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NFL Fantasy Football: Week eight wide receiver rankings

With NFL teams using the passing game more and more, wide receivers have become the go-to position for fantasy football owners, a big change from the running backs that ruled the game ten years ago.

NFL Fantasy Football: Week eight quarterback rankings

What a start for quarterbacks to begin the 2016 NFL season as ten signal callers are averaging over 280 yards per game, making this one of the most important positions in fantasy football.

NFL Fantasy Football: Week six wide receiver rankings

With nearly two dozen wide receivers averaging over 70 yards per game, its been a great start to the NFL season and especially for fantasy football owners who used the strategy of filling the position early in their preseason draft.

NFL Fantasy Football: Week six running back rankings

The running back position is being overlooked when it comes to fantasy football. For those owners who drafted well, it could bring home a championship at seasons end.

NFL Fantasy Football: Week 6 quarterback rankings

What a year in the NFL for quarterbacks as twelve signal callers are averaging over 270 yards per game, meaning fantasy football owners must have the right player on their starting roster to get the most points possible.

NFL Fantasy Football: Week 5 wide receiver rankings

Its hard to believe that one position can make such a difference in fantasy football, but having a solid group of wide receivers and knowing who to play each week is imperative.

NFL Fantasy Football: Week 5 running back rankings

Fantasy football owners are well aware that the NFL is all about the passing game, but twelve running backs are averaging over 70 yards per game, making the position very important for those looking to win a league title.

NFL Fantasy Football: Week five quarterback rankings

Matt Ryan set the benchmark for NFL quarterbacks with his 500 yard performance on Sunday against Carolina, proving to fantasy football owners that having the right match up can make a big difference.

NFL Preview: Fantasy football week three WR rankings

One of the newest strategies in fantasy football is drafting a solid group of wide receivers before looking at other positions. For owners who used this style of drafting, it's paying off in a big way after two weeks of NFL action.

NFL Fantasy Football: Updated week three running back rankings

It wasn't a good week for running backs as seven starters went down with injuries and for fantasy football owners, knowledge is power and knowing who to start and who must sit is essential for a successful season.

NFL Fantasy Football: Week three quarterback rankings

Two weeks in the books and quarterbacks are proving their worth in fantasy football with a number of players having a great start to the 2016 NFL season, but this game is all about match ups and having the right roster in place each week.

NFL Fantasy Football: Week two waiver wire options

It was a great start to the NFL season with drama and excitement in nearly every contest, but for those fantasy football owners that struggled with injuries or poor play, help can be found on the waiver wire.

NFL Fantasy Football: Week two wide receiver rankings

The opening week of NFL action was great for fantasy football owners who use the strategy to draft wide receivers first and then running backs as upwards of 20 players had big a big weekend in the passing game.

NFL Fantasy Football: Week two running back rankings

With all the excitement from then opening week of NFL action, fantasy football owners had to be a bit disappointed with the production of running backs, especially the stars of the league, but it's too early in the season to start making changes.

NFL Fantasy Football: Week two quarterback rankings

It's been a great week of NFL action and a terrific start to the fantasy football year and no matter how your team finished to open the season, it's time to get ready for week two.

NFL Fantasy Football: Week 1 waiver wire options at each position

Yes, the first game of the NFL season is in the books and it was a great start as Denver beat Carolina 21-20. But that doesn't mean fantasy football owners can't still make roster changes and for those owners with injury issues: time to do some research.

NFL Fantasy Football: Updated week one wide receiver rankings

The last decade has seen the passing game take off in the NFL and its changed the landscape of fantasy football. Wide receiver depth is essential in the game and owners are taking several new approaches when selecting players during their drafts.

NFL Fantasy Football: Updated week one quarterback rankings

Indianapolis - The 2016 NFL season kicks off on Thursday night with a rematch of last years Super Bowl game. Fantasy football owners are also getting ready for the opening week of action and looking for the right match ups to give their team its best chance to win.

NFL Fantasy Football: Top 'sleepers' heading into regular season

In recent years several different strategies have taken NFL fantasy football by storm, including one where owners draft heavily at wide receiver and leave the running back position until the middle and late rounds.

NFL Fantasy Football: Wide Receiver rankings, preseason edition

Over the last decade, wide receivers have become a premium commodity in fantasy football and NFL teams concentrate on having good depth at the position. This move has changed techniques used by owners when drafting players and made the game more exciting.

NFL Fantasy Football: Quarterback rankings, preseason edition

With the NFL preseason schedule officially starting this weekend, most fantasy football owners will begin their research for the 2016 season in hopes of winning a league championship.

NFL Fantasy Football: Top 'sleepers' for the 2016 season

With just a couple weeks until the start of the NFL preseason schedule in Canton, fantasy football owners need to get prepared for their league's draft.

NFL Fantasy Football: Top quarterbacks for 2016 season

With training camps opening in the next couple weeks, NFL fantasy football owners will begin their research as they look to win a championship in 2016 and for most players, drafting that star quarterback is tops on their list of needs.

2016 NFL Fantasy Football: Best bounce back options for 2016

With NFL training camps set to open in the next three weeks, it's time to begin the process of finding not only the best players for the upcoming football season, but also those sleepers that can help fantasy football owners win a championship in 2016.

NFL News: Injuries playing a big role in playoff picture

This time of year is when NFL teams are looking to build some momentum heading into the playoffs, but injuries are playing a big role in football this year and for a team like Cincinnati, it likely has cost the Bengals a shot at playing in the Super Bowl.

NFL Fantasy Football: Early week 10 waiver wire add-ons

After this week, every NFL team has played half their games for the 2015 season, but for fantasy football owners, the regular season is nearing its end and now is the time to win games or risk missing the playoffs.

NFL Fantasy Football: Week 9 wide receiver rankings

The passing game was on display Sunday as New Orleans and the NY Giants made NFL history with 13 touchdown passes. Fantasy football owners can get a piece of those points with a bit of research.

NFL Fantasy Football: Week 9 running back rankings

Injuries hit the NFL hard over the weekend, especially at running back as a number of starters have been lost for at least a couple of weeks and in the case of Le'Veon Bell, for the entire season.

NFL Fantasy Football: Week 9 quarterback rankings

This time of year fantasy football owners are trying to earn the top seed for the playoffs or battling just for a shot at winning a title and knowing what players to start is essential. With the injuries that have hit the NFL, research is key for success.

Fantasy Football: Top waiver wire options in week 9

Injuries are a part of football, but this weekend had several key players in the NFL go down and that will change the way fantasy football owners set their rosters for week 9.
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