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How people can teach AI to see like humans

A new study demonstrates that humans can think like computers. The research indicates how artificial intelligence is narrowing the gap between the visual abilities of people and machines, resulting in computers edging closer to how people think.

Op-Ed: How artificial intelligence will redesign the world

Sydney - The mega-hype surrounding artificial intelligence includes geopolitical, social, economic and many other factors. It's starting to look, however, like artificial intelligence will spring more than a few unexpected surprises on the world, and soon.

First microelectromechanical neural network created

Researchers report that a new reservoir computer is the first-ever microelectromechanical neural network application. This could lead to new devices which act simultaneously as both a sensor and a computer.

Novel architecture for brain-inspired computing

Computer scientists have developed novel synaptic architecture to construct brain-inspired computing, drawing on the interconnections in the brain to construct neural networks.

Samsung's new processor brings 480fps slow-mo to mid-range phones

Samsung has announced a new mid-range processor that includes advanced deep learning and image processing features. The Exynos 7 Series 9610 brings features from Samsung's premium chip tiers down to less costly smartphones, including 480fps slow-motion.

Microsoft AI achieves human parity in translating Chinese news

Microsoft has announced a "historic milestone" in the development of AI-powered translation. The company claimed its AI can now translate Chinese news stories with the same accuracy as a human. It said that human parity is "a dream that all of us had."

Google publishes new research into how neural networks 'think'

Google has published research that provides new insights into how neural networks work. Although the use of neural networks is rapidly growing in AI, much remains unknown about how they're able to accurately recognise images and interpret speech.

Samsung's new flagship processor is optimised for AI

Samsung announced its new Exynos 9810 mobile processor, the chip set to power the company's upcoming Galaxy S9 flagship. The chip has been optimised for AI applications and enhanced media, hinting at mobile features similar to those on Apple's iPhone X.

NVIDIA launches new 'most powerful' GPU for AI development

NVIDIA's unveiled a new GPU for AI development that's claimed to be the fastest it has ever build. The TITAN V is powered by its new Volta architecture and targets end user PCs. NVIDIA said the launch will help researchers explore AI and build new tech.

Google AI created a 'child' more powerful than any human-made AI

Google Brain researchers have announced an AI system created its own "child" AI more powerful than any neural network crafted by a human. The main AI is capable of developing its own specialised children to help it complete new tasks more rapidly.

Analyst: Intel's investments in AI could boost stock by 20%

Intel's investments in AI could help its stock price rally by over 20%. Analysts see the company as being in a "better position" in the machine learning market than is recognised. Intel's long-term strategy could prove more effective than its rivals.

Microsoft uses 'neural fuzzing' technique to find software bugs

Microsoft has announced a method for uncovering bugs and vulnerabilities in software using machine learning capabilities. Called neural fuzzing, the technique uses neural networks to complement regular fuzz testing, a common quality assurance practice.

Students trick an AI into misclassifying images

A team of AI researchers have found a way to "reliably" trick image recognition algorithms into misclassifying objects. The technique changes a single pixel in images. The AI is then fooled into detecting different objects within the data.

AWS, Microsoft unveil new deep learning framework for developers

Microsoft and Amazon Web Services have announced a new deep learning library that makes it easier for developers to get started with machine learning. Called Gluon, the interface offers built-in components that can be connected to form neural networks.

AI teaches itself how to understand sentiment

A neural network has taught itself to understand sentiment while completing a mundane text prediction task. The AI had been tasked with predicting the next character in Amazon reviews but ended up analysing sentiment, without any input from its creators.

Op-Ed: One big step for AI — Intel’s new self learning chip Loihi

Sydney - If there's one thing at which all sciences are truly lousy at, it's explaining themselves. Intel's new “self learning” chip called Loihi IS a major, very necessary, step forward. Try and find out why, from the information available.

Intel unveils Neural Compute Engine for AI applications

Imagine a tiny chip that can put the power of human vision into every device. The launch of the Neural Compute Engine in Intel’s new Movidius Myriad X VPU moves this closer to unleashing visual intelligence in drones and robots.

Google explains how AI writes music and learns to tell jokes

Google has discussed how its researchers are training AI to create music, art and jokes. The company is working with specialised models to emulate human creative behaviour. Many of the issues are around understanding creativity, not implementing it in AI.

Emoji analysis helps AI detect sarcasm in tweets

A team of researchers have developed an algorithm capable of detecting the sentiment and emotions expressed in tweets. It uses a neural network to analyse emoji contained in the tweets, allowing the underlying meaning to be interpreted.

Microsoft sees cyberattacks as part of the 'fabric of society'

Microsoft has warned that artificial intelligence could "reset" cybercrime and the techniques used to combat it. AI is being used to tackle emerging threats but is also powering a new generation of malware created by elite attackers.

This tiny USB stick lets you get started with AI for $79

A new USB stick offers everything you need to get started with neural computing development for just $79. Created by Movidius, an AI startup now owned by Intel, the Neural Compute Stick aims to "democratize" deep learning so everyone can access it.

Researchers shut down AI that invented its own language

An artificial intelligence system being developed at Facebook has created its own language. It developed a system of code words to make communication more efficient. Researchers shut the system down when they realized the AI was no longer using English.

Google Allo update generates personalised stickers from selfies

Google is continuing to slowly trickle new features down to users of its AI-powered messaging app Allo. This week, the company unveiled a special capability that lets you generate selfie stickers similar to Bitmoji from your real photos.

Google expands use of AI-powered translations to more languages

Google has announced the expansion of its neural network integration with Google Translate. The system enables Translate to generate more accurate translations for key words and phrases. The technology is now being rolled out to several new languages.

Essential Science: Parallels between your brain and the Internet

The human brain and the interconnections that form the Internet share a key similarity, according to new research. Here a common rule governs traffic flow in engineered and biological systems.

Google's machine intelligence can now run offline on smartwatches

Google has explained how it managed to get advanced artificial intelligence running offline on smartwatch processors. The system, formerly confined to high-performance datacentres, now powers Android Wear 2.0's suggested message replies.

Google creates tech that lets you enhance zoomed-in images

Google has demonstrated a prototype system capable of making "zoom and enhance" a reality. The technology restores detail to pixelated areas of zoomed-in images. It's often featured in TV programs, despite not previously being possible in the real world.

Intel plans to make AI '100x faster' with new computing chips

Intel has unveiled a new series of chips that it says could improve one metric of artificial intelligence performance by up to 100 times today's benchmarks. The next-generation processor range is aimed firmly at deep learning and neural networks.

NVIDIA AI helps the U.S. research cancer treatments

NVIDIA has announced a new partnership with the National Cancer Institute and the U.S. Department of Energy. The company will supply artificial intelligence software that it hopes will accelerate cancer research and "deliver a decade of advances."

Facebook's latest AI can 'reason' and process video in real time

Facebook has detailed how it's using and developing artificial intelligence. It now supports three different platforms that can be used by engineers to create new apps and Facebook features, including a real time video filtering service for smartphones.
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Individual brain cells within a neural network are highlighted in this image obtained by CMU s Sandr...
Individual brain cells within a neural network are highlighted in this image obtained by CMU's Sandra Kuhlman using a fluorescent imaging technique
Carnegie Mellon University
Interpreting neural networks
Interpreting neural networks

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