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nba playoffs 2011 News

The Greatest NBA Player of All Time - Putting It Into Perspective

Scottie Pippen and Kareem Abdul Jabbar traded verbal jabs with each other on who is the greatest player to ever play the basketball game.

NBA: Heat reach Finals with 83-80 win over Bulls in game 5

Chicago - Nobody really expected the Heat to pull out this series win after how the Bulls handled them in game 1, but the Heat made adjustments to advance to the NBA Finals. The Bulls played hard but their downfall was scoring late in the last four games.

NBA: Dallas is first team to reach NBA Finals with 100-96 win

Dallas - Dallas welcomed their team back home up 3-1, and the home crowd gave them the energy to pull off another come from behind victory. The Thunder’s offense became stagnate as the Mavs offense began to click and get a series ending victory over OKC.

NBA: Heat take 3-1 lead with a 101-93 OT win over Bulls

Miami - The Bulls took back-to-back tough losses in this playoff series, and had a chance to tie the series up at two games apiece but went cold late. Mike Miller was one of the reasons the Heat pulled off the victory by scoring 12 points off the bench.

NBA: Dirk leads Mavs to a 112-105 victory over Thunder in OT

Oklahoma City - The Dallas Mavs lost one game at home, but bounced back to take two games on Oklahoma City. Dirk scored 48 points in game one and bounced back to score 40 points in this game to lift the Mavs to a 3-1 lead heading back to Dallas.

NBA: Heat take 2-1 lead behind Bosh 34 points in a 96-85 win

Miami - The last time Chris Bosh lead the Heat in scoring was game 1 of this series, and the Heat took a 21-point loss. The last time the Bulls lost two games in a row was last year, and it has taken the 96 games to finally lose two in a row.

NBA: Mavs take 2-1 lead behind a 93-87 victory over the Thunder

Oklahoma City - The Mavericks have been riding the great play of Dirk Nowitzki in this playoff season, but the other night he just did not have his game. Nowitzki struggled from the field only to have some key players step and get a must needed 93-87 victory.

NBA: LeBron James comes up big to give Heat 1-1 tie in series

Chicago - The question coming into the game was can the Bulls bench give them the same boost they did in game one to take a 2-0 advantage. Well the Bulls bench gave them a spark, but they did not expect the Udonis Haslem to give the Heat the boost it needed.

NBA: Dirk scores 48 points in a 121-112 victory takes game 1

Dallas - The Dallas Mavericks have not played in nine days, and the question was will the rest turn into rust. Tonight Dirk Nowitzki was not rusty as he dropped 48 points to lead the Mavericks to a 121-112 victory in game one.

NBA: Bulls take game 1 with 103-82 victory over Heat

Chicago - The Bulls owned the season series with the Miami Heat by sweeping them 3-0 in the regular season. There were different excuses with players missing games, but everyone was healthy tonight and the Bulls got a lopsided 21-point victory.

NBA: Thunder advance to Conference Finals with 105-90 victory

Oklahoma City - This is the first game in the whole 2011 NBA Playoffs that actually went seven games. With both teams evenly matched, the question was who will come out on top. Thanks to Kevin Durant the Thunder did and advanced to the Western Conference Finals.

NBA: Zach Randolph leads Grizzlies past Thunder 95-83

Memphis - The Thunder gave the Grizzlies a beating in game four and it looked like they were ready to close the series in game six. Memphis looked down and out, but snapped back behind Zach Randolph’s play to even things at three games apiece.

NBA: Bulls reach Eastern Conference Finals with 93-73 win

Atlanta - The Chicago Bulls won one game on the Hawks floor in this series, and that was due to a big game from their MVP Derrick Rose. This game Rose was good, but Carlos Boozer was the key to this 93-73 victory over the Hawks in the “Highlight Factory”.

NBA: Thunder beat Grizzlies 99-72 to take a 3-2 lead in series

Oklahoma City - The question was which team will bounce back to get the win after going into three overtimes in game four. Well the Thunder answered by handing the Grizzlies one of their most lopsided losses in this post season, beating them by 27 points, 99-72.

NBA: Heat advance Conference Finals with 97-87 win over Celtics

Miami - LeBron James needed the game against the Celtics to overcome the last game he played against the Celtics when they knocked him out of in the Conference Finals last year. Dwyane Wade needed this also as he has not been out the first round since 2006.

