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Norway News

Four-year-old Norwegian girl sleepwalks four kilometers

A four-year-old girl was found, on her own and wearing only pants and boots, after sleepwalking for over four kilometers or 2.5 miles from her home Finnmark, North Norway to Hjellplassen, Honningsvåg. She was found safely at 6 a.m. Monday morning.

Breivik attempts to start 'fascist' party from prison

Oslo - Anders Behring Breivik, who murdered 77 people in Norway in 2011, says he wants to establish a "fascist" party from prison, claiming this could prevent a repeat of his massacre.

Foul-smelling beer withdrawn from sale in Norway

The smell of the beer was compared by consumers to, well, human flatulence, to put it politely. Customers complained about the foul odor and Mack brewers was forced to withdraw the brew from stock.

Norwegian cyclists hospitalized after drinking soap detergent

Oslo - The makers of a certain new clothes washing detergent are seriously considering changing their labeling after six thirsty Norwegian cyclists were hospitalized after drinking the product, thinking it was a sports drink.

Drunk Segway driver a first for Norwegian police

Oslo - Police in Norway have had a novel experience as they arrested their very first drunk driver on a Segway machine. The Norwegian government had only recently lifted a ban on the vehicles when the incident occurred.

Highway tunnel closed by overheated reindeer in Norway

Hammerfest - Norway is experiencing unusually high summer temperatures at present and on Monday, authorities were forced to close part of a motorway in the Arctic north, after reindeer sought shady refuge in a road tunnel.

Ali the camel on the lam (again) from Norway circus (Video)

This is apparently the second time in two days that Ali the camel has escaped from the traveling Circus Arnardo. He was discovered by locals, grazing peacefully next to a public highway in Stjørdal.

Norway partially closes Bergen airspace over terror alert

Oslo - Norway closed part of the airspace over its second city Bergen and tightened border checks on Saturday, police said, two days after the country upped security following a terror alert.

Norway terror attack could happen Monday

Oslo - The possible terror attack, warned of by Norway's government and security police during the week, could quite likely happen on Monday, according to several independent sources. Security is being tightened and the public told to remain vigilant.

Norway on alert over feared terrorist attack

Oslo - Norway is stepping up security amid intelligence reports of a possible imminent "terrorist attack" by militants who have fought in Syria, the country's security officials said Thursday.

Warning of 'imminent' terror attack in Norway

Oslo - Norwegians were warned Thursday of the concrete possibility of a terror attack occurring in that country at the hands of people with connections to an extremist group in Syria.

Norwegian couple rescue 2 baby squirrels after cat attack

Gressvik - Nina Oppedal from Gressvik, Norway, found two baby squirrels lying abandoned in her garden. She says their parents were nowhere to be found and had probably been attacked by a cat.

Norway experiments with fish food made from carbon dioxide

Oslo - Norwegian scientists are to carry out an experiment where captured carbon dioxide is turned into food, in form of algae, for farmed fish.

Penguins are losing their cool in Norway's heatwave

Bergen - Those denying climate change should take note, as hot weather in Norway is causing problems for penguins in zoos across the country and zoo keepers are having to take extraordinary measures to keep them cool.

8,000-year-old skull found in Norway

Archaeologists in Norway have found what might be an 8,000-year-old skull, possibly containing brain matter, in a dig site in Stokke, southwest of Oslo. They say the find could help explain living conditions in the Stone Age.

Norway's massive cyber-attack the work of one lone teenager

Bergen - Recently we heard that Anonymous Norway had taken responsibility for what was thought to be the country's biggest-ever network attack. However, police now have in custody a 17-year-old hacker, who claims he was the one that did it.

Anonymous Norway claim massive cyber-attack on Norwegian banks

Oslo - A massive cyber-attack was launched Tuesday, simultaneously affecting many of the top banks and financial institutions in Norway. Dubbed the country's biggest-ever network attack, responsibility has already been claimed by Anonymous Norway.

CIA tweets 'It was us' on Norway's 1950s UFO sightings

Apparently back in the 1950s there was a spate of UFO sightings in the skies above Norway. Finally, 60 years later, an explanation has been offered by the CIA on Twitter.

Castaway: Man abandoned on Norwegian island by friend

Stavanger - Two Norwegian friends took a trip out to the deserted Hastein Island near Stavanger Thursday, but one of them decided to abandon his friend while he was sleeping and took off in their only boat.

Norway ends e-voting experiment

Oslo - Norway has decided to end trials of e-voting systems used in national and local elections. Trials were run between 2011 and 2013. The reason is down to concerns with security and confidentiality.

Norway researchers took accident victims' organs without consent

Oslo - Norway's VG newspaper has revealed that government researchers in Norway removed organs from some 1,000 accident victims without asking the permission of their relatives. This was allegedly to build a biobank of control tissues for experiments.

