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Q&A: How Gen-Z are influencing recruitment Special

Recruiters have spent hours and resources attempting to turn millennials into loyal customers and also as employees. Now different tools and techniques will be required to attract Generation Z. Kate Devlin of Rymax Marketing Services explains more.

Why the experiential supply chain is attractive to millennials

From that $3 cup of Starbucks coffee to meals planned ahead of time using pre-packaged ingredients shipped to your door by Blue Apron, consumers are disrupting the supply chain with their unique demands, creating an "experiential supply chain."

Interview: How to invest wisely in the digital age Special

Personal finance is on the top of many people’s minds. While the digital era provides more opportunities for investment, making the wrong choice can be costly. Wealthsimple Dave Nugent, Head of Investments, gives some advice.

How to revitalize a city? Attract millennials

Columbus - The concept of the city as a contained social structure is well-established and cities go through different periods of prosperity. Key to a successful city today, according to one analyst group, is a matter of demographics.

Nutraceuticals — a growing health and beauty industry

Nutraceuticals are the new generation of powders, pills, and drinks that promise consumers everything from the relief of joint pain to a healthier looking skin. The market is ripe with opportunities for innovative marketing and tech companies.

Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, Gen Z: healthcare expectations

A new survey of the U.S. healthcare system suggests that different generations, grouped into different sociological and demographic clusters, have varying attitudes to healthcare and there are some significant differences.

Can Botox reduce social anxiety?

Atlanta - The cosmetic wrinkle reducer, Botox, is being examined in the context of treating various medical conditions. In one example, George Washington University is recruiting volunteers for a new study testing Botox to treat social anxiety.

Is social media use affecting sleep patterns?

Cardiff - Obsession with social media is taking its toll, especially among young people. A new report has found one in five young people are making do with less sleep due to social media use; and this sleep deprivation is having an impact.

Is digital addiction a problem that affects only Millennials?

Is digital addiction a real medical condition or just a scaring ghost evoked by people who seek a financial gain from a boom of allegedly addicted kids? And how much is this problem affecting youths compared to adults?

McDonald's reaches a landmark in U.S. closures

After over a decade of controversy and increased competition, the U.S. fast food giant may have now reached a tipping point.

5 reasons to buy life insurance if you're under 30

If you're a Millennial in your 20s to young 30s, death is likely the last thing on your mind. And, to some extent, this is as it should be.

Op-Ed: There's a lack of millennial commentators in the mainstream media

With the 2016 Election approaching, many are already wondering if millennials will turn out to vote or campaign. Yet when it comes to participation in society, millennials are often shut out, and no where is that more obvious than in the mainstream media.

Student loan debts mean home buying challenges for millennials

The millennial generation is a dynamic group that’s afforded lots of new luxuries, but is also faced with many challenges earlier generations didn’t have.

Op-Ed: U.S. Millenials' weak job skills due to 'cover your *ss' teaching

When it comes to comparing our low academic test scores against other wealthy nations, we typically point to the fact that we test ALL of our high school students...while other nations only test their top performers. But a new test should give us pause.

Millennials’ future impact on the economy

Individuals from ages 18 to 33 are considered to be millennials. Raised in the tech world, these individuals hold a deeper understanding of technology and its capabilities, and that’s something the current workforce can, and should, embrace.

Review: 'Concord Floral' an eerie, powerful look at suburban T.O. teens Special

Toronto - It's hard to write good dialogue and monologue for teen characters. Adult playwrights and screenwriters often suffer from a lack of familiarity with the new lingo, yo, or resort to contrived, artificial “Buffy”-style irony and pop culture.

Op-Ed: Not the voice of my generation: Lena Dunham's shameful faux pas

Lena Dunham, the self proclaimed "voice of her generation," is on a roll with her new book, "Not That Kind of Girl," which is going on tour with various opening acts...and people quickly grew upset when it turned out the artists were not being paid.

Op-Ed: Weaker role of men in economy is eroding marriage for millennials

A new poll suggests that up to 1/4 of Millennials will NEVER get married. Is this due to the decreasing role of men in the U.S. economy?

Millennials need to understand their credit scores, warns credit lawyer William Nixon, OKC

Talk about the looming “fiscal cliff” and “debt ceiling” has presented a fiscal nightmare for many Americans. Various recent reports show that the rocky economic situation has wide-reaching negative effects.

Op-Ed: U.S. deportations soar under Democrats

Washington - Listening to mainstream media, one would think the Democratic Party has the Hispanic vote in its back pocket, so to speak.

Op-Ed: Millennials are the ambiguous generation

They are described as selfish, socially aware and suppressed – a generation of professionals who care more about themselves or their community or nothing at all. They belong to Generation Y, collectively referred to as Millennials.

Harvard survey: American youth abandoning Obama and congress

According to Harvard University's Institute of Politics survey, America's youth are abandoning Obama and the two-party federal government in general.

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A new report from the Fed outlines how millennials  lack of spending power is affecting various indu...
A new report from the Fed outlines how millennials' lack of spending power is affecting various industries.
Photo by Julián Gentilezza on Unsplash
Several young women at a Project Wildfire workshop
Several young women at a Project Wildfire workshop
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