NBA: Bulls win game 5 with 95-83 over the Hawks to take 3-2 lead

Chicago - The Chicago Bulls let game four slip away late, and Hawks tied the series up at two games apiece. Chicago got a big game from their MVP after a poor shooting night in game four when he went 12 for 32, but still scored 34 points with ten assists.

NBA: Thunder gets 133-123 win in 3 OT’s to beat Grizzlies

Memphis - The Grizzlies have had some of their best games at home, and had a chance to close this game out too, but had some key players foul out. The Thunder needed this win to keep their playoff hopes alive and make sure this series at least goes six games.

NBA: Heat take 3-1 lead on Boston behind LeBron James 35 points

Boston - The Celtics got a big lift from Kevin Garnett and got a huge lift when Rajon Rondo came back from an injury. LeBron James had a bad game also in game three, but bounced back to give the Heat the push they needed to get a big win 98-90 in OT.

NBA: Hawks even things up with a 100-88 victory over Bulls

Atlanta - The Bulls got a big game from their MVP Derrick Rose who scored 44 points and led them to a 2-1 lead, but the word is the Bulls can only go as far as Rose takes them. In this game Rose struggled and the Hawks capitalized to get a big win at home.

NBA: Mavs sweep the Lakers 122-86 with Terry breaking NBA record

Dallas - The Lakers needed this game to have a chance to extend the series, and they failed as the Mavs got hot shooting from behind the arc from Terry and Stojakovic. The Lakers played uninspired as they sent coach Phil Jackson out with a loss in his final game.

NBA: Celtics bounce back with 97-81 win over the Heat

Boston - The saying goes that the series does not start until the home team loses at home, and Miami protected home court. The game last night was the chance for the Boston Celtics to do the same, and they pulled it off despite Rajon Rondo only using one arm.

NBA: Memphis takes 2-1 lead with 101-93 OT win over Thunder

Memphis - The Grizzlies have been tough at home and after winning game one in Oklahoma City, Memphis held home court advantage with this win on their home floor. Memphis has never been out of the first round and the fans were excited welcome them home.

NBA: Lakers blow lead as Mavs win 98-92 for 3-0 series lead

Dallas - The Lakers lost game one with Mavs coming from behind in the fourth quarter, and game three had the same thing happen. Dallas already had a 2-0 lead, and the Lakers needed this game to have a chance at winning the series or even things out.

NBA:Rose scores 44 points to gives Bulls 99-82 win over the Hawks

Chicago - Atlanta Hawks Jamal Crawford said after game “If that was the best shot the Bulls had to offer, than we are good.” Well last night’s game was a bigger shot then in game 2. The MVP Derrick Rose had a career high to give the Bulls 2-1 lead.

NBA: Ron Artest suspended one game after hit on J.J. Barea

Los Angeles - Game two ended on a crazy note when Ron Artest came out of nowhere to take a swipe at Mavericks J.J. Barea. Barea was hit in the face and looked a bit woozy as Artest tried to hold him up.

NBA: Mavs take 2-0 lead in the series with 93-81 win over Lakers

Los Angeles - The Mavs came from behind to win game one in Staples Center against the Lakers. Game two the Lakers needed to even things out with a win, but Mavericks had different plans with Dirk Nowitzki leading his team to a 93-81 victory.

NBA: Bulls get 86-73 win over Hawks to even the series

Chicago - Game one was owned by the Atlanta Hawks over the number one seed Chicago Bulls but last night the Bulls needed to bounce to even things up. A feisty Hawks team gave them a run for their money.

NBA: Thunder even series up with 111-102 win over the Grizzlies

Oklahoma City - The Grizzlies jumped out to a quick 1-0 series lead, and looked like they were on a roll to advance to the Conference finals. The Thunder looked like they were over matched, but bounced back with a big win to tie the series up at one game apiece.

NBA: Heat pulls off 102-91 win to take 2-0 lead over the Celtics

Miami - Boston was hit hard last game when Paul Pierce was ejected in the fourth quarter of last game during a Celtic comeback. This game they were hit hard again, but by injuries and the Heat took advantage to get a key win on their home floor.

NBA: The Mavs pull out 96-94 win over Lakers

Los Angeles - The Mavericks and Lakers have never met in the playoffs in the Kobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki eras with their respective teams. This is the first time and Dirk led his team to a game one victory despite Kobe Bryant’s 36 points.
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