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North and South Korea try words instead of saber-rattling

Paju - High-level talks are underway between North and South Korea as the longtime enemies try to avert a military confrontation amid rising hostility between them.

Spanish filmmaker from Beijing banned from entering North Korea

Pyongyang - A Spanish cinematographer and documentary film director, based in Beijing, has been banned entry into North Korea on business Monday, due to Ebola fears. Pyongyang apparently considers Spain to be a risk country.

Video teasing 'Fat Guy Number 3' Kim Jong-un goes viral

A mash-up video poking fun at the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is doing the rounds across the world and has been viewed millions of times in China.

U.S. offers to send envoy to North Korea to free missionary

Seoul - Although the United States is willing to dispatch a special envoy to North Korea to try to win the release of a jailed missionary, it will not become involved with meaningful talks with Pyongyang unless the country quits pursing nuclear weapons.

US and South Korea agree new strategic pact to counter Pyongyang

Seoul - Defense Ministers from the US and South Korea yesterday signed a new agreement aimed at deterring North Korean deployment nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. The pact follows months of threatening rhetoric from Pyongyang.

Signs of North Korea restarting Yongbyon nuclear facility

Recently released satellite imagery points to North Korea restarting a nuclear reactor at its Yongbyon nuclear facility. The worry for Western defense analysts is that Yongbyon is capable of producing plutonium, an essential component of nuclear weapons.

New UN inquiry to probe North Korean human rights abuse claims

Geneva - A Commission of Inquiry to examine allegations of human rights abuses in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) set up by the United Nations Human Rights Council began work last week.

Korea: North and South open talks on closed Kaesong zone today

Seoul - After lengthy negotiations, North and South Korean officials yesterday agreed to restart talks today (Saturday) in the Korean War truce village of Panmunjom concerning the future of the Kaesong Industrial Complex.

North Korea denies US website claim over Boston bombing

North Korea has dismissed speculation postulated by the U.S. controversial conservative website WorldNetDaily that it was a possible suspect nation in the Boston Marathon bombing, slamming it as "false propaganda."

Op-Ed: N. Korea — Disco duck puts bombs on trucks

Pyongyang - To ratchet up international tension between double-down threats of nuclear war, inherited North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un - the country's pants-on-fire dictator - has sent word that foreign diplomats may not be safe if war breaks out.

North Korea preparing its missile sites says Pyongyang

Less than 24 hours after the United States despatched two nuclear-capable B-2 stealth bombers from their base in Missouri to fly dummy bombing runs over South Korea, North Korea has again ratcheted up the rhetoric in the Korean peninsula.

North Korea threatens US with 'pre-emptive' nuclear strike

As the United Nations meets to consider further sanctions against North Korea, Pyongyang has once again upped the ante, this time threatening the United States with a 'pre-emptive' nuclear attack.

The Pirate Bay invited by North Korea to use their network

Pyongyang - The Pirate Bay (TPB) recently advised that their servers could be accessed via Norway and Spain (Catalonia). Since then, another country has offered its network to TPB, and it's an ironic story indeed.

North Korea's Kim Jong-Un orders development of bigger rockets

Following North Korea's successful launch of the Unha-3 rocket on 12 December, leader Kim Jong-Un has ordered the development of bigger rockets, despite international sanctions.

South Korea halts launch of anti-Pyongyang propaganda balloons

South Korean authorities today banned the planned release by anti-North Korean activists of balloons containing propaganda leaflets across the demilitarized zone after threats of a military attack by North Korea if the release went ahead.

North Korea faces further dangerous thunderstorms (video)

Pyongyang - North Korea is facing a new wave of dangerous thunderstorms, which could inflict severe damage. State media sent out an alert after a previous week-long flood killed 88.

North Korea threatens to reduce Seoul to ashes in minutes

Seoul - North Korea's military on Monday issued threats saying it had plans to turn "elements" in Seoul into "ashes." A statement by the "special operation action group" said its action "will reduce all... to ashes in three or four minutes..."

First public speech by Kim Jong-Un followed by rockets in the sky

Pyongyang - North Korea's new supreme leader made his first televised speech today, followed by rockets flaring over Pyongyang tonight, but this time it was in celebration and not a failed rocket test.

North Korea's much hyped long-range rocket crashes into sea

Pyongyang - North Korea, defying the international community, launched a long-range rocket on Friday, but it crashed and fell into the sea before it escaped Earth's atmosphere.

AP opens full news bureau in North Korea

Pyongyang - The Associated Press opened its newest bureau in North Korea's capital Pyongyang on Monday, becoming the first international news organization with a full-time presence in the hermit country.

North Korea to send people to labor camp for not mourning enough

Pyongyang - Even emotions are heavily regulated in the Stalinist hermit kingdom of North Korea: everybody must love the leader, and when he passes away citizens must cry hard. As hard as possible.

Kim Jong-Un welcomes South Korean delegates to pay respects

South Korea has imposed what North Korea describes as inhuman restrictions by allowing only two private delegations to cross the border to pay condolences over the death of Kim Jung-il.

Kim Jong-Il's body on public display as mourners weep

The state funeral of North Korea's communist leader, Kim Jong-il, will take place on Dec. 28. For now, mourners publicly sobbed as his body is displayed in an open coffin in Pyongyang.

Op-Ed: North Korea facing famine, even army starving in new video

The North Korean people suffered a famine in the late 90s which is believed to have killed up to 2 million people. ABC Australia has obtained a new video smuggled out of the country showing a nation with children begging in the streets.

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pyongyang Image

Former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman talks to journalists as he arrives at the Beijing Capital...
Former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman talks to journalists as he arrives at the Beijing Capital International Airport to leave for Pyongyang, in Beijing, January 6, 2014
With permission by Reuters / Jason Lee
A still image shows Jang Song Thaek being forcibly removed by uniformed personnel from a meeting of ...
A still image shows Jang Song Thaek being forcibly removed by uniformed personnel from a meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) in Pyongyang and later executed
With permission by Reuters / Yonhap
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (2nd L) watches a basketball game between former U.S. NBA basketball...
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (2nd L) watches a basketball game between former U.S. NBA basketball players and North Korean players of the Hwaebul team of the DPRK with Dennis Rodman (R) at Pyongyang Indoor Stadium
With permission by Reuters / KCNA
Pyongyang: North Korea said on November 30  2013   it had arrested U.S. citizen Merrill E. Newman  f...
Pyongyang: North Korea said on November 30, 2013, it had arrested U.S. citizen Merrill E. Newman, for "hostile acts" against the state and accused him of being "a criminal" who was involved in the killing of civilians during the 1950-53 Korean War
Photo released by North Korean Central News Agency
Pyongyang is also quite beautiful at night.
Pyongyang is also quite beautiful at night.
Grand celebrations are held in Pyongyang so it is a major focal point for the study.
Grand celebrations are held in Pyongyang so it is a major focal point for the study.

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