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quantum computing News

Quantum computing: The next WannaCry-like episode? Special

2020 was an unprecedented year in many ways, but the spike in cyberattacks that we saw during the pandemic has changed the security landscape forever, says Gaurav Banga of Balbix. What does 2021 have in store?

Essential Science: The world’s most powerful quantum computer

With Google achieving a 'quantum supremacy' breakthrough, Honeywell building the world's most powerful ion-trap quantum computer, and venture capitalists pouring millions into QC start-ups, the decade ahead could jump-start commercial quantum computing.

Quantum computer built to prove conventional encryption is dead Special

Active Cypher, a Californian cybersecurity startup, has constructed a password-hacking quantum computer. This to demonstrate the risks of quantum hacking and how they can impact on businesses today.

NC State and Delta partner on commercial application of quantum

Raleigh - Delta Air Lines has announced it will be the founding industry partner to join the IBM Q Hub at NC State, as part of a multi-year collaborative effort to explore the capabilities and potential commercial applications of quantum computing

Which tech giants are leading in quantum computing technology?

Quantum computing promises to deliver enormous potential and the technology is set to help us solve humanity’s most complex challenges - challenges that our existing computers can't even scratch the surface. But who are the main contenders?

IBM leads in U.S. Patents for 27th year

IBM has announced that the company received a record number of patents in 2019 – earning over 9,200, marking the company’s 27th consecutive year of U.S. patent leadership and innovation.

IBM at CES: Quantum breakthrough news

At CES 2020 IBM has announced several new quantum computing milestones. These include an expansion of the IBM Q Network; research into next generation batteries; and, with quantum technology, achieving the highest quantum volume to date.

Scientists create the 'coolest' LEGO in the universe

In a new study, LEGO has been cooled to the lowest temperature possible. A LEGO figure together with four blocks have been taken down to 1.6 millidegrees above absolute zero (minus 273.15 Centigrade). Interesting, but so is the purpose of the study.

New tractor beam used to alter quantum computing materials

Scientists have used light-based technology, based on optical tweezers, to control a fluids and assemble nanoscale semiconductor materials precisely into larger structures.

Progress towards a quantum Internet gathers pace

The path towards a quantum Internet has seen a significant leap forward as scientists demonstrated a different method for transmitting quantum information across long distances.

British government invests $193 million in quantum computing

London - The quest for “quantum supremacy”, to develop 'true' quantum computers that can do anything far faster than an ordinary computer and more, is playing out on the global stage. The U.K. government, keen to be part of this, has pledged a considerable sum

Microsoft open-sources quantum computing development kit

Quantum computing has become open source following Microsoft's decision to expand its Q# programming language. This move was announced at Microsoft's annual Build Developer conference.

New world record set for quantum memory efficiency

Hong Kong - A new world record of quantum memory efficiency has been established by technologists in Hong Kong. This used photonic quantum memory and edges 'true' quantum computers closer to reality.

Microsoft sees Pacific Northwest as quantum computing HQ

Microsoft announced Monday that it's teamed up with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Washington to create the Northwest Quantum Nexus, to promote quantum computing.

Sydney to construct Quantum Harbour City for advanced computing

Sydney - A new collaboration between two universities — UNSW and the University of Sydney - has been announced, with the aim of building quantum computers in silicon and for developing a new focused research hub in the Australian city.

IBM and North Carolina state are investing in quantum computing

Raleigh - A new kind curriculum is coming out the IBM Q Hub at North Carolina State, which is the first university-based Q Hub in North America. The aim is to help to develop a new generation of workers for next-generation computing.

Q&A: The Future of encryption in a quantum-led world Special

The U.S. has prioritized research into quantum computing, in order to push forward advances in fields like medicine. However, the quantum world presents new risks for cybersecurity and encryption, according to Professor Shlomi Dolev.

IBM reveals its first commercial quantum computer

A major announcement was made at the 2019 CES in Las Vegas, from IBM. This was the presentation of the computer firm's first commercial quantum computer. This is a 20-qubit 'hybrid' system, capable of quantum and conventional computing operations.

Can quantum computing boost cybersecurity?

U.S. legislators have passed a bill which will permit the development and eventual use of quantum computing to boost cybersecurity measures within the country. The bill will release funds in order to accelerate development.

U.S. sees quantum computing and AI as 'emerging threats'

Several of the bodies that make up the U.S. security network, when polled, indicated they see quantum computing an artificial intelligence as potential security threats, especially in the near-term.

Has quantum artificial life been created?

A model of quantum artificial life on a quantum computer has been developed. This could mean, in the future, machine learning, artificial intelligence and artificial life will be combined on a quantum scale.

How secure will blockchain be in the world of quantum computers?

According to researchers from the Russian Quantum Center, Moscow, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will be vulnerable in the future unless they integrate quantum technologies.

U.S. is planning for a quantum computing workforce

In September 2018 the the U.S. government passed a bill to foster an active quantum computing industry. Included within the bill is the foundation for developing a future-state 'quantum computing workforce'.

How graphene can help advance quantum computers

Researchers have been investigating how graphene can be used as a nanoscale electron trap. This application has several potential applications in quantum computers, helping ecologists on the path to building more advanced computers.

How graphene can advance quantum computers

Researchers have been investigating how graphene can be used as a nanoscale electron trap. This discovery has several potential applications in quantum computers, helping technologists on the path to building more advanced computers.

Altering electrons for improved quantum computing

Two new ways to manipulate electron interactions, from Purdue University, open up new possibilities for the design and scaling up of quantum computing devices.

New way to create energy-saving electronics

Scientists have discovered an alternate way of conducting electricity between transistors without energy loss. This could spur developments in energy-saving electronics and quantum computing.

Quantum computing: 10 billion times more tolerant to errors

Japanese Scientists have developed a theoretical approach to quantum computing that is 10 billion times more tolerant to errors than current theoretical models.

Now's the time to invest in quantum computing skills

Futurists looking ahead for the types of skills that will be required by future generations have highlighted quantum computing skills as a core requirement for preparing for the next technological wave.

Key to quantum computing is understanding quantum chaos

A new study indicates that a deeper understanding of quantum chaos could provide the key to unlock the full potential of quantum computers. This is based on studies where researchers have manipulated atoms through a quantum simulator.
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Google Bristlecone
Google Bristlecone
Google Bristlecone quantum computing chip is being installed by Research Scientist at the Quantum AI...
Google Bristlecone quantum computing chip is being installed by Research Scientist at the Quantum AI Lab in Santa Barbara.
File photo: Microsoft is developing both quantum computing hardware and software.
File photo: Microsoft is developing both quantum computing hardware and software.
Microsoft / Business Insider
Artist s impression of a silicon CMOS architecture for a spin-based quantum computer.
Artist's impression of a silicon CMOS architecture for a spin-based quantum computer.
© Illustration by Tony Melov / UNSW Newsroom

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