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Landmark US opioid trial begins in Oklahoma

Chicago - The first civil trial that could hold a drug company responsible for the US opioid epidemic began Tuesday in Oklahoma -- a landmark case that could impact thousands of others like it.

Landmark US opioid trial begins in Oklahoma

Chicago - The first civil trial that could end up holding a drug company responsible for the US opioid epidemic began Tuesday in Oklahoma, in a landmark case that might impact thousands of others like it.

Cannabis look-alike found in Ontario contains carfentanil

Waterloo - Waterloo Regional Police are warning members of the public to be aware of a street drug that looks just like cannabis, but actually contains powerful opioids.

You have greater chance of dying of an overdose than a car crash

For the first time on record, the odds of accidentally dying from an opioid overdose in the United States are now greater than those of dying in an automobile accident.

Online resource helps healthcare professionals with opioid crisis

A new online program has been developed, designed to assist healthcare professionals to address the opioid crisis that is affecting many countries. The new program is designed to be used to support Canadian healthcare.

Despite warnings the number of opioid prescriptions is unchanged

Despite warnings issued in many countries about addition to opioids, the numbers of pills taken show no sign of decreasing according to a new review focusing on U.S. healthcare.

Substance use in Canada costs the economy $38 billion

Toronto - The economic cost of substance use in Canada in 2014 was $38.4 billion, or about $1,100 for every Canadian, says a report released Tuesday.

Puget Sound mussels test positive for opioids and antibiotics

Seattle - Washington state scientists who track pollution have discovered traces of antibiotics and opioids in some Puget Sound mussels, adding to the growing evidence that America's opioid addiction problem is getting out of hand.

Nerve stimulator approved for opioid withdrawal

Bethesda - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a device designed to help U.S. citizens with addictions to prescription drugs ease the addiction and to stop taking the medicines like opioids.

Doctors at heart of US opioid crisis

Chicago - When 55-year-old Sheila Bartels left her doctor's office in Oklahoma, she had a prescription for 510 painkillers. She died the same day of an overdose.

Opioid test strips may give drug users a false sense of security

The opioid crisis in Canada and the United States is still at epidemic proportions, and this has lead to a myriad of test strips being developed that test for a variety of illicit drugs, including cocaine, oxycodone, and fentanyl, to name a few.

Op-Ed: DOJ crackdown on marijuana is more of a vendetta than justice

Trump's Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety, led by DOJ chief Jeff Sessions is expected to release a report in the next few days that may link marijuana use to violent crime, with recommendations for tougher sentences for its sale or use.

Opioids in multi-million dollar drug bust in Utah came from China

Salt Lake City - Federal authorities say they have busted a multi-million dollar opioid drug ring working out of a basement in suburban Salt Lake City, Utah.

Big data helps track opioid-fueled HIV outbreak

The use of opioids, a growing concern in the U.S., is connected to a surge in HIV infections. This connection has been shown via big data analytics, a new tool been used by the U.S. CDC.

Compound for chronic pain treatment without side effects

The brain’s cannabis receptors can be used to help manage chronic pain, in a way that does not trigger the side effects linked with opioid-based pain relievers or medical marijuana.

Vaccine developed against opioid overdose

A vaccine has been developed that blocks the pain-suppressing effects of certain opioid drugs. It is hoped the vaccine with decrease the risk of fatal opioid overdose.

Use of prescription painkillers surpasses tobacco

A new trend exposes the use of prescription painkillers in the U.S.; the use of opioid-based medication now exceeds that of tobacco. This is based on a U.S. government backed survey.

Opioids prolong chronic pain: Study

Opioids are regularly prescribed to deal with chronic pain. A new study casts some doubt over the effectiveness of this class of drugs and indicates they can sometimes make certain conditions worse.

New treatment for addressing chronic pain

Chronic pain can reach levels where it becomes unbearable for sufferers. A new process, using opioids, attempts to provide continuous relief.

Study: Medical marijuana can lead to fewer opioid overdose deaths

According to a new study, chronic pain suffers living in states where medical marijuana use has been legalized are less likely to die from prescription opioid overdose.

New pain pill Zohydro is a very dangerous drug

When Zohydro is released for sale in March, it will be one of the most powerful prescription painkillers on the market today. In its highest dosage, it will contain 5 to 10 times as much hydrocodone as Vicodin, a widely prescribed pain medication.

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According to the RCMP Fentanyl killed more than 200 people in Alberta alone.
According to the RCMP Fentanyl killed more than 200 people in Alberta alone.
Courtesy CBC TV
photo illustration of 2 milligrams of fentanyl  a lethal dose in most people.
photo illustration of 2 milligrams of fentanyl, a lethal dose in most people.
DEA, Wikimedia Commons
The Indiana County Courthouse in Indiana  Indiana County  Pennsylvania.
The Indiana County Courthouse in Indiana, Indiana County, Pennsylvania.
Doug Kerr
Sublingual Suboxone (Buprenorphine/Naloxone 8mg/2mg) Tablets.
Sublingual Suboxone (Buprenorphine/Naloxone 8mg/2mg) Tablets.
Jr de Barbosa

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