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Organ transplant News

New drugs make hepatitis C-positive kidneys safe for transplant

Research has shown that an improved new generation of antiviral drugs should help to expand the number of organs available for donation, and reduce the rejection rate by the human body post-surgery.

3D printing could solve organ transplant shortage

In U.S., over 10,000 people die every year either awaiting transplantation, or as a result of deteriorating health exacerbated by the shortage of organs, according to a review by Randolph Beard and colleagues.

World's first successful penis transplant

Cape Town - Surgeons in South Africa have successfully completed the world's first penis transplant. The attachment of a new penis was a complex task.

Calls for action against live organ harvesting of Falun Gong Special

Thousands of Falun Gong practitioners are said to die each year in China. Evidence reportedly indicates these prisoners are also victims of having their organs harvested by force. Calls for action are being voiced from various corners of the world.

Dead woman revives just before her organ removed for donation

Doctors at a central New York hospital were minutes away from harvesting organs from a woman they believed was dead – then she opened her eyes. After being told she was dead, her family agreed to take her off life support and allow the organ donation.

Japanese scientists to grow human organs in animals

Japanese scientists have developed a process for forming a chimeric embryo by planting a human stem cell into an animal embryo, usually a pig. The organs would then mature inside the animal until scientists harvest and transplant them into a human body.

CDC: Man dies of rabies after kidney transplant

Atlanta - A man who received a tainted kidney in an organ transplant has died of rabies. Three other patients -- who also received organs from the mutual donor, are undergoing treatment for the disease.

Organ Donations Critically Needed Especially For Little Riley Special

Somerdale - A four-year-old boy named Riley O’Brien needs a heart and two lungs transplanted as soon as possible. In fact, he’s needed the transplant for his entire life, starting before he was even born.

Doctors amazingly grow ear on a cancer victim

While medical science has performed miracles, the ingenuity of innovative medical practitioners can do wonders. This is the case of Sherrie Walter, who lost her ear to cancer two years ago.

Medical first: Kidney transplanted twice

Chicago - In a first time ever medical event, a kidney has been transplanted twice within a two-week period. The second transplant occurred because the transplant did not go successfully for the first recipient.

Can sweet music help with organ transplants?

Experiments on mice have shown that playing soothing music during organ transplants leads to faster recoveries and extended life expectancies. The same positive effect could work on people.

Helicopter crash kills 3 en route for organ transplant pickup

Jacksonville - A helicopter carrying Mayo Clinic staff en route to pick up an organ crashed early this morning, leaving three people dead.

Man gets world’s first synthetic organ transplant

Stockholm - An Icelandic man has recieved the world's first completely artificial trachea transplant. Doctors, scientists and researchers hope to use this technology to do more with regenerative science.

Scientists grow live heart in lab from stem cells

In a major breakthrough for heart transplant availability, and for organ transplants in general, scientists have successfully grown a living heart from stem cells.

Toronto's TeamSickKids Off For the 17th World Transplant Games

A group of athletes from Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children are headed to the Gold Coast of Australia to compete in the 17th World Transplant Games with TeamCanada.

Man Wakes Up As Doctors Prepared For Organ Removal

Recently, a 45 year old man in France had snapped back to life. It was perfect timing as his organs were planning to be harvested by doctors.

Two Die And Two Fighting For Life After Donated Organs Spread Cancer

Donating organs after one has died is a way to see to it that your death or the death of your loved one can help save the life of another person who is ill.

"Transplant Tourism" on the rise

"Transplant tourism" is on the rise due to donor shortages.

Foreigners Flock to China to Receive Organs of Executed Prisoners

China has admitted to allowing "transplant tourism", and the source of the organs is astounding doctors in the West. ..

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St. Joseph s Hospital Health Center in Syracuse was fined $22 000 by the New York Department of Heal...
St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center in Syracuse was fined $22,000 by the New York Department of Health over two incidents, one that included a 41-year-old woman who was mistakenly declared dead.