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Q&A: CIOs looking to save money turn to SaaS analytics Special

With such a high cost to implement, many CIOs and IT teams make the mistake of “setting and forgetting” their analytics programs, says Craig Kelly, VP of Analytics at Syntax, who looks at the risks.

Q&A: Digital transformation — The dangers of over-predicting Special

When it comes to digital transformation, companies tend to focus too much on what's going to be the next big thing and commit themselves to a lot of heavy planning, according to Brian Levine of Mobiquity.

Q&A: Three keys to scaling AI in insurance Special

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the newest comers to the insurtech landscape, set to transform the way that traditional insurance has been managed. Two innovators from Vertafore explain what's happening to the sector.

Q&A: Human-AI synergy will drive business decisions in 2020 Special

What do businesses need for 'data driven decision making'. The list extends to: predictive analytics, customer behavior, NLP, semantic-identification, automation, and video analysis technology, according to expert Sudip Saha.

Predictive model assesses who is likely to be pro-environment

How to predict whether a person will or will not be a supporter of environmental issues? It seems that targeting deeply held values is important for inspiring pro-environmental behavior, according to a new study.

Predictive analytics assesses an India-Pakistan nuclear war

Any nuclear war would devastating, but how devastating and it does it matter when or where? A further factor is with the continued after-effects of any bombs exploded. Predictive analytics assesses a potential conflict between India and Pakistan.

Utilizing AI for 'New Era of Smarter Food Safety'

The U.S. FDA has announced that it plans to utilize artificial intelligence as part of the “New Era of Smarter Food Safety”. This comes after Amazon has begun to use Natural Language Processing to constantly monitor for food safety issues.

Q&A: Leveraging predictive analytics to improve the CX Special

Retailers need to focus more on leveraging predictive analytics as so to customize a customer’s journey path and improve their experience. Doing so will increase sales and revenue, according to expert Sean Kendall.

Social media can be used to predict retail failures

It’s a tough time to be in retail, especially in terms of running a physical store where the e-commerce world is increasingly dominant. Some retail failures are anticipated, some come as a surprise. Social media can help to decide.

Using big data to predict the future

Advances with machine learning and big data analytics are helping researchers, and ultimately companies, to make predictions about future trends by analysing patterns. A new application looks at medicine.

Predictive analytics to improve tornado warnings

A new way of examining weather data has been used by researchers to try and predict extreme weather patterns. It is hoped that the big data analytics approach can be used to gain improved predictions for tornadoes.

New Orleans ends computer-led crime predictions pilot

The predictive policing initiative in use in New Orleans has been cancelled. The scheme ran for six-years and was operated in secret. The controversial scheme used network-analysis software to identify potential aggressors.

Companies will make more use of predictive analytics in 2018

In 2018, companies will be utilizing predictive analytics at a faster rate. This enables better understanding and service for customers at or even before the point of need, helping businesses staying ahead of the pack.

How predictive analysis is helping the energy sector

A few days after predictive analytics software began monitoring wind turbines in Iowa last March, an anomaly was spotted by a data-science model in a wind turbine’s gearbox. After a few hours of repairs, the wind farm owner avoided catastrophic failure.

Keys to the future with no crystal ball required

An internet start-up company called Recorded Future has taken a high-end form of analyzing collected data and began applying it in conjunction with the web.

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