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molecules News

Essential Science: First circular pure carbon molecule created

Carbon atoms are of great importance for science, being able to form a variety of three-dimensional configurations. These allotropes are structurally different and have several key industrial uses.

Atomic mystery: Geometry of the electron revealed

What does an electron look like? While physicists have long speculated, the geometry of the electron has been revealed for the first time. This insight may help with the development of quantum computers.

Essential Science: AI aids automatic monitoring of cells

Artificial intelligence is reshaping many aspects of business and society. It is also impacting in the sciences. Researchers have demonstrated how AI can aid the automatic monitoring of single molecules in cells.

Accessing the tiny magnet within the core of a single atom

Scientists have achieved a major scientific breakthrough by detecting the nuclear magnetism, or "nuclear spin" of a single atom.

Qubits for quantum computers from ultracold molecules

Scientists have discovered that collections of ultracold molecules can retain the information stored in them for hundreds of times longer than comparable materials. Such clusters could serve as qubits for quantum computers.

Essential Science: Small molecule, big future in food security

This week’s Essential Science looks at how scientists are using molecules to stop a corn-infecting fungus from producing a potent toxin and running crops. The fungus poses a major risk to food security, especially in the developing world.

Crowdsourcing project seeks to see how well a molecule will smell

In some areas of science predictions can easily be made, such as the likely color formed from mixing two substances together, or perhaps the sound from an object. Odor is altogether more complex. New research seeks to deconstruct smells.

‘Supramolecule' discovered, could reduce nuclear waste

Chemists have out forward evidence of a chemical bond between two negatively charged molecules of bisulfate. This new molecular structure could aid the safe storage of nuclear waste and lead to a reduction of chemicals that contaminate water.

Study: New protein use may improve immune system response

A new molecule allows the body to better handle infection by allowing the T and B cells to change their reaction to certain bacteria. When given NFATc3 the cells produced more of the nitric oxide (NO) needed to fight infections.

Lighting up the lab improves medicines Special

In a new study, researchers have detailed a way to use sunlight and two catalysts to create molecules that are difficult to make with conventional techniques. The finding may have implications for drug making.

TopFinds: Introducing 'lightsaber' molecules, Montana's wolf hunt

Scientists discover how a new form of matter acts more like Jedi-esque lightsabers. Why Montana wants to hunt its wolves. The latest news about bullying-related deaths in Canada. Welcome to this week's TopFinds.

Scientists capture first-ever image of atoms moving in a molecule

Scientists at Ohio and Kansas State Universities say they have captured the first-ever image of atoms moving in a molecule. They used a laser to knock an electron out of its orbit and used the diffraction pattern to construct a 3D "movie" of the atom.

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Guys dressed up in Star Wars garb using  lightsabers
Guys dressed up in Star Wars garb using "lightsabers"
pop culture geek
An example of some nano-sized molecular machinery made with 3D models.
An example of some nano-sized molecular machinery made with 3D models.
NASA via Wikimedia Commons

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