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New eBook: Digital Journal celebrates 20 years of real news

Digital Journal is celebrating 20 years of real news! Now you can take a peek at the introduction to our incredible retrospective.

New approach for tackling fake news and online disinformation

The digital transformation of news has opened up a world of new information and has allowed many areas previously ignored to gain a wider profile. However, it has also increased the rate of ‘fake news’. The European Union has taken new measures.

Op-Ed: Trump attacks news media for not saying his crowds were largest

I think I have figured out what Mr. Trump's problem is. He has a dislike for anyone telling him he may not be right about something, and he needs to feel like he is doing everything better than anyone else.

Journalist sentenced to two years in prison for helping Anonymous

Sacramento - A popular social media journalist received a sentence of two years in federal prison Wednesday after being convicted of allegedly conspiring with the hacker collective Anonymous to break into the Los Angeles Times' website in order to alter a story.

Ferguson police storm McDonald's, arrest reporters

Ferguson - Police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, stormed a McDonald's and arrested two journalists who were recharging their phones and working on stories about the protests over the shooting deaths of two young black men.

Op-Ed: Organized crime succeeding at suppressing media in Mexico

Saltillo - The Mexican newspaper Zócalo will stop publishing news about organized crime because of lack of "security guarantees" to exercise their journalistic work. Recent threats and killings of journalists are affecting the ability of media to report on crime.

Iranian journalists arrested for 'consorting with hostile media'

Tehran - Fourteen Iranian journalists have been placed under arrest by government officials for reportedly "consorting with hostile foreign news media".

Op-Ed: Why do Americans mistrust the media? Here’s one reason

America’s news organizations did not spend much time reporting on the most recent Gallup poll that looked at how the public feels about them.

Op-Ed: If you want decent journalism, fund it properly, you fools!

Sydney - The near decade or so of angst and wailings which has followed the progressive obliteration of old news media with the new media continues to whimper.

'Fit to Print' co-producer Nancy Wolfe talks about the new film Special

Featured in articles by Digital Journal, Politico, Huffington Post and more, the new documentary film "Fit to Print" is starting to generate more and more buzz around the news-media world.

Documentary: 'Fit to Print' takes a hard look at news media today

"Fit to Print" is a documentary film which chronicles the struggles faced by many traditional print reporters as readership drops and jobs are lost.

Do mobile devices control the future of news media and business?

Research shows the massive rise in mobile device ownership and usage promotes news reading. Evidence also suggests that technology companies are the ones benefiting financially. The annual State of the News Media report by Pew Research Center reveals all.

Anonymous hacking group vows to take down Fox News site

Anonymous has released a video message announcing the beginning of Operation Fox Hunt, a hacking campaign that will target Fox News for “continued propaganda” against the Occupy Wall Street movement and its participants.

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