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Obama leaves India, quoting Gandhi, calling for religious freedom

US President Barack Obama, ended his three-day India trip, with a town-hall meet in New Delhi, where he spoke to some 1,500 students about the future of India-US relations.

Pres. Obama to lay out his Iraq/Syria military agenda Wednesday

Washington - The president is set to deliver a speech to the American people on Wednesday after consulting with lawmakers on Tuesday about his administration’s plan to attack the enemy in Iraq.

ISIS demands $6.6 million ransom for 26-year-old American woman

Washington - Islamic State terrorists are holding a 26-year-old American female humanitarian relief worker taken hostage in Syria by ISIS about. They are demanding $6.6 million in ransom money and that the U.S. stop bombing ISIS fighters.

Insurgent shoots 16 Western troops in Afghanistan

Kabul - At least 16 Western soldiers were shot near Kabul during a visit by high-level officials to a Afghanistan officers military training Academy Tuesday.

Midterms to put Arkansas political shift to test

Hope - Arkansas, like most southern states, is seeing red after five-and-a half years of the Obama administration. Even Hope, Arkansas, former stomping grounds of former Pres. Bill Clinton, is no longer sacred ground to Democrats.

West glum over prospects of Iranian nuclear roll back

Tehran - The Obama administration, desperate for a positive news cycle concerning foreign affairs, is not likely to get one from upcoming negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Op-Ed: Iraq is the 600-pound gorilla in the White House Press Room

Baghdad - After Iraq joined a growing list of Middle East nations engaged in civil wars, the Obama administration decided to act by sending U.S. “advisers” into the fray.

Op-Ed: Western Europe financing Russia's 'naked aggression'

Washington - One global perspective is that President Obama’s five year-plus foray into foreign policy has at best helped produce global chaos.

Op-Ed: U.S. taxpayers paying for dysfunctional foreign policy

Damascus - Any faction starting a civil war in the Middle East need only dub its group “rebels” to receive tens of millions and in some cases hundreds of millions of dollars and advanced fighter jets from the U.S.

Op-Ed: Obama seeks cover from Benghazi political firestorm

Washington - While mainstream media is virtually silent on Mr. Obama’s Benghazi foreign policy debacle, the notion that the administration campaigned while about 150 well-armed terrorists killed our ambassador and torched our embassy has Americans fuming.

Latest U.N./Arab truce proposal for Syria ignored

Damascus - A U.N. brokered cease-fire for warring Syrian factions to start Friday is attracting scant attention. Meanwhile, Tuesday, Syrian aircraft bombed a strategic rebel-held supply route in a north Syrian village, according to an Associated Press report.

Obama officials conducted 'secret exchanges' with Iran since 2009

While Obama has put Israel and Middle East Peace talks on the back burner, his administration has scheduled direct talks with Iran to begin after the November elections, according to the New York Times.

Mitt Romney scheduled to talk with Israel's prime minister

Washington - U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are set to talk by phone on Friday, according to the Romney campaign.

Op-Ed: U.S. presidential politics boils down to one question

Washington - President Obama has been in office nearly four years and the economy is worse than when he was elected. But Mr. Obama is yet to articulate how he would make things better for average Americans if they grant him a second term.

Op-Ed: Romney stands up to media on comments

Washington - Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has decided not to fall victim to an unfriendly media that, to many, behaves like a public relations arm of the Obama campaign.

Netanyahu takes his message directly to the American people

Jerusalem - Recently, U.S. President Barack Obama refused to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over Iran’s nearly complete nuclear ambitions.

U.S. intelligence veterans to hit Obama on leaks

Washington - President Obama, whose campaign some say utilizes the Navy Seals’ highly successful Osama bin Laden mission to troll for votes, has come under fire by a group of former U.S. intelligence and Special Forces operatives.

Mitt Romney's foreign policy to be blasted by VP Joe Biden

The folly of the U.S. going "back to the future" is reported to be a major theme American Vice-President Joe Biden will hammer on in a speech Thursday night in New York. The speech will claim Mitt Romney may "risk thousands of American lives" if elected.

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Pictured is President Barack Obama in meeting.
Pictured is President Barack Obama in meeting.
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