elections that may help unblock the long-lasting national political paralysis.

Spain's Basques set to vote as memories of violence fade

Donostia-san Sebasti - Spain's Basque region goes to the polls Sunday seeking to turn the page on past violence by ETA separatists, in elections that could also have an impact on the national political deadlock.

Top ETA figure barred from running in Spain's Basque election

Madrid - A prominent former ETA member credited with helping to move the armed Basque separatist group away from violence was barred Wednesday from running in Spanish regional elections next month.

Catalan separatist drive halted as Mas fails to form govt

Madrid - Catalan separatists on Sunday appeared incapable of forming a government following intractable divisions over the identity of the region's future president in a move likely to trigger fresh elections.

Catalan party delays key decision on backing separatist government

Barcelona - A far-left Catalan separatist party on Sunday put off until January 2 a decision on whether to back the formation of a new government led by outgoing regional president Artur Mas that would work towards breaking away from Spain.

Catalan separatists make final bid to form government

Barcelona - Catalonia's main separatist alliance on Tuesday presented its final proposal to a smaller far-left party for the formation of a new regional government region that would work towards secession from Spain.
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