Jagland re-elected as Council of Europe head

Strasbourg - The Council of Europe said Tuesday that Thorbjoern Jagland had been elected to a second five-year term at the head of the pan-European body that has recently played an active role in the Ukraine crisis.

Norwegian families offer their homes to the needy this summer

Rather than let their homes stand empty while they take their summer vacations, families are starting a new trend in Norway by letting disadvantaged families move in for the duration to enjoy a vacation of their own.

High number of Norwegians support giving newborn DNA to police

According to a study by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, two-fifths of the Norwegian public would be happy with their government saving DNA profiles of newborns, to allegedly assist in future police investigations.

Norway begins selection process for Eurovision 2015

Norway has begun the long process of selecting its entry for the 60th Eurovision Song Contest, which is due to be held in Austria in May 2015.

Peace envoy in Norway would testify on Sri Lanka war 'atrocities'

A report on Sunday said that Erik Solheim, a top Norwegian peace envoy, said he would testify to any international war crimes investigation over "atrocities" committed during Sri Lanka's separatist conflict.

Norway, among the happiest and most beautiful places on earth Special

Norway is well known for its stunning scenery, easily accessible fjords, gorgeous mountains and beautiful cities. It is great destination for nature lovers as well as those interested in historic places. To some, Norway is the greatest place on Earth.

Norwegian farmer finds lost engagement ring 35 years later

In May 1979, farmer Jan Kristian Kristiansen and his fiancee Britt were both working in the fields when Kristiansen realized his simple gold engagement band, engraved "Your Britt," was no longer on his finger. It has finally been found, 35 years later.

UN seeks $1.26 bn to prevent mass starvation in South Sudan

Oslo - The international community turns its gaze this week to conflict-torn South Sudan, where the UN says $1.26 billion is needed to avoid a major humanitarian crisis threatening millions of people.

Norway celebrates 200 yr constitution amid hypocrisy spat

Oslo - Norway celebrated the 200th anniversary of its constitution on Saturday shortly after a controversy on whether the country betrayed its democratic principles by snubbing the Dalai Lama to please China.
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Norway Image

A school of fish was flash frozen in the island of Lovund in Norway
A school of fish was flash frozen in the island of Lovund in Norway
Ingolf Kristiansen via YouTube
Snusen the fox and Tinni the dog are firm friends.
Snusen the fox and Tinni the dog are firm friends.
Snusen the fox and Tinni the dog are firm friends.
Snusen the fox and Tinni the dog are firm friends.
Norwegian Constitution Day
Norwegian Constitution Day
kjetil bjornsrvd
Candidate for the most easily scared guy in the world  laughs at a video of some of the pranks.
Candidate for the most easily scared guy in the world, laughs at a video of some of the pranks.
A note found in a  time capsule  containing half a billion German Reichsmarks hidden in 1930 in the ...
A note found in a "time capsule" containing half a billion German Reichsmarks hidden in 1930 in the organ in Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway.
Per Fridtjov Bonsaksen - Fair Use
Beautiful water and mountain scenery in Norway.
Beautiful water and mountain scenery in Norway.
Oslo in Norway was hit by record-breaking torrential rains on June 26  2014
Oslo in Norway was hit by record-breaking torrential rains on June 26, 2014
Video screengrab
Ylvis sets up a  voice activated  ATM prank in Oslo  Norway with hilarious results.
Ylvis sets up a "voice activated" ATM prank in Oslo, Norway with hilarious results.
An elk in the forest of Telemark  Norway.
An elk in the forest of Telemark, Norway.
Archaeologists in Norway have found an 8 000-year-old skull  still containing brain matter.
Archaeologists in Norway have found an 8,000-year-old skull, still containing brain matter.
Video screengrab
Bergen  Norway  seen from the top of Mount Fløyen.
Bergen, Norway, seen from the top of Mount Fløyen.
Turtagrø-Fannaråken Opp.  Norway  mountain-running championship  2007
Turtagrø-Fannaråken Opp., Norway, mountain-running championship, 2007
Wikimedia Commons
The city of Alesund seen from  Aksla Hill  shortly before sunset.
The city of Alesund seen from Aksla Hill, shortly before sunset.
Dog sledding in Norway
Dog sledding in Norway
Elon Musk speaks to Norwegian Tesla S owners in Oslo.
Elon Musk speaks to Norwegian Tesla S owners in Oslo.
Video screengrab
Snusen the fox and Tinni the dog are firm friends.
Snusen the fox and Tinni the dog are firm friends.
Jumping Salmon  Toft  Nordland Fylke  Norway.
Jumping Salmon, Toft, Nordland Fylke, Norway.
Thomas Bjørkan
The view from the cave lived in by Ida Beate Løken  a 19-year-old student from the Sogn Agriculture...
The view from the cave lived in by Ida Beate Løken, a 19-year-old student from the Sogn Agriculture and Horticulture School in Norway, to reduce her impact on the environment.
Video screengrab
Max Froumentin


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