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Samsung says the Galaxy Note 8 will 'do bigger things'

Samsung has said its upcoming Galaxy Note 8 flagship smartphone will "do bigger things" ahead of its launch this month. Although the name of the phone is still unconfirmed, Samsung's widely expected to stick with its Note brand despite last year's recall.

Samsung steps up battery safety with 'unprecedented' test suite

Samsung has opened up about its failings with the Galaxy Note 7 and how it has responded to the crisis since the phone's global recall. Company executives spoke openly in a report, saying Samsung is committed to greater transparency around battery safety.

Samsung to start sales of refurbished Galaxy Note 7 smartphones

Samsung has officially announced it will sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7 handsets in regions where it is allowed under regulatory rules. The phones are expected to be retrofitted with a smaller battery to ensure they do not overheat and catch fire.

Galaxy Note 7 returns: Samsung to sell refurbished phones

Samsung intends to resume sales of its recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphone within a matter of months, according to reports today. In a bid to recoup some of its losses, the company will refurbish many of its recovered handsets and install smaller batteries.

Samsung sends out invites for the unveiling of an unknown device

Samsung on Tuesday sent out press invitations for an event that will take place on February 26 during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Samsung delays Galaxy S8 launch to recover from Note 7 disaster

Samsung has confirmed it will not unveil its upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone at next month's Mobile World Congress. The traditional schedule has been abandoned in light of the disastrous Galaxy Note 7. Today it confirmed why the phone caught fire.

Samsung preparing to permanently disable Galaxy Note7

Samsung has announced it is preparing to launch a new software update for its recalled and discontinued Galaxy Note7 smartphone that will prevent remaining devices from charging. The move is intended to convince owners to return their phones.

Samsung's Galaxy Note not dead after all, Note 8 coming next year

Samsung was expected to kill off its famed Galaxy Note line of phablets after this year's disastrous Note 7 launch and subsequent recall. There are now indications the series will be revived after all though. The Note 8 is said to be planned for 2017.

Samsung allegedly bribed a man to stay silent about a Note 7 fire

Samsung allegedly tried to bribe a man not to report that his Note 7 exploded. In the wake of the company's massive recall of all Galaxy Note 7 devices, the company has been accused of trying to defend its reputation over the safety of its customers.

Samsung tested its Note 7 batteries in-house

With Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 now completely recalled, investigations are continuing into how the flawed device made it to consumers in the first place. It has been revealed Samsung took responsibility for the battery testing, instead of third-party labs.

Samsung will pay you to return your Note 7

Samsung is now bribing Galaxy Note 7 owners to return their phone and switch to a different device. After suspending production and worldwide sales of the fire-prone handset, Samsung will now offer customers $100 credit towards a new phone.

Samsung's Note 7 may be no more, company 'adjusting' production

Samsung is rumoured to be suspending production of its explosion-prone Galaxy Note 7. It comes amid reports that replacement devices are also bursting into flame, despite being marked as "safe." Samsung said it is "adjusting" its manufacturing.

Samsung admits some replaced Galaxy Note 7 phones are overheating

Samsung has responded to reports that replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices are overheating, admitting it's looking into reports that phones are becoming uncomfortably hot during use. It is replacing 2.5m Note 7 handsets that could explode and catch fire.

Report: Samsung rushed the Note 7 to market to beat the iPhone 7

Crisis-hit Samsung is replacing over 2 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that pose a serious fire risk. According to a report today, Samsung rushed the device's development so it could launch before Apple's iPhone 7, leading to poor quality control.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 recall finally official in the U.S.

Samsung has announced a recall of one million Galaxy Note 7 handsets sold in the U.S. It comes a month after the first reports of battery explosions and follows an earlier voluntary recall. Samsung advised customers to immediately stop using the device.

Samsung to cap Note 7's battery capacity at 60 percent

Samsung has announced it is developing a software update for its recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphone that will cap the device's battery capacity at 60 percent. The company hopes it will stop the recent deluge of battery explosions caused by overheating.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung Galaxy Note 7
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Analysts have suggested that Samsung  battling ever-fiercer competition in the saturated smartphone ...
Analysts have suggested that Samsung, battling ever-fiercer competition in the saturated smartphone market, may have rushed production of the Note 7 with bitter rival Apple's recently released iPhone 7 in mind
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