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Rare orca sighting in Hawaii caught on video by fisherman

The power of dreams may be a lesson learned in the story of a fisherman in Hawaii who caught two orcas on video while out with his daughters last week. He wasn't expecting to see such a majestic sight but he got one — and a great video to commemorate i

West Coast orca whales: J-pod adds third new calf of 2015

The Southern Resident orca whale population has grown yet again with the birth of the third calf born to J-pod and the sixth orca born since January. The baby appears to be healthy and is likely under a week old.

Another calf born to southern resident whale pod

There has been concern for the orca whale population in B.C. and Washington State waters, but it may be unwarranted. The populations have dwindled in recent years in the three pods that make the area their home but their numbers are now going back up.

Video: Orcas surround kayakers near San Juan Islands

Two kayakers were surrounded by a pod of killer whales — orcas — who seemed to tease them as some swam alongside their kayak. It happened on Aug. 26 near Washington State's San Juan Islands.

Wonderful video of 50 orca killer whales playing off B.C. Coast

Orca whales, also called killer whales, playing amongst themselves, breaching the water in their natural habitat, is a common sight off the coast of B.C. But to see 50 of them swmmiing and playing together, from two different pods, that is a rare treat.

Baby orca born near Tofino big boost for killer whale population

The endangered orca killer whale population appears to have had its fourth B.C. birth this year. This birth, however, is to a transient pod of orcas and not one of three southern resident pods that are fixtures in B.C. and Washington state waters.

Vancouver Aquarium to long weekend boaters: Avoid killer whales

The Vancouver Aquarium issued a warning to long-weekend boaters to steer clear of the orca killer whales spotted in waters near Nanaimo. Porpoises and dolphins were also seen in coastal waters near communities.

Video as Orca whales attack sea lion near Vancouver

Video shot by a kayaker and uploaded onto to YouTube yesterday shows a pod of Orca killer whales attacking and slaying a sea lion. The sea lion wound up being a meal for the orcas.

Orcas rub up against pebbles on B.C. beach in rare whale footage

Whales visited a beach in B.C.'s Discovery Islands last week, and they did something whale experts say they've done for many years: they came to shore and rubbed up against the pebbles on the beach. And, happily, someone was there to film it.

Calf is born to endangered orca killer whale pod off B.C. coast

The Center for Whale Research in Washington state said that a new orca calf has been born to the endangered J-pod. The calf, J-50, may have been born in the past few days, though the exact details are not known. They are not certain who the mother is.

Latest killer whale death in Salish waters has biologists worried

A young killer whale, believed to be a juvenile, was found dead on the shore of Vancouver Island near Courtenay on Thursday. Identified as J32, a female, the death is the fourth killer whale death in the area in recent months.

Distressed family of trapped Orca whale stays until he's freed

The family of a young Orca whale who became tangled in a fisherman's net near Port Hardy in B.C. stayed by his side until he was freed. The Orca's mom, two siblings, an aunt and two of his cousins stuck near, making sounds indicating their concern.

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