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Interview: Nezha Alaoui on empowering women and millennials Special

Nezha Alaoui, Founder of the Mayshad Foundation has a focus on empowering women and millennials and is also a social media influencer. Digital Journal spoke with Nezha about her work and business interests.

Fintech is targeting millennials using AI

Millennials as a demographic are seen as technology savvy, but not particularly active investors. Fintech firms are targeting millennials using new technologies to tap into an otherwise underserved market.

WorkTech conference highlights advantages of changing workspaces

Corporate real estate (CRE), like every other industry, is undergoing a massive transformation. Speakers and attendees at the WorkTech17 conference in Toronto focussed on the technological and cultural changes that are affecting the industry.

Review: Annie Baker’s ‘The Aliens’ makes impressive Toronto debut Special

Toronto - Annie Baker is the unofficial poet laureate of the millennial generation. Does any other current playwright have such a gift for recreating the way young people really talk – not just in what they say, but in what they don’t?

Toronto is the fastest-growing tech market in North America

A new report shows that Toronto is North America’s fastest-growing tech market. The fourth largest city in North America is becoming a leader in all things technology and innovation.

Air France launches 'boutique' airline for millennials

On Thursday, Air France launched Europe's newest airline, Joon. The newest offshoot of the 84-year-old company is aimed at younger clientele aged 18 to 35.

Baby Tech Summit aims at Millennials

Las Vegas - The Baby Tech Summit, held during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, takes place this week and much of the focus is on the "Millennial mom and dad." Digital Journal looks ahead.

Millennials would rather delete their phone than Snapchat

Millennials hate calling on the phone so much that they'd rather delete their main phone app altogether than lose Snapchat. That's according to a new study from LivePerson, which surveyed 3,000 US smartphone users ages 18 to 65.

Millennials aren't building startups like past generations

Millennials may call themselves the most entrepreneurial generation, but the data doesn't seem to back that claim up. That's according to a new nationwide study by professional services firm EY and the Economic Innovation Group.

Op-Ed: Can Hillary Clinton win over millennial voters?

This November is the first election in which the millennial generation makes up an equal portion of the vote as the baby boomers. Such a shift in demographics has already radically reshaped the face of politics.

Op-Ed: Millennials ruin the Olympics for big networks? How sad

Sydney - If you’re one of the many people who watched bits of the Olympics in between commercials and the usual network atrocities, you will be horrified to hear that those naughty millennials didn’t bother to watch. Apparently this is some sort of crime.

Millennials, Baby Boomers turning away from marriage

For a generation that is learning to embrace renting in place of ownership, cohabitation is on the rise, and may be in line to replace traditional matrimony.

Demographics: Millennials in front, now outnumber Baby Boomers

The U.S. Census Bureau has released new statistics that show Baby Boomers have at last been supplanted as kings and queens of the U.S. demographic hill. That is because there are now more millennials in America than Boomers.

Op-Ed: Millennials think 30 is old — Until Disrupt Aging adds some info

New York - You have to sympathize with Millennials in a world full of older people, few of whom make much sense, and who are often super-critical of them. A group of Millennials, however, got a very different perspective from Disrupt Aging.

Study shows: Millennials still tuning in for traditional TV

Just in time for World Television Day (November 21), new statistics show that despite many millennials using mobile devices to watch TV, televisions are still as relevant and appreciated as ever.

Op-Ed: How Bernie Sanders can win the 2016 presidential election

For a candidate whose personal net worth is only estimated to be $330,000, Bernie Sanders has managed to do something that's nearly unthinkable. He's built a campaign based on small contributions and draws huge crowds of thousands wherever he speaks.

Hostwinds offers web hosting aimed at the Millennial generation

The Millennial Generation, which is also referred to as Generation Y, is broadly characterized as taking a more liberal approach to society.

Millennials most vulnerable to hacking, cyberattacks, says study

While teens and young adults are usually thought to be more tech savvy then middle-aged adults, new research suggests millennials are more lackadaisical about being safe online.

Millennials more likely to be depressed at work

Millennials have a reputation for being more fickle in regards to their working habits when compared to older generations. Turns out that millennial difficulties in the work force might be tied to depression.

Is generation rent threatening the American dream?

Home-owning is an inalienable part of the American dream, or at least that’s what we've thought for the last 60 years. Since World War II, home ownership has formed the cornerstone of upward mobile aspiration.

Op-Ed: Millennials are the ambiguous generation

They are described as selfish, socially aware and suppressed – a generation of professionals who care more about themselves or their community or nothing at all. They belong to Generation Y, collectively referred to as Millennials.

Reaching Millennials: The pastor’s blog Special

The next adult generation of the American church are the Millennials, ages 18-29. They can be reached online. But, they want answers. These young adults want to know how the Christian faith should react to today's culture:

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Generational Groups — J.D. Power 2015 North America Car Rental Satisfaction Study
Generational Groups — J.D. Power 2015 North America Car Rental Satisfaction Study
J.D. Power
Baby Boomer  such as this gentleman shown here  have now been outstripped in numbers by millennials ...
Baby Boomer, such as this gentleman shown here, have now been outstripped in numbers by millennials in the U.S.
Social media users are more likely to be enthusiastic about automation
Social media users are more likely to be enthusiastic about automation
Millennial sentiments on automation
Millennial sentiments on automation
Millennials support startups  but are not the ones building new businesses  a new poll shows
Millennials support startups, but are not the ones building new businesses, a new poll shows
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