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Large Hadron Collider detects 'double heavy' particle

Geneva - Scientists have detected a new particle at the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN facility. The particle is described as "double heavy" and it may provide new insights into 'strong forces'.

Large Hadron Collider detects new subatomic particles

Geneva - The Large Hadron Collider has detected five new subatomic particles. The remarkable discovery may explain how the centers of atoms are held together.

Space weather starting to affect smartphones

Getting a poor reception on your smartphone or other mobile device might not only be down to a lack of transmitters or interference from technology; the bombardment of Earth from space particles is also a factor, according to a new study.

What can be learned from watching paint dry?

New research has revealed the physical forces at play that separate particles according to their size during the drying of wet coatings. The finding should lead to an improvement with everything from paint to sunscreen.

Catch the dust, real gold as light as air

Zurich - A new type of gold has been created and it is as light as air. The new material takes the form of a foam and it is one thousand times lighter than mined gold, making the material the lightest form of the metal ever produced.

'New era' in physics as world's biggest particle smasher cranks up

Ginebra - Scientists on Wednesday hailed a "new era" in their quest to unravel more mysteries of the universe as the world's biggest particle smasher started experiments with nearly doubled energy levels in a key breakthrough.

Large Hadron Collider starts up again after two-year upgrade

Ginebra - The world's largest particle smasher restarted Sunday after a two-year upgrade that will allow physicists to explore uncharted corners of what makes up the universe, including dark matter and antimatter.

Super-strong ‘uncuttable’ graphene nanofibers developed

Dallas - By manipulating the electromechanical properties of nanofibers, so that they stretch some seven times their natural length, scientists have created a material that is stronger and tougher than Kevlar.

New 'ghost particle' may prove aliens exist, say researchers

An oddly shaped microscopic structure has been found in the outer reaches of the Earth's atmosphere, say scientists from Sheffield University, who claim that this could be proof of alien life!

Drug recalled due to presence of glass particles

Ben Venue Laboratories Inc. of Bedford, Ohio has issued a nationwide voluntary product recall of a drug due to the presence of glass particles within the medicine.

The secret life of clouds: How pollution affects climate change

There has been a long-standing debate on how pollution affects climate warming. Climatologists have always thought that pollution, through a process called convection caused bigger thunderclouds. Instead, they have learned it's just the opposite.

Beijing air pollution at dangerous levels

The level of air pollution in the Chinese capital Beijing is now at such a dangerous level that it is 'hazardous to human health."

What does the Higgs boson particle sound like?

The answer to the question is, of course, no one knows. However, researchers from the Geant collaboration, who are involved with the Large Hadron Collider, have taken data and turned it into a piano solo.

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Watching paint dry can be exciting.
Watching paint dry can be exciting.
Holly Scott
Aerosols  particularly black carbon  can alter reflectivity by depositing a layer of dark residue on...
Aerosols, particularly black carbon, can alter reflectivity by depositing a layer of dark residue on ice and other bright surfaces. Black ash covered the summit of New Zealand’s Mount Ruapehu in 2007.
NASA Earth Observatory